Hair care

Tips: How to accelerate hair growth

The hair will grow faster, and if it is correctconstantly take care of them. This is not about cosmetic products for hair care, and about the usual activities that help the hair to be in good shape and preserve its natural beauty.

Tips: How to accelerate hair growth

The first thing I would like to note - is harmfulheadgear. The vast number of caps, hats, caps and other odezhek for the head are made of substandard materials, that violates the natural heat and scalp breath.

If possible, try to move onstreets with an open head. Of course, if you are caught severe cold, penetrating wind or the scorching sun, the other way is not, because you can hurt not only the hair, but also throughout the body.

But even in these cases it is recommended to wear lightknitted hats or sun hats made of light fabric. Do not avoid the rain and snow. If the street is not very cold, let your hair get wet.

It is extremely useful for strengthening hair warm rain and especially fog. Rainwater nourishes and energizes the hair, making them resilient and elastic.

If you are not used to frost, and can not imaginethemselves without a hat, try at least a little to release the head of the "nodding captivity." You can remove the headgear, and is without it as long as you feel that the head is frozen. At this time there is a spasm of blood vessels.

We must move rapidly and activewith your fingers to massage the head. Thus the normal blood circulation, which is useful not only one hair. Wear a hat only to the extent absolutely necessary.

It is useful for hair growth and the morning sun. Walk not hot under the sun with uncovered head, it will be useful for scalp. But still worth a very careful approach to the Council.

Overheating or overcooling head are many dangers for the whole organism. Do not overdo it, but do not clog a head in breathless cocoon.

If the weather contributes to a pleasant walk, be sure to use this opportunity.

By the choice of headgear should be approached with extremeLiability. Headgear should not be tight or heavy. Otherwise, the blood vessels are clamped and the power and breathing scalp and hair is disturbed.

Especially dangerous are wigs, hairpieces and lining that sealed the scalp and hair. This contributes to overheating, easing breathing of the scalp, as well as sweating.

The sebaceous glands envelop the hair roots, breakingthus their nutrition and growth. Wigs and similar devices is recommended to wear no more than 3-6 hours is not. Wear a wig only when absolutely necessary.

To alleviate its adverse consequences, comb the hair with a soft brush after removing the wig. It is best to leave loose hair.