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What iron is not spoil the hair?

What iron is not spoil the hair-1Everyone is familiar with the fact that all holderscurly hair and curly curls dream of having straight and smooth hair. As a result, they seek the help of professionals who are out of curly hair creates perfectly smooth straight hair. But, unfortunately, these hairstyles are kept on their hair is not very long, and regular visits to beauty salons to create new hairstyles they do is not always the case.

So many of the girls, which is relevantissue regular straightening their curly hair, buy special hair straightener or hair iron, and use it to create a variety of hairstyles at home.

During the acquisition of such ironing girlsa lot of questions: about the kinds of irons and their possible functions as well as the most important thing is that there is not much they damage your hair. That is why we tell you about hair straighteners, which is better to choose not to harm their chic hair.

What iron is not spoil the hair-2Special rectifier is in the form of tweezers anddesigned to create a smooth and perfectly smooth hair. As such a device work? There is nothing complicated - every hair on our head is made up of keratin proteins, which are the basis of useful amino acids. Curly locks of nature have more additional bonds between these amino acids, which can be destroyed by rectifier.

Ironing can be unprofessional andprofessional. The latter, as a rule, very quickly heated, equipped with a temperature controller, so you can choose a more gentle styling temperature, but in this case the process of straightening curls will take much more time. Besides professional rectifiers may have different materials work surface that reduce the negative impact of these instruments on the hair. But, unfortunately, the cost of such hair straighteners greatly exceeds the cost of non-professional devices.

The surface of the ironing plate may be made of different materials, this will depend on the hair ironing operation, and, of course, their cost.

Irons with metal plates stronglyoverheat hair and it reflects badly on their appearance and health. In addition, the metal plates have an increased abrasive and can cause mechanical damage to the hair strong. It is therefore not advisable to use for your hair straighteners with metal plates.

Rectifiers with ceramic surfaces quiteon the contrary it is the most popular. Since they have a lot of advantages - first of all they are easy to slip on the surface of the hair evenly and quickly heat up over a long time can keep a certain temperature.

What iron is not spoil the hair-3

Some professional hair straightenersare ion-ceramic coating. Due to the charged ions can reduce the damage from a strong impact on hair high temperature, they restore and moisturize the hair structure, make them more shiny and flexible.

In recent years, there are paddles with additional marble plates that after straightening allow to cool a little hair, but it has a positive effect on their general condition and health.

The plates can be professional rectifiersmade of a substance such as tourmaline. It is a natural mineral which has a pyroelectric effect - during the heating produced at the ends of this plate material formed positive and negative electric charges, which have a positive effect on the overall condition of the hair.