Hair care

Terms of hair styling

8 simple tips on hair care. Take note!

Terms of hair styling

1. & laquo; YES & raquo; - Hair lacquer.
Many people are afraid to use hair spray because of the certainty that
he will stick together hair and spoil the hair. To prevent this, choose medium or a natural nail fixation, which is easily schesyvaetsya. A simple test for varnish: try to skip fingers through your hair. If you do it easily, you can safely use the product.

2. Blow-drying - it's easy!

Style your hair easy hairdryer, if it is donecorrectly. Direct the jet of warm air from the top down, and do not use the maximum temperature conditions (very hot). At the end of the land is always the hair with cold air for 20-30 seconds. It will consolidate styling and give your hair extra shine.

3. Cream against electricity.

Static electricity - a serious enemyhairstyles. The easiest way to get rid of him - hair smoothing cream or gel for styling. Not hand squeeze a few drops and apply it on a soft brush. Mileage her hair, avoiding the roots.

4. & laquo; Wet & raquo; hair - it's sexy.

If you have no time orforces on the packing, just apply on damp hair leave-in conditioner or cream eyes and lay strands with your fingers. Thus hair get nourishment, but you sexy styling with the effect of wet hair.

5.Ukladka stages!

If you try to lay all your hair at once, inthe results are often not even necessary on several occasions to alter the hairstyle. Therefore, buy special clips for the hair and style your hair in sections. It's convenient, easy and, most importantly, it is not long!

6.Den second: a complicated hairstyle.

Best of all complex installation (for example, high time) is obtained on the second day after shampooing. But we must be very careful with styling products, otherwise the hair will look dirty.

7.Priday perfection!

Even straight hair should have its own form. If you are using ironing, then tighten slightly with the help of the ends of the strands inside or outside. At the end styling hair mileage large flat brush to give them a natural look and softness.

8.Instrumenty to help.

No need to buy a set like a professionalhairdresser, but you have to be the most necessary and proven tools: hair dryer with at least three-temperature and high-speed modes and a good brush.