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8 super recipes for healthy hair with pine oil

Fir hair oil: the best recipes

Fir oil - popular in medicine and cosmetology essential oil. It is extracted by steam distillation of the young twigs and needles of Siberian, white or balsamic fir.

It contains more than 40 active ingredients,that allow to successfully use the product for the treatment of all kinds of diseases of the scalp. For cosmetic purposes fir hair oil has been used for a long time.


  • 1 The use of pine oil for hair
  • 2 Instructions for use of pine oil
  • 3 Fir hair oil: Recipes

The use of pine oil for hair

Using essential oils for healing firhair, you need to keep in mind that this product has a high concentration of beneficial substances to the skin of the head. On the one hand, this is good, because it is beneficial, therapeutic effect becomes evident after 1-2 treatments.

On the other hand, it requires carefulhandling, not to burn the scalp. As part of a lot of pine essential acids (lauric, caproic, oleic acid), volatile, tannins and other beneficial ingredients to the skin of the head.

Castor oil for the face: recipesAll of them have on the tresses and scalp the appropriate action:

  • reduce the amount of fat excreted by the sebaceous glands than improves oily hair: they are less likely to become contaminated and lose greasy shine;
  • stop the flaking of the scalp;
  • eliminate dandruff;
  • treat seborrhea and alopecia;
  • solve the problem of damaged hair;
  • strands give a natural shine, beautiful shine;
  • make them supple, silky, elastic, smooth.

The systematic, regular use of essential oil fir hair care various types of restores their former strength.

Use this tool simple enough: it is possible to enrich them ready-store cosmetics or add in the home hair masks. Effective are both options.

Instructions for use of pine oil

Features of pine oil ascosmetic product due to the fact that it refers to esters. This causes certain difficulties sometimes, because such a product can not be equated with dietary or cosmetic oils.

Useful suggestions will learn from this natural remedy at home the maximum benefit for the treatment of weak and damaged hair:

  1. Indications: oily hair types, dandruff, seborrhea, falling strand damage curls (posechennymi, thinning, brittle).
  2. Contraindications: high blood pressure problems, blood circulation, serious mental illness, lactation, pregnancy, kidney disease and heart.
  3. Pre learn whether you haveindividual intolerance of the ether. To do this, dilute it with boiled cold water in a ratio of one to one and can get a fragrant solution inside the crook of the elbow. This will allow to understand, whether you have an allergy after a mask with pine oil. If no abnormalities in the state of health and condition of the skin on the hand you do not notice and do not feel, can be used ether for the recovery of its strands, without fear of complications and side effects.
  4. If vegetable oils and cosmetic oilsmeasured in milliliters of spoons and the preparation tools for hair care, the dosage of esters due to their high concentration, is indicated in the drops. Do not use pine oil too much: it will cause allergy until swelling of soft tissue, or burn the scalp, which later turn into a hair loss. Be extremely careful with the esters in the composition of cosmetic products.
  5. Adding fir oil in the hair mask, notthey warm the remaining ingredients, which are usually subjected to a heat treatment: honey, yogurt, beverages and vegetable oils. High temperatures reduce the useful properties of the esters. In this regard, and masks for such insulation is not required.
  6. Masks with fir oil is better to put on a clean scalp.
  7. Treat hair fir oil is necessary course: at a frequency of use of 2 times per week duration of the course should be between 1 to 2 months, depending on the overall condition of the hair.

If after the next application fir etherpart of hair masks you feel bad (dizzy, began runny nose, raised blood pressure and so on.) or the scalp is no longer responding to the healing power of oil (once again began to fall strands appeared dandruff, and so on. d.), treatment should be discontinued and find imagine other means.

Fir oil for hair: recipes

In pure form, it is not used, no essential oil, including fir, due to their high concentration.

But add it to any cosmetics you can without any fear:

  1. Onion and honey mask against hair loss.
    Mix 4 tablespoons. onion fresh juice with 1 tablespoon. Liquid natural honey, add 2 drops of pine ether. Time - 40 minutes.
  2. Lukovo-yeast mask for hair growth.
    Mix 4 tablespoons. onion fresh juice with 2 tablespoons of table. dilute the yeast in water, add 1 table spoon. castor oil and burdock oil, a pinch of salt, 2 drops of pine oil. Time - 20 minutes.
  3. Egg-rum mask for oily hair.
    Mix 4 tablespoons. rum, 1 egg, add 2 drops of fir oil. Time - up to half an hour.
  4. Bread mask against greasy luster.
    Crumb of rye bread for a day, soak in boiling water in an enamel pot. Mix the resulting mush bread with 2 drops of pine ether. Time - 1 hour.
  5. Mustard mask for hair growth.
    Dilute 3 tablespoons. mustard powder in a small amount of warm water, bring to a paste, add 2 drops of fir ether. Time - up to half an hour.
  6. Calendula tincture with castor oil for oily roots.
    Mix 3 tablespoons. Calendula tincture with 1 teaspoon spoon of castor oil and 2 drops of fir. Time - 20 minutes.
  7. Hydrating Mask with yogurt.
    Add 3 tablespoons. yogurt 2 drops of pine oil. Time - 40 minutes.
  8. Mask with green clay of dandruff.
    Dissolve 2 tablespoons tablespoons green clay cosmetic water to the consistency of sour cream, add 2 drops of pine ether. Time - 20 minutes.

Properly using fir for the treatment of hair oil, can significantly improve their condition, that they not only look well-groomed and beautiful, but also from the inside were strong, healthy and strong.

Extremely useful, ether fir - uniquemedical and cosmetic care most weakened strands with a tangle of problems. It can be easily and quickly unravel with the help of healing pine air.