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The perfect solution to any problems in oak bark

Bark of oak hair - the perfect solution to any problem

It is very useful natural product isbark hair oak, which can be easily and efficiently you can use at home. It has a beneficial effect on the health of the scalp and the overall condition of the hair, strengthens them, makes a strong and shiny.

The multi-component, a unique composition of oak barkincredibly useful to maintain the health of the scalp and locks themselves. From it you can easily prepare the infusion or decoction, after regular application of which problems with the scalp and hair condition will be much less.


  • 1 The effectiveness of oak bark
  • 2 The use of oak bark for hair recovery
  • 3 Bark Hair oak: recipes
    • 3.1 Hair coloring oak bark
    • 3.2 Oak bark of dandruff
    • 3.3 of oak bark for oily hair
    • 3.4 Night Firming Mask

The effectiveness of oak bark

Best hair mask for bath: recipesUseful properties of oak bark hair determined by the chemical composition of this amazing natural means:

  • tannins and have a disinfectantanti-inflammatory properties, so in front of oak bark can not stand no form of seborrhea: trichologists advised to use this drug for treatment of dandruff;
  • pectins are known for their ability to removeharmful substances from the body: as is known, the hair absorb from the environment and used a lot of resources unnecessary "waste", from which they then release the right oak bark;
  • flavonoids, organic acid-substancepromoting rejuvenation, renewal, regeneration of cells, so decoctions of oak bark make the curls elasticity, shiny, as if in his youth: the number of cells produced by elastin and collagen fibers is significantly increased, which leads to this result;
  • starch, protein substances dried oily hair, controlling the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • pentazony - substances that are contained not in every plant they have regenerative properties, healing the brittle strands and split ends;
  • quercetin strengthens blood vessels, making themwider, dissolving them in stagnation, so the oak bark as a positive effect on blood circulation of the scalp, which is why hair starts to grow much faster than before;
  • flobafen - the pigment that allows the use of oak bark for coloring strands in dark colors;
  • levulin strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss.

Substances that form the basis of chemical compositionoak bark, a complex effect on the hair and scalp, solving many of the problems (attenuation loss, dandruff, brittle and so on. d.) prolechivaya many diseases (alopecia, seborrhea, visited the and so on.).

With regular and proper use of fundsBased on this plant can significantly improve the condition of even the most problematic strands. As a therapeutic rinse decoction of oak bark is used for hair as a cosmetic - a mask on the basis of broth. Preparation of the healing liquid you will not take a lot of time.

The use of oak bark for hair recovery

The advantage of oak bark as a cosmetic product for hair that is this inexpensive drug (about 40 rubles per 50 grams), you can find it in every pharmacy, cooking - easily and quickly.

A few tips to help you use the tool as efficiently as possible:

  1. Buying oak bark at the pharmacy, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. The tool should be fresh and not expired.
  2. The infusion is prepared easily. In a glass pour 1 tablespoon (from top) of chopped oak bark, add boiling water up to the top, cover with a saucer or a plastic cover and leave in a form for 30-40 minutes. Then stir and strain - all the healing liquid to rinse the mask and ready.
  3. The broth is prepared a little longer. In a small saucepan enameled poured 2 tablespoons of raw materials, they poured two cups of boiling water, and the whole thing is put in another pot of boiling water, which is heated over medium heat. So steamed oak bark in a water bath for 8-10 minutes, you get a soft and rich broth. You can deliver raw materials directly on the fire and boil the same amount of time - the result will be just as effective.
  4. If you've never used it rawFor external use, be sure to test it on a separate section of the skin. Otherwise, possible allergic reactions. To do this, rub the cotton pad soaked in broth (infusion), oak bark, his wrist. In the absence of side effects in the form of itching and red spots within an hour it means that you are not allergic to this tool and you can not be afraid to apply it directly to its destination. Individual intolerance - the only contraindication for the use of oak bark as a cosmetic for hair.
  5. Be careful with this drug should beblonde beauties. Thanks flobafenu composed of oak bark, this powerful natural pigment, a decoction of these raw materials may stain hair in unwanted yellowish-red and even brown. To avoid this undesirable effect, beauticians advised to initially test the effect of the decoction on a single strand of hair. Like the result - you can use oak bark for the treatment of the whole head. No - it will need to find other means.
  6. The first option is the use of oak bark for hair: rinse. Dilute with a glass of decoction or infusion in a liter of water and rinse hair after each wash.
  7. The second option - the addition of the different masks for the hair instead of a liquid.
  8. The third option - giving brownish strands. Hair coloring oak bark is very popular today, because it avoids the negative impact of chemical paints curls.
  9. Frequency of oak bark for the hair is not limited.

Cora hair oak can be usedin many ways, but wisely and competently, so you do not complain of side effects such as unwanted color to blond strands or allergic reactions. Proper selection of the recipe also means a lot in this business.

Bark of oak Hair: recipes

Hot hair mask at homeTo begin, decide what you want to do with your hair using oak bark: paint, heal, just use regular care as a preventive measure.

Selection of the appropriate prescription will depend precisely on this your decision.

Hair coloring oak bark

Oak bark strands give a beautiful chestnutshade with a bright reddish tint, which will differ naturalness. This painting will strengthen the roots, stimulate hair growth, scalp cure of various diseases.

Pour 2 tablespoons of oak bark and 1 tablespoonspoon onion peel with two cups of boiling water, put it all on medium heat, boil for half an hour, stirring occasionally broth. Cool to warm conditions and are not straining, rinse the head several times according to the broth.

Lightly squeeze, fix your hair, wrap them with cling film or a plastic bag. Leave for an hour. Rinse with a conventional shampoo.

Oak bark of dandruff

Pour boiling water (liter) 2 tablespoons of oak bark and nettle leaves, 1 tablespoon sage and plantain.

Hold on a water bath for 10 minutes. Cool, strain and use as a rinse.

Oak bark for oily hair

Pour a glass of boiling water 1 tablespoon of oak bark and leaves of St. John's wort, simmer 10 minutes.

Strain, bring to the initial volume (200 ml), water addition. Use as a rinse.

Night Firming Mask

Grind fresh mint leaves, dandelion, mountain ash. Mix them with oak bark: 1 tea spoon of each ingredient. Pour it all in two cups of boiling water, leave for half an hour under the lid, drain. The resulting mush rub into the roots of the scalp, leave under the insulation on all night.

That is so versatile cosmetic productIt is the most common oak bark for the hair, which can be easily used for coloring strands, and to treat them, and for appropriate care. Use the healing power of Mother Nature for the beauty and health of your hair.