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What vitamins help hair loss

In today's society, especially in urbanenvironment, many people are suffering from severe hair loss. For there are many assumptions and factors, poor environment, poor and unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, constant stress and depression. All this contributes to the fact that hair is just beginning to roll in how to deal with this scourge?

Pharmacies today presented so many vitamins for hair loss and growth, just the eyesscatter. It is not clear what the manufacturer to prefer what is the best composition of the product. If time does not address the problem of hair loss, it can become a global cause baldness. Therefore, additional vitamins are needed, but exactly what to choose?

Vitamins for hair loss and growth: good reviews

First of all, you need to pay attention toordinary multivitamin complexes. It is important to read a composition that besides nutrients and vitamins tablets were no other less valuable components (colorants, flavors, etc.).

B vitamins:

· IN 1. This vitamin is needed body to the nervous system to work properly and smoothly. If we consider that many of the hair falls just "nerves", the presence of this vitamin in the body in sufficient quantity is important.

· AT 2. This B vitamin helps to upgrade the hair roots also reduces the irritation of the scalp.

· AT 3. The next necessary ingredient for hair, which restores the metabolism of the hair roots.

· AT 5. He is able to penetrate into the hair follicle and strengthen it from within.

· AT 7. The most important vitamin for hair growth, it regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

· AT 9. To quickly remove dead skin cells of the head, this vitamin is also required.

· AT 12. He is able to saturate the skin with oxygen.

Vitamin A: is responsible for the normal metabolism, which affects the proper tissue regeneration and slows the aging process.

Vitamin C: a person responsible for immunity. In a healthy person with strong protective functions of the body with hair, as a rule, everything is in order.

A nicotinic acid. It contains vitamin B3 and vitamin PP. The acid of this type of stop loss, strengthens the hair, making them strong, beautiful. Nicotinic acid also improves the blood circulation in the scalp, allowing the hair follicles get more nutrients.

Vitamin E. It is important vitamins for hair loss and growth for both men and women, for children. This vitamin activates the cells, which for the time being are dormant. This triggers the growth of new hair and old hair grow faster.

What can I eat to accelerate the growth of hair and stop hair loss:

  • · Dairy.
  • · Fatty fish.
  • · Meat, especially beef.
  • · Liver chicken, beef.
  • · Fruits and vegetables every day. Particular his attention should be paid to citrus fruit to avocados, melons and apricots, apples and kiwi will help also peaches. As for vegetables, then there will the usual cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli.
  • · Cereals and legumes must be in the diet.
  • · Nuts, dates, honey.

Vitamins for hair loss and growth: Top 6


The composition is complex vitamins. Through well-matched components inside the hair structure is restored. Hair activate its growth and development. The composition can be found B1 and B5 vitamins, medical yeast, keratin. Since an expensive drug, it should be used in severe problems with the hair.

Drops Merz

Vitamins for hair loss and growth ofGerman manufacturer, are rich composition. Suitable for hair restoration with vitamin deficiency, is used to reduce the iron levels in the body. Price available.


The complex has the necessary vitamins andminerals for hair. It should be noted from vitamins B1, B6 and B5. Suitable, among other, to restore the hair structure. Treatment is carried out in a few months.


This multivitamin composition, which can be founda plurality of plant components, almost all the B vitamins you need to use the drug with hair loss, it also eliminates the dryness of the scalp. Take capsules mandatory only after a meal.

Complivit Radiance

As part of these vitamins for hair It is 11 from falling and to grow themselveseight vitamins plus minerals. The complex is especially recommended for women. You can take as a prophylactic vitamin deficiency in the winter and early autumn. Despite the fact that the means of low-cost, it is effective.

Vitrum Beauty

Next to a balanced set of vitaminsand amino acids. Vitamins helps restore balance in the body, leading to an improvement in hair structure. The complex takes into account the needs of the female body is.

This is the essential vitamins for hair from falling out andfor growth, which can be bought at a pharmacy or get from conventional products. If you have accurate information on the results of analyzes of the vitamin is not enough, you can drink a mono course.