Hair care

What kind of hair mask can be called the best? Criteria for selection of the very best recipes

Modern beauty industry offers womenluxury, stunning acting, with immediate effect hair mask that will make shine the most dull hair, give the amount of liquid strands, get rid of dandruff in a single procedure. Just Amazing costs and chemical composition of the funds listed on the tube - too high a price for such wonderful results.

That has to apply to the secrets of womentraditional medicine and do hair mask from the eggs, yogurt, mustard, bread, and even brandy. Natural, low-cost, no less effective (if not immediately), they gently and without harm to health are on the scalp. But how to choose from the variety offered by means of the one and only? What is the best hair mask, available for cooking at home? Today, we are learning how to make the right choice.


  • 1 Selection Criteria
  • 2 application rules
  • 3 Ranking of the best hair masks

Selection criteria

Of the tens and hundreds of proposals for hair masks,which are scattered across the network, it is necessary to stop a choice of 2-3 to rotate them from time to time and enjoy every time a new, even more surprising result. The question is how to do it. It is impossible to try them all in practice: if every two days to expose locks such stress, they begin to fall and fade. In order to select for themselves the best home hair mask, refer to the following criteria:

  • decide on what kind of problem you want to get ridAnd looking for the recipe, in which she stated: best mask for oily / dry / normal hair, dandruff / loss on / off split ends, growth / volume / brightness curls, moisturizing / firming / nourishing;
  • carefully study the composition of each agent you selected: Its ingredients should be available to you and does not cause allergies;
  • pay attention to the nuances of cooking masks: Would you be able to remove from the hair after this procedure, the smell of onion?
  • consider their own individual characteristicsYes, the mask can be the best in otraschivaniya long braids, but survive if your scalp is the withering work of mustard or onion juice?

Now you know what a good hair mask,you can try to restore the beauty and what better recipes immediately dismiss and never return to them. Following this selection criteria, you can save much time and will be able to find a really "working" mask, which will help get rid of many of the currently existing problems. Once the tool is selected, you will need to properly prepare it, as it will also be important to the effectiveness of the mask.

application rules

Many cosmetologists to the question, what maskhair better answer: one that is cooked properly. The process of applying should exclude any experiments, shortcomings and failures. For all domestic masks, there are almost the same requirements, but they need to carry out exactly and otherwise prepared the tool will not work.

  1. Prepare a mask strictly on prescription, without departing from it a single step.
  2. Ingredients possible should be 100% natural.., Ie, eggs - not inkubatorskie shop. Pets, dairy products - not pasteurized, gipermarketovskie and farmers.
  3. Cosmetic oil, honey, olive oil, yogurtslightly warmed in a water bath, but do not make them too hot, because the eggs included in this mask may curl due to heat, essential oils can lose their valuable properties in these conditions.
  4. All components are better whisk blender, so you do not vychёsyvat dried lumps of head mask.
  5. Prepared a wonderful mixture - Check it on the allergic: Moisten her wrist. The absence of a rash - permission to use a mask for its intended purpose.
  6. Rub into the hair roots means fingertips. With infrequent comb can be easily and uniformly distributed on the canvas curls. Then, too, you can moisten the tips.
  7. Hide under the head cellophane and a towel: the heat - the best catalyst for chemical reactions.
  8. Action time - 15 minutes (in the presence of mustard and other corrosive components) up to 8 hours (so-called night mask).
  9. Rinse the best mask ordinary tap water using shampoo, but no rinsing, no air conditioning after such procedures do not use.
  10. Dry tresses after the mask better natural way, without the involvement of the dryer.
  11. The best masks will, if done regularly: Do not miss the chance to pamper your tresses once, and even twice in the week. Then the results will not take long to wait: the beautiful, long, healthy curls delight you and others.

The most difficult will seem to the first procedure, whenwill have to get used to perform certain actions. However, after a few workouts hand will automatically perform the desired action, and you will see that this hair mask is actually the best. Choose the recipe - and enjoy.

Ranking of the best masks for hair

A small list of the best hair mask made in accordance with their purpose, as it will be the main criterion of your choice from the remaining mass of funds.

  • The best mask for hair growth

Mix the mustard powder (2 table-spoons x) withthe same amount of olive oil, add rastёrty raw egg yolk, sugar (2 teaspoons's spoon). Wet the ends of the hair in a heated state to warm the olive oil. Apply mustard mask on fingers, rub into the roots, to warm his head a plastic bag, keep at least 15 minutes. For greasy hair growth is desired to make such a mask twice a week for dry - once.

  • The best mask for dry hair

Heat until warm state of burdock oil,honey in a water bath (1 st table spoon). Add them to the chopped pulp of aloe, which lists the best pre-soak in refrigerator for 3 to 14 days (1 table-spoon w). The mask is held on the head about half an hour, it gives curls not only hydration and nutrition, but more fully restore the most damaged, split strands.

  • The best mask for hair loss

Onion mince, squeezefrom the resulting pulp juice (1 table-spoon w). Mix it with raw egg yolk rastёrtym advance. At a water bath-house to warm up a bit honey (1 table spoon th) and burdock oil (2 table-spoons of x). No need to be afraid, if the mask will be a very liquid. It is not necessary to distribute along the length of the strands: only processed roots. Time of action - not more than 20-25 minutes because of the irritating properties of onion. Curls after such a mask is better to rinse decoction of herbs with essential oils to remove the odor. Throughout the rest of this mask is really the best for hair loss, including during pregnancy.

  • The best mask for hair restoration

Nothing restores damaged,brittle, split hair as cosmetic oils, so they will need to use for this good purpose. This is one of the most efficient and light masks. At the bathhouse water are mixed and heated in three equal amounts of oil - almond, burdock, castor.

  • The best mask for oily hair

Dilute green cosmetic clay (table 2-xtablespoons) water (same amount), add apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (1 table-spoon w). Instead of water, you can use a decoction of any medicinal herbs.

This is only a brief overview of the best home masksHair, compiled, according to experts and reviews mogih dozen women. Be sure to try one of them and see for yourself. Even if some mask does not work, do not despair: there are a few dozen others, among which necessarily will be found the right recipe. Tips today's article will facilitate you a difficult choice.