Hair care

Tea Mask for hair: accessible means for beautiful curls

Treat for tea just as invigorating andtonics? If you prefer to care for their hair natural, folk, home remedies, tea - just what you need. Use the white, green and black tea with the aim of revitalizing dull and restore damaged hair- not regret.


  • 1 Secrets of the miraculous transformation of hair
  • 2 hair restoration procedure tea
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Secrets of beautiful hair transformation

If you regularly use a strong hair teaas a rinse aid or as part of one of the face masks, you can see how transformed curls. Dropped strands become smaller, not so much dandruff is formed, the hair starts to grow faster, become smooth, obedient and incredibly shiny.

The effect is fascinating, although there is nothing surprising inthis process is not: an abundance of nutrients in white, green and black teas allows their use as a means of restoring and rejuvenating. The chemical composition of tea - a clue to the miraculous transformation of curls under the influence of this amazing drink.


  • riboflavin (B2), thiamin (B1), pyridoxine (B6) quickly and safely cope with many diseases of the scalp - seborrhea, dandruff, alopecia;
  • retinol (A) strengthens the roots, stopping the loss of strands;
  • niacin (PP, B3) envelops the natural curls shining, beautiful shine, prevents unwanted graying strands;
  • folic acid (B9) protects against harmful external influences;
  • phylloquinone (K) makes the color bright, saturated, long-playing - even coloring and highlighting;
  • ascorbic acid (C) protects the strands from the hot air, ultraviolet radiation, low temperatures, and so on. D.


  • iodine and manganese inhibit inflammatory processes, being a natural antiseptic, heal the damaged section and tips, help treat dandruff and seborrhea;
  • iron positive effect on the blood circulation in the scalp and hair growth depends on it;
  • copper It prevents graying strands ahead of time;
  • fluorine We need to accelerate the growth of hair;
  • calcium - Building material for curls, without it they become brittle and flogged severely;
  • potassium needed to moisten;
  • selenium heals and restores damaged strands.

Other substances:

  • tannins strengthen the roots do not allow hair to fall out,stimulate their growth, can even stop the infection of the scalp, removes dandruff, slows the aging process at the cellular level, return strands of elasticity;
  • essential oils give funds from the tea hair invigorating aroma relieve fatigue to the strands and give them energy and vitality;
  • alkaloids (Diuretin, theobromine, lecithin, caffeine) strengthen the walls of blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, moisturize dry strands, their tone;
  • amino acids provide cells with oxygen and a host of other, no less important and useful for the hair substance.

Hair absorb all the benefits of teameans to care for them, and therefore transformed so quickly and so incredible. However, in order to extract the maximum benefit from tea to their curls, will have some work to do and learn some secrets on home hair revitalization of tea.

Hair Restoration Procedure tea

Hair Tea is used in three forms. Firstly, it can rinse after washing your tresses. Second, often use black tea for hair dyeing. Third, the drink may be added at different masks for treating domestic strands. All three variants of the use of tea for hair care will be able to meet your expectations, but only under one condition: if the few recommendations that exist on this matter will be respected.

  1. To begin, select the type of tea for yourself: green tones, fights dandruff, makes the strands stronger and shiny; white It accelerates the growth of hair; the black rescues from the stresses and stains.
  2. Tea bags for such a responsible role does not fit. It is best to use certified, high-quality tea varieties, purchased in a specialty store.
  3. On two tablespoons of dry tea leaves to gocup of boiling water. Brew tea, covered lid and left 30 minutes after straining a wonderful tool for revitalizing hair done.
  4. They can rinse your hair after the usual washing. The used tea leaves of black tea can be applied to the strands - a coloring effect to blonde will be provided. Spreading this infusion of normal cosmetic mask can enhance its effect.
  5. After tea hair treatments need to be dried naturally, without the aid of a hair dryer.
  6. If the tea used as the only cosmetic and prophylactic agents frequency procedures should be 1-2 times a week. For the treatment of tea rinse can be done in a day.

Indications for masks and rinses tea canbecome dull, lost their luster and density strands, split ends and scalp suffering from dandruff. With all these coping tea folk remedies for beauty and health of hair. No contraindications have been identified, but the presence of an allergic reaction and a coloring effect, all cooked means better check.

Recipes teaspoons of hair

Tired of the fact that the strands are constantly electrifiedand does not fit in my hair? Use the air conditioner of tea. You can not put in order the greasy, oily hair? Tea Lotion - at your service. You want to give the curls shiny, chic look? Rinse them strong brewed tea. Staining, toning and strengthening - all this can be found in many recipes use tea for hair.

  • Moisturizing conditioner

1 table. lodges. Dry green tea brew a cup of boiling water. Half an hour insist, you can then drain and rinse clean hair after a bath or shower.

  • Lotion for oily hair

2 table. lodges. Dry green tea to make a glass of boiling water, cool thoroughly (at least four hours), then strain. Mix the tea table 3. lodges. vodka and 2 table. lodges. lemon juice, applesauce all in 1 liter of water at room temperature. Moisten a cotton lotion in the resulting drive, handle them roots and then pour all the liquid over his head. Towels are not wipe (the remains themselves must drain), dry the hair naturally.

  • Revitalizing conditioner

2 table. lodges. Dry black tea brewed cup of boiling water, cool down for an hour, drain. Pour the same quantity of infusion of oak bark.

  • Mask anti-dandruff

2 table. lodges. Dry green tea brew a cup of boiling water, cool to warm conditions, carefully strain, add it at the table 3. lodges. vodka and castor oil. Wrap your head plastic bag and a towel. Wash off after an hour.

  • Dyeing hair with tea

Black tea give your hair a dark, very beautifulshade, and in some cases even cover up gray hair. For home hair coloring tea you need it to be in the granules in which a lot of essential oils and tannins.

chestnut shade

2 table. lodges. tea granules dissolved in 500 ml of boiling water. Keep drink on low heat 20 minutes. Cool, put on his head for half an hour.


Means for preparing such color exactly as the previous one. However, the tea you need to add 2 table. lodges. walnut leaf or a glass of onion peel.

Dark-haired, you can add these recipes200 ml of broth from the berries are very helpful - Aronia: it will strengthen the coloring effect. See for yourself what hair tea - an excellent cosmetic product that provides health and beauty of the strands.