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As the tomatoes will help your hair?

The mask of tomatoes to grow hair at home: recipes

Vegetable face masks are among housewivesquite popular, while the hair for some reason they are used much less frequently. However, the amount of nutrients that they contain, can fully nourish the hair roots and solve many of the problems that often arise with them.

Not far to seek: Few people know that the mask for hair tomatoes can accelerate their growth better than mustard or cinnamon, but has a more gentle, gentle and soft effect, almost without irritating the scalp.

In addition, it nourishes the roots of vitamins andtrace elements, which a lot of fresh tomatoes, thereby preventing their loss, as well as generously moisturizes and restores damaged, protects against UV and rejuvenates. In all of this, this cosmetic product will not empty your wallet too large sum and will not take much of your time.


  • 1 The chemical composition of tomato mask
  • 2 Cooking Terms
  • 3 The best recipes of masks from tomatoes

The chemical composition of tomato mask

Some surprising that the usual tomatoit may be useful for hair, although there is nothing strange in its action on the skin no head. Many laboratory studies have confirmed the rich chemical composition of this vegetable, which has a positive effect on the growth and condition of hair.

Tomatoes are rich in a variety of vitamins andtrace elements, which, when used regularly, help to strengthen the internal health of curls, which depends directly on their external beauty already.

Face mask of tomatoes at homeDue to the chemical composition of tomatoes, homemade masks from their hair are not only cosmetic but also medicinal:

  • Retinol, Vitamin A can stop the inflammation process, eliminating acne on the scalp, treats seborrhea, reducing the amount of dandruff, moisturizes strands, improving the condition of dry hair;
  • biotin, vitamin H-just reported tomatoes ability to accelerate hair growth up to 1 cm per week and regenerate damaged tissues, thereby healing the split ends and breakage place;
  • phylloquinone, vitamin K gives natural curls, natural, very beautiful shine;
  • folic acid, vitamin B9, also awakenshair follicles from sleep, which leads to their rapid growth and development, as well as protects the strands from external aggressors as UV, low temperature, acid rain, chlorinated water and other adverse factors;
  • choline, a substance, structure and functions is very reminiscent of the vitamin, reduces irritation to the scalp tired of the stress;
  • Potassium - a trace element necessary for the active humidification of dry hair;
  • Calcium gives curls extraordinary softness and silkiness.

Most modern tools storestuffed with synthetic substances that are short-term bridging stunning gloss, destroy the locks from the inside. Tomato mask for hair differ quite the reverse effect.

Restoring damage by interfering withcellular processes, its active ingredients treat various ailments and misfortunes. The result is reflected already in the external condition of hair. However, the tomato is contained too much folic acid, which is an incorrect address it may hurt irritated scalp.

Therefore, using tomato masks need to adhere to a set of simple, but mandatory rules.

cooking Terms

A small "guide" on the use of masksHair tomatoes helps to make them as useful and effective and avoid annoying frustrations associated with unforeseen skin reaction to such an unusual cosmetic:

  1. The chemical composition can store tomatoesradically different from those that grew on a personal plot. If possible, give preference to domestic tomatoes for the preparation of these cosmetic hair masks.
  2. Be sure to check if you are allergic toexternal application of these vegetables. Gruel Tomato grease lightly wrist delicate skin immediately respond spots and itching, if there is idiosyncrasy of this product.
  3. Many recipes recommend scaldingTomatoes: it facilitates the removal process with their skin. However, you must understand that in order to use them as a cosmetic product of these manipulations neutralize some of the nutrients in their composition. Therefore, you need to take off the skin, "profit", ie without pouring boiling water over them. Seeds also better to remove, so they do not dry, and then do not get stuck in the strands. In this case, the process of washing and combing prolong the beauty procedure for about two hours and will take a lot of unpleasant moments.
  4. Peeled tomato mash with a fork to mash the state. You can do this with a blender.
  5. Cooked pulp can be used in pure form, and various masks can be used by adding to the tomato puree auxiliaries.
  6. The tool is applied to the net (pre-wash is necessary), dry (and dry, as it should, but naturally) strands.
  7. After that, head hiding a plastic food bag (can be worn conventional shower plastic cap) and on top of more than a warm (handkerchief, scarf, towel).
  8. Keep tomato mask on hair for half an hour is recommended.
  9. It is easily washed off (in the absence of seeds and oils) with warm water, medicinal tonic decoction of herbs. Use the shampoo at this stage is not prohibited.
  10. application frequency is once a week for one month.

Some special problems and nuances inthe use of masks for hair tomatoes at home there, so very little negative feedback. Not abuse them, since the folic acid is present in tomatoes in sufficient quantity to become aggressor cell.

Moderate and competent use of tomatoes in the care of dry, damaged which have stood in the growth of hair will allow the owner to become chic and thick curls.

The best recipes of masks from tomatoes

Recipes masks for hair tomatoes very much. Through trial and error to find the one who can give a maximum of curls sweet, health, radiance and beauty.

Focus on the problem, which solves a particular tomato tool, complemented by various products:

  1. Mask for oily hair.
    Tomato puree evenly lubricate the strands in a circular motion gently rub into the roots and scalp.
  2. The mask for dry hair.
    Tomato puree (3 tables. Spoons) whipped in a blender with hot and warm up liquid honey (a little less than 1 tsp. Tablespoons), then add the essential oil ylang-ylang (5-6 drops).
  3. Nutritious mask for all hair types.
    Tomato paste (3 tablespoons lodges.) Whipped with dry, fresh starch (1 table. Spoonful), natural warm olive oil (1 tsp. A spoon).
  4. Mask for hair growth.
    This Tomato mask is contraindicatedinjured, sensitive scalp. Tomato puree (1 table. Spoonful) whipped in a blender with peppers, previously crushed in a meat grinder (1 table. Spoon), add freshly squeezed lemon juice (1 tea boxes.) Rastolchёnny 1 clove of garlic.

Homemade facials tomatoes onpractices are very effective hair growth activators as act directly on the cellular composition of the scalp and hair. They provide health locks from the inside, rather than an empty gloss and short strands outside.