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Trends short hairstyles for 2016

Short haircuts, looking at any ageattractive, despite the fact that in our society is considered a form of hairstyle adopted by women of the older generation. If you choose the right hairstyle for your head shape and follow fashion trends, in any age will look stylish and attractive.

Haircuts short hair trends for 2016 withPhoto examine in detail in this article. The last few seasons, as the fashion world, such a hairstyle became particularly popular and in demand. It seems to us that there is nothing strange in this, because, stylish short hairstyle strongly changes Woman, regardless of age. Moreover, the changes are for the better, that in our days especially nice. What vitamins can help Hair Loss.

Moreover, we can note one more importantthe quality of high-quality short haircut - it does not require constant care carefully, and therefore saves time in each day. It is not that short hair does not require care and attention, but at the time it is required laying, of course, much smaller. As the number of different tools for hair care. So, let's look at what hairstyle will be relevant in this year and that it is necessary to pay special attention.

Haircuts short hair trends for 2016: photos (rear and front)

Of course, within the same, even the maximumdetailed material, it is difficult to sanctify all the popular and fashionable short haircuts for this season. However, features that can and must be observed, need to be distinguished. It seems to be already such traditional haircuts like bob or page, acquire new and interesting colors in the new season.

Tip! Young girls suggested to pay special attention to the short cut in the French style, which look extremely elegant.

Asymmetrical shape

Like last year, this season continuespopular hairstyles, which are arranged on one side of the visual. This asymmetric approach looks stylish and impressive. Here you can select options for daring haircuts in the style of rock, or stop at a refined version that is perfect for practical office hairstyles. What is special horse shampoo?

Curly mischief

Such variants, regardless of short haircutsof age will look easy and glamorous. This sweet and gentle trend that emerged in this year. Curly stress the fragility and delicacy of female nature, at the same time, they leave some clearance for mischief. This haircut, by the way, fit and ladies aged. Because it can visually rejuvenate a woman.

Daring length

When in a conversation about the short haircut arisesthe word "length", it is alarming. In fact, the length - it's just slightly longer hair in a certain part of the head than anywhere. Often such a stand-out length is still called the "Mohawk" and he was placed on top. But now you can not only make a daring Mohawk, but more affordable options such hairstyles. They look stylish and be just fine.

Again, we emphasize the fact that not everyonegirl or woman can afford to make the most audacious example of such a haircut. But with your hairdresser can always discuss light version, for example, to make shorter sides, leaving a small bang. Even a small emphasis on daring length will make any hairstyle original and beautiful.

Under the typewriter?

This variant hairstyles for short hairtrends for 2016: a photo for women older than 50 will not work, but for girls up to 35 years it will fit perfectly. Although, of course, you need to have the courage to dare greatly change the image. This is a super short hair, but they are now the highlight of the season. In this hairstyle has many advantages: it allocates features, does not require laying or maintenance, it is easy to do, then the hair will grow quickly. what to do hair masksTo enable their growth?

The good old "Pixie"

Still in vogue this haircut, which,It originated probably in the days when the ancient Greek gods lived on Mount Olympus. Haircut loved since fashionable women around the world, and it still does not lose relevance. If you have a small neat little face, such a haircut only give charm and charm.

Bob "shortened"

The most fashionable hairstyles in the past season wasshort bob, and he boldly stepped into this season. If a girl wants to go on a short cut, but just can not cut all the hair that Bob will be an excellent transition plan. But do not immediately shortened bean. Many people like this option as haircuts, they last a long time do not want to go back to long hair or hair cut to a short hair.

Tip! Please note that in addition to the classic beanYou can do a shortened bean, retro or even a creative approach. It's not necessary to be afraid, and choose the option that is most like.

On the French style

Haircuts short hair trends for 2016: photos for oval faces are great options for any French haircuts. Here it may be noted, first of all, charming a page. Women's short haircuts, which invented in France, are light and grace and femininity and simplicity.

The page looks pert and, like, making outgirls boy. But there it was, because this variant hairstyles, along with the original effect looks stylish and elegant. For extraordinary lady and creative individuals haircut french page of all the short options is ideal.

Whether to do bangs?

Short haircuts at any age, look great with long bangs. We can not say that this is some kind of new trend of the season, but the fashion for bangs did not pass.

ragged strands

Classic short haircut, is predictableshape, and many believe that this is the essence ie minus. If you ask the wizard to use while mowing calibration technique to make layers and ragged texture of the hair, the most classic hairstyle will look stylish and fashionable. Just want a haircut tousle with fingers, lift the roots: In general, do everything possible to designate separate locks shorn.

Scope of "yes"

Also, when creating and selecting the short haircutsthe specific model you need to consider whether you want to do your hair extra volume. Even with short hair as possible stowage volume and may be achieved, but it should be forewarned about masters such intention.


This style is well-groomed lady, whose hairstylesalways looks elegant and attractive. To create this hairstyle, simply ask the master classical form. Well, if the fringe is a bit to cover the eyebrows, if the whiskey will make sharp lines extend up to the earlobes. In this part of the occipital remains at medium length.

Haircuts short hair trends for 2016: Photos show how different and unusual can be as classic in our understanding of short haircuts. In order for the chosen option was a short hairstyle for you, you should consult with the hairdresser, if certain methods suitable for your face shape.