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What hair clipper better reviews

Every year, manufacturers are trying to produceelectrical appliances market all-new model. In particular, new hair clippers and shaved all sorts, trimmers. What to choose for home use, to the purchased device can 100% meet all the stated requirements?

Hair Clipper: what better feedback will help thoroughly and as objectively as possible to understand this question. First of all, you need to understand that regardless of the particular brand to the machine all kinds of requirements will be one.

What important requirement to look for when choosing:

  • Performance;
  • Security;
  • The presence of additional functions;
  • Ergonomics;

The division into types and classes

Of course, to find the perfect machine hair clippers, You need to focus not only on the reviews. After all, you first need to understand what models to choose among, and on what kind of feedback pay attention. For this reason, in search of better machines, it draws attention to the functionality.

You can share all of clippers on the way of eating. Most models run on the network, but there are also stand-alone model. You can find in the sale of machines with combined type of food.

The division according to the principle of operation:

  • Vibration. These machines are inexpensive, but can not say that they offer great opportunities. It is worth noting the low speed shearing as a negative, but a cheaper cost as a plus. Work noisy.
  • Rotary. Most modern types of devices. They are powerful and heavy, expensive. Among the obvious advantages it can be noted speed and silence.

The division into classes:

  • Professional machines. That such devices are expensive beauty salons. Cars are expensive, have many functions.
  • Semi options are suitable for use in interiors as well as for home use. The feature set is normal, and the average price category and availability.
  • Amateur hair clippers. The cheapest model, the use of which is simple. They have a minimum set of functions, but these toy cars is easy to enjoy yourself at home.

Important! Hair Clipper: What better reviews with photos indicate that it is also important to pay attention to the type of blade. From this figure depends on the product life cycle, and how often have to change the blades for high-quality and fast mowing. Well, if the model has self-sharpening blades made of steel. Welcomed the presence of the protective coating on the blade.

With regard to the review here attention primarily you need to pay not only for what they sayconsumers. We also encourage you to listen to the opinion of professional hairdressers who can observe the different nuances in the work, it is not important for a beginner, but important for high-quality haircuts.

Popular models hair clippers

Scarlett SC 1262

The budget brand offers standard andpractical model. Due to these characteristics, this machine is popular for cutting at home. It may be noted ergonomics and may independently carry out different types of hairstyles.

Separately, we note that in the case there isspecial loop for hanging the machine. The kit can be found four different nozzles, cleaning brush blades and even the oil to lubricate the blades in time. Price reasonable and is in the range of $ 10. All this has led to the fact that in the list of machines for cutting hair: what better reviews 2015 always say this product for the very first positions.

Rhilips QS5115

As regards this model, the reviews saythat is a unique combination of price and quality. Immediately catches the eye is light and compact body, nice shape. To enable the device, will be enough to click on. The work takes place quietly and without effort.

The kit can be found only one nozzle, butthis is offset by the fact that this nozzle has a length of just ten selection modes. So, on the one nozzle can be done completely different hairstyle. The cost of the device is in the range of $ 20.

Ranasonic ER - GOn 40

This model is suitable not only for dry, butalso for wet haircut. Different machine simple and intuitive design. Blade length Mode switch has a disk substrate. Blades high-quality, stainless pack. This shearing process will be easy and smooth.

To work this machine is both the network and theoffline for an hour. A great many advantages and high quality impact on the price. This model costs around $ 30-50. But it notes 19 is still possible modes shearing length from 1 mm to 10 mm.

Rhilirs QG 3340

If you look on video themehair clippers: what better reviews, make sure you marked this multifunctional model. You can use it not only to cut hair on the head, but also a beard or mustache. For many of today's fashion men, it is a huge added benefit.

The set of this machine can be found six interchangeableplanted. Together they provide the ability to set a length of 18 different modes. There is a separate comb care mustache and beard. To care for the described parts of the body, there are 12 hair cutting units. In addition to this, the presence of the trimmer to the nasal passages and to give the correct contour beard, mustache. The set has a special stand and cases, which makes the storage process as easy and convenient. The device can be used even in the shower, because the case is made of waterproof material.

With regard to the special care of this miraclehair-clipper, it is not required. It is necessary to rinse with water after using the blade. Grease the blade is not required, because the knives do this automatically. Similarly automatically sharpening knife held as needed. The device is 2000-3000 rubles.

Ranasonic ER 131

Judging by the reviews, one good device is for home use. The creators emphasize that this model has been specially designed for cutting at home.

The housing is ideal to go to the hand,so that, without hairdressing skills will make a good haircut. There are two packings which allow even cut in a length of 12 mm. There is an additional controller which holds a clear fixation of the cut length.

The machine has blades that sharpen themselves. Can operate smoothly from the charged battery for forty minutes. For one second device, say manufacturers, more than 30,000 cuts hair. Price is in the range of 20-30 $.

These are the hair clipper: What better reviews to help choose for home use. As shown, approximately the same price and increase it primarily affects the set of additional functions. The most sophisticated model in our review, and the most expensive, is a machine, which is suitable not only hair clippers on the head, but also to care for beard and mustache, hairstyle nasal passages.