Hair care

Hair styles: features of each type

Basis competent home care curls -knowing your hair type. Only by relying on it, you can choose the right variety of means, so as not to harm the strands. The main types of hair - normal, dry, oily, mixed. Each of them has its own peculiarities and requires specific care. In order to understand these nuances, you must be able to correctly determine the types of hair.


  • 1 Methods of determining the types of hair
  • 2 Features of each type of hair
  • 3 Rules of care in different types of hair

Methods of determining the types of hair

There are various methods for determining the types of hair: choose any, that will be useful to you.

Method number 1. CLOTH

To determine what type of hair you have, takethree thin paper napkins (preferably white). Press the first fingers to the roots and hold so for some time (about a minute). The second wipe hold a small strand of hair, and spend it on all its length, not touching the roots and tips. Third cloth hold on for some time ends, then release. Then you can evaluate the results:

  • greasy hair type leave greasy marks on all three napkins;
  • dry hair type will not leave greasy marks on napkins, but the second and third you find small pieces of broken and posechёnnyh strands settle on the first white flakes of dandruff;
  • Normal hair type leave all wipes completely clean;
  • Mixed hair type pollute the first test clean cloth and leave the second and third, although in some cases the latter can greasy, and the third will show up the broken pieces of hair.

To maximize the results were valid, carry out the procedure recommended in the hair, not mytyh within 2-3 days. Confirm this home study is possible by means of the table.

Method number 2. TEST

When in doubt even after napkins and tablecan be found online or in magazines various tests, passing that, you automatically know your hair type. Typically, these test programs offer 20-30 answer questions and then immediately give the result.

Method number 3. Trichology

The best way to determine the type of your hair -apply to a special laboratory in which on the basis of various scalp research professionals (trichologists) with maximum precision will tell the owner what type you are.

Over time, depending on the age and various other factors may change the type of hair, it is recommended to regularly re-examine it.

Features of each type of hair

Determine your type of hair, you can find out now what features they have and what care will require from you.


  • zhirneyut after two or three days after washing;
  • itching and dandruff are absent;
  • moderately oily scalp;
  • curls shiny, thick:
  • easy styling and combing;
  • lush, soft and pleasant to the touch, it looks quite healthy;
  • no brittleness and section.


  • fat accumulates slowly, the roots become greasy only a week after washing;
  • scalp constantly contracted;
  • often have itching and irritation;
  • decreased excretion of fat;
  • thin hair, dull, weak, fast break, delaminate, devoid of luster;
  • many dry dandruff, which constantly pours from his head.


  • contaminated very quickly - on the same day as you washed your head;
  • do not break, do not flogged;
  • a lot of dandruff, but it keeps greasy spots on the scalp and does not fly from it;
  • lifeless, sticky, greasy locks hanging down;
  • require almost daily washing.


  • tips are dry, often split, pushatsya and strongly electrified;
  • roots very quickly zhirneyut;
  • dandruff takes the form of fat, the skin flakes lipnuschih head.

Knowing these features of their type of hairyou need to select the desired mode shampooing and time to track their level of contamination. Pick up matching funds is also very important to them.

Terms of care for different types of hair

For each type of hair need to be able to look athome, to improve their condition. Handled properly, the dry strands will be less split, fat - less polluted, will shine brighter than normal, mixed align.

  • For normal. The shampoo is used 2 times a week; balms andmask - if necessary, leave-in conditioner, lacquers, mousses - on request. Hair treatments (perms, coloring, lamination and so on. D.) Is not contraindicated with reasonable frequency.
  • For oily. Mild shampoo such type of strands need to washevery day, and if the fat content is not too abnormal, then a day later. Once a week you want to rinse shampoo with deep cleansing properties. The funds for the care of greasy curls should not be silicone. Once a week can make a mask, but do not get carried away. Funds for the restoration of the tips are not necessary. Along the way, it is recommended to review your diet food, limit it in carbohydrate, fat, fried, sweet, spicy, smoked food. It is recommended to drink plenty of clean water.
  • For dry. It will require careful home care, asdamage for the most part it is exposed to dry strands. Once a week, you need to wash your hair with a special moisturizing shampoo without silicone. Perming and coloring do strictly prohibited. We need to drink as much as possible of ordinary water, increase in their diet fruits, berries and vegetables. Once a month, it is recommended to trim split ends hot method.
  • For mixed. Wash your head with this type of locks is recommended2-3 times a week. Pick up a special shampoo for mixed (it is possible for normal), locks, freely use the masks, balms, conditioners. Silikonosoderzhaschie means used in this case only after coloring, bleaching or perming. To the tips are not whipped, it is advisable to use a moisturizing leave-funds and their regular haircut.

Try to regularly adhere to these guidelines, and if the shortcomings of your type of hair will be smoothed worthy of care and will no longer be delivered to such problems as before.