Hair care

The best comb for hair: types and selection criteria

Those who are engaged in a full care of theircurls, know that the health and beauty of your hair is largely dependent on how it is necessary to comb daily contact. A wrong tool spoil strands will tear them to strengthen the place of breaking, by strong posechennymi tips, make their pushitsya and electrify. The debate about what is the best comb for hair, are today among inhabitants and professionals, but it is not a brand.

The secret is to be able in a variety ofoffers on the market today to choose the brush, which is ideal for your hair type. To do this, at least superficially acquainted with the types of combs, which offers the beauty industry today.


  • 1 Types of combs hair
  • 2 Selection criteria combs
  • 3 Rules of care comb

Types combs hair

A variety of combs hair performall kinds of functions, each has its purpose, and is characterized by distinctive features, you need to know before choosing this tool for your own personal use. Having studied the below review combs, you will realize that the one you probably will not be enough.

  • Classic brush for brushing strands before bedtime. Varies bristle material, which can be natural, synthetic or mixed. Best is considered natural, but too thick and stiff curls the best option would be mixed bristles of varying lengths.
  • Massage brush need for daily massage of the scalp,thanks to which improves blood circulation, strengthens the power of the roots, and the curls are smooth and silky. Among them, there are combs wood, metal, plastic teeth, which should not be sharp. It is preferable to opt for wood, which are different natural material, so - will bring the most benefit to hair and scalp.
  • wood ideal for daily carehair: they are not injured by it, and after combing procedure is not electrified. With it, you very well apply masks and styling products, since this material does not chemically react with the components thereof. Pay attention to the kind of wood, from which made a comb: birch treats dandruff and strengthens hair masks; oak soothes irritated, itchy scalp, restores damaged strands; juniper It gives curls forest aroma and relieves stress.
  • Plastic best not to choose, as they only increase the fragility of the strands and visited.
  • Silicon and carbon brushes are mostly hairdressers with some specific procedures. For example, they are good at mowing or painting, but for everyday use, they are unlikely to be suitable for this.
  • Metal well combed even the most intricate locks,but absolutely not suitable to care for colored hair. Metal readily reacts unpredictable and can change hair color. This material is also desirable to choose the regular care of hair, as it injures the strands themselves, especially if they are already damaged, and scalp.
  • Brashing called cylindrical brushes with roundholes in the hull, used to blow-dry the hair, straightening or create curls, giving a short hairstyle a certain form. Natural bristles perfectly style your hair, polishes and smoothes them, gives a well-groomed hairstyle, finished look.

With such diversity it is very difficult to decide which comb hair better, but the type of curls will tell you on what to choose.

Criteria for selection of combs

So, choose a comb for the hair: decide to start with a number of them. For short haircuts will be enough of one core. At the same long curls better to have just two: one - for stacking, the other - the basic, daily brushing. If the first is no problem: take a brushing - can not go wrong, then try to trim second only to the type of your hair.

  1. better comb for long hair - Massage brush, for short - Flat.
  2. For dry hair Choose combs with elastic, soft teeth. Suitable as natural bristle. oily better care with the help of wooden or horn combs.
  3. With straight hair Any suitable massage brush, naughty, hard curls It helps tame toothed comb.
  4. If thick strandsUse massage combs and brushes made of natural materials that do not damage the hair. For rare will be useful to massage comb hair portion that will provide increased blood flow to the scalp.

Now you know what a comb to combhair, according to their type and individual characteristics. Some tools can be difficult to obtain (especially from natural materials). You may have to revise the range of more than one online store or look for nearby boutique for professional hairdressers. Having acquired the long-awaited purchase, be sure to adequately take care of it, that lasts as long as you can.

Terms of care comb

Any comb, hairbrush - is the subjectpersonal hygiene. If you do not care for it properly, it will soon come into disrepair. Not only that, if not well-groomed daily brush to comb the hair, and their condition deteriorated. Therefore, please note the basic rules of care for the comb, they strictly follow, and then no problem.

  1. Regularly, once a week, be sure to pour overcomb boiling water (if it is possible to make the material from which it is made), wash it with soap and water, then thoroughly rinse and thoroughly dried.
  2. No one, under any pretext, never send their own combs for personal use, even for a single application.
  3. How old is your comb? Even if you think your old still good, if it suits you in every way, do not skimp: every six months, this tool needs to be changed.
  4. If comb prematurely corrupted somehowway, be sure to change it. Take special care of the state of teeth: if they flew tips or cracked, brush urgent need to change: it will scratch the scalp and break down damaged strands.

Only you can decide which combbetter to comb the hair: the one that is best suited for their individual characteristics. With all the responsibility to address this issue, do not forget about the daily care of this object of his personal care, and then you will be less likely to have problems with the condition of hair - they will always shine with beauty and health.