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Hair Vitamins: what the best vitamin complexes?

vitamini-dla-volos 1What vitamins are essential for hair to use? A key component of our health is normal intake of essential vitamins and in sufficient quantity, especially for hair, skin and nails.

Everyone who has had problems with hairand treated them, faced with the necessity of going to doctors and from my own experience knows that all the procedures and drugs have short result.

Health and beauty of your hair constantly demand that they, together with their skin always receive the necessary nutrients and vitamins for hair in a sufficient amount.

This was repeatedly told doctors prescribe specific drugs and medical complexes, and this, in principle, it is clear in the elementary acquaintance with the functioning of the body.

Also, as every organ of the body, the hair shouldget the nutrients and vitamins in sufficient quantities. In addition, all metabolic processes must function well and are well established.

Without this adjustment derived nutrients may be a conventional ballast. And, for such a regulation of metabolism just needs vitamins, intended for hair.

What vitamins are needed for hair?

For healthy hair and a good view is necessarythe whole complex of vitamins, which will be maintained in good condition, not only hair but also the skin and all the glands, which provide hair with all necessary materials.

The highest value for the hair are the following vitamins:

Vitamins for hairVitamin A

This vitamin is also called retinol. It has a positive effect on the sebaceous glands and carotene synthesis. As a result, the hair does not become greasy, and she scalp stays clean and maintains elasticity.

Vitamin C

The main task of vitamin C (as fordirectly to the state of hair), it is to protect the skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, due to which our skin ages and issushivaetsya. Additionally, this vitamin also protects the skin against inflammation and improves the general condition of the blood vessels and capillaries. Because of this, the hair is constantly supplied in the required amount of nutrients, resulting in significantly increased their lifespan.

Vitamin B2 Hair

With insufficient amounts of this vitaminbase of the hair is quickly becoming fat, while their tips on the contrary, begin to dry and split. In the end, the state, as well as the appearance of hair begins to change for the worse.

Vitamin B5

This vitamin has a positive effect on the state ofscalp and strengthens the hair well. This is particularly evident in the hair that are damaged due to the use of a perm or other mechanical influences. As a result, significantly reduced hair breakage, lost feeling greasy, even disappears itching sensation on the head.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin for hair perfectly protects the skin fromthe emergence and further development of all kinds of dermatitis and diathesis. Additionally, this vitamin deficiency is the main cause of dandruff.

vitamin E

This is one of the main defenders of the skin and hair from the effects of adverse factors throughout the environment. Thanks to this vitamin hair will look good in any weather and in any conditions.

vitamin F

This vitamin is a set of fatty acids and a positive effect on the sebaceous glands, preventing hair loss.

Vitamin H

This greatly affects the vitamin healthyskin condition. It is with this insufficient quantity of vitamin connected occurrence of many diseases of the skin, since conventional finishing wet dermatitis and eczema, including seborrhea and hair loss.

Vitamin PP

Its main function with respect to the hair - it's nutrition and hydration of hair and hair follicles supply the necessary oxygen, which gives as a result of hair beauty and strength.
It goes without saying that all the vitamins hairskin and complex work, and rather than singly linked by different interactions. For example, vitamin C promotes normal operation, another vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 reproach transition to the active form.

It should be noted that sometimes it is difficult to find out whatit lacks the vitamin in the body. In order to fully supply the body with essential vitamins, it is desirable to use vitamin complexes.

Best Vitamins for Hair

Vitamin complexes have many advantages over individual vitamins and better influence the healthy condition of the hair.

1. Constant supply the body with nutrients for hair health.

2. Balanced composition of vitamins. For each vitamin the body needs only one, strictly defined amount, and to achieve this balance in the self-administration of individual vitamins is practically impossible. In the complex vitamin preparation vitamins contained in those proportions that are needed immediately for the maintenance of healthy hair.

It should be noted that all the vitamins arecontained in natural foods and those contained in vitamin complexes do not differ from each other. And, it follows that the result will be identical to the organism.

vitaminiIn the case where the hair vitaminsnatural origin differ in their effectiveness from their synthetic analogue, producers adjust their vitamin content in the complex so that the effect of vitamin in the body such as the action was natural vitamins.

Let's look at the most popular and effective ones.

Vitamin complex "Nutrikap» Hair

Nutrikap is prophylactic vitamincomplex, which strengthens hair, promotes their active growth and prevents hair loss. In addition, it increases hair softness and shine them appears in its use.

Nutrikap presented in the form of capsules, in whichIt contains vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, sulfur, zinc, along with silicon. Besides beeswax, wheat germ extract, walnut oil. Largely thanks to the accompanying components vitamins, which are part of the complex, give a good effect.

This vitamin complex should be taken to maintain normal health and appearance of hair, with the weakening of the body due to illness or unfavorable season.

Nutrikap accepted for two months, one capsule before meals twice a day. In unfavorable periods of the year, you can spend a few courses.

Vitamins for hair - "Revalid"

This vitamin complex just to fightHair diseases. He was appointed when there are visible signs of damage of hair when the hair structure and increased fragility. Each capsule contains vitamins, amino acids, iron, copper, zinc, as well as extracts of oats, and wheat germ, yeast, as the most effective reductants all hair follicles.

Appointed Revalid if damage hair several times a day before meals for one capsule. The entire course lasts two to three months but may be extended at the discretion of the physician.

Vitamin complex "Perfectil"

This hair set designed for usein diseases and skin disorders. As part of the capsule include B vitamins, vitamins C, H, E, PP. Besides, the product contains zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, and Echinacea extracts Burdock. Take Perfectil necessary one capsule a day after meals and washed down with water.

The complex - "Fitoval"

These vitamins for hair are very effective, theyused in violation of the structure of hair, a roll, and the deterioration of the appearance of hair. The composition Fitoval include vitamins A, C, B, another part of iron, zinc, amino acids and yeast. Assigned to this complex with excessive hair loss, thinning and increased fragility, as well as in violation of the hair renewal.

Take this complex two or three capsules a day, depending on the severity of disorders. The course lasts two to three months, a break between courses shall be not less than one month.