Hair care

Dense and thick hair at home

Hair is a natural adornment of women,a manifestation of her personality. Also, hair can tell a lot about the lady, for instance, if she takes care of herself properly. We will tell you all the details on how to make your hair thicker and thicker at home. You will be wrapped in a trace!

Why is it that some ladies hairdense in nature, while others have to carefully take care of themselves? Of course, it's all about in genetics. However, with proper care, the choice of hair cosmetics, a variety of natural masks, you get to have a beautiful, healthy and lush hair.

Whether to do build?

When it comes to how to make hairdense and thick in the home, many ladies think about building. It is a modern and popular procedure: to natural hair in different ways are attached strands of natural or synthetic hair.

Of course, increase the volume of hair can. But little, not qualitatively, and not for long. Hair extensions require special care: they need to be combed by the rules, you can not dry the hair dryer. You will have a thick head of hair, but it will give you a lot of hassle. So, before you throw money on hair extensions, you need to read the reviews and understand for yourself how to make your hair thicker and thicker at home.

Cosmetics for healthy hair

To hair is thick, you need to choosequality cosmetics to care for them. We are talking about shampoos and balms. You can not buy shampoos and other means of constant care, which is composed of ammonia. Also try less to style your hair dryer, use hair straighteners or curlers winding strands. These procedures and components can weaken the hair, they suck the moisture out of the hair, losing strength, hair begins to fall out.

Folk remedies for hair strengthening

Best how make hair thick and thick in the home, help people's money. This variety of masks and lotions were tested over the years.

To hair is thick and rapidly growing needIt will stimulate hair follicles to grow. This is done with special ingredients that have long been opened and is actively used in folk medicine.

Bell pepper

Buy a pepper can be a pharmacy, there is soldalready finished tincture. It should be rubbed into the scalp and leave for half an hour. To create an additional effect, wrap head with a towel. There is a little burn, but it should be and do not worry about it.

Nutritious masks

To increase the amount of hair and make themthicker, it is necessary on a regular basis, once a week to do a hydrating mask. You can make a mask based on a large spoon of mayonnaise, a pinch of red pepper. Add two tablespoons of burdock oil. When the components in the mixing process will acquire a uniform texture can be applied to their heads. The procedure was carried out for 40 minutes, then wash with regular shampoo.

Also effective is a mask-based juicesone bulb (grate, then squeeze the juice). Add a small spoonful of honey and two small spoons of cognac. To get rid of the odor of onion before washing hair with shampoo, hair should rinse kefir.

Using henna

Some to strengthen the hair use this method old grandmother asthe impact of henna. This natural remedy is indeed contributes to the rapid growth. Also henna coats the hairs, which is why the hair look more volume. But we must remember that henna has properties to change hair color.

Domestic masks made from naturalfood, great help in how to make hair thicker and thicker at home. But to strengthen the procedure should be carried out regularly. You do not just want to thick hair, and anything to do without, get them. Positive effect can be achieved only after a correct and that regular maintenance by appropriate cosmetics and natural mask.

To increase the amount of hair on the head,to make them healthy and beautiful, you will need to make some effort. This process of any one of the day and even one month. You will need to first choose the appropriate means to care for specific hair and then use them on a regular basis. Effect once you will not see, but take a picture of your hair today, in order to compare how the situation has changed in a few months.