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Hair Sugar: the best recipes of masks

In the home of Cosmetology Hair sugar isexcellent tool having exclusively positive characteristics. Due to the structure of the substance and its chemical properties, sugar particles can easily clean the scalp of the dead skin particles, and dandruff. Tandem sucrose and glucose in a part of sugar makes it best natural substance stacker means that "clumped" together strands and unruly allows first - to give them the desired shape, and then - to keep it a long time. In hair masks sugar is used as a cleansing and softening ingredients. All of these wonderful properties of sugar can be checked at home by preparing on its base a variety of cosmetics.


  • 1 Cosmetic use of sugar for hair
  • 2 Means for Sugar Hair

Cosmetic use of sugar for hair

Sugar is usually the enemy for slimand conscious about their figure girls. Try to look at the product from a different angle - use it for cooking various domestic cosmetics. From now on, let it be for you not only familiar addition to a cup of coffee or tea, but also an effective, well-current cosmetic product. The forms of its application in the home are different, so you can choose for themselves the appropriate option to use hair sugar.

  • 1. Scrub the scalp

Sugar is found in many recipes for scrubsHair, the purpose of which - cleansing of the scalp of the dead epithelium, excess subcutaneous fat, dandruff, dirt. Regularly held sugar peeling skin cells makes it easier breathing, promotes renewal and regeneration of its cells.

  • 2. styling products

Everybody knows the uncomfortable feeling when underaction means laying your hair turn into hardened, inanimate icicles. Yes, and then rinse with this compound with strands is not so simple. It is quite another - natural styling products prepared at home on basis of normal sugar. They allow you to look packed curls living, not artificial, to help fix the styling and give your hair extra volume.

  • 3. Hair masks

The sugar is no vitamin, but a perfect trio in hiscomposition (potassium, calcium and sodium), in collaboration with fructose and glucose allows to use this product in the various home hair masks. Especially popular and effective mustard mask with sugar, which at times to accelerate the growth of the strands. Sugar hair mask strengthen the roots fill the locks vitality, energy, radiance and brilliance.

This is such a wonderful product is sugarHair: You can feel free to cook from it a scrub, mask or styling products and enjoy the achieved results. The recipe is no shortage, so the choice is rich and varied.

for sugar on the hair

For the preparation of various tools for hair fromsugar, you will need a good quality product. It should be dry (not wet), moderately large and crumbly. It is best to take the white varieties without any impurities. Yellow sugar - not the best option for the preparation of cosmetics.

  • Sugar scrub Scalp

Peeling the skin of the head with sugar - a simple but very effective procedure that helps to regularly update the skin, give smoothness to hair, beauty, brilliance.


For the preparation you need to mix the sugar scrubsand (4 tablespoons) with a small amount of herbal shampoo (2 tablespoons). As used in this recipe the shampoo is better to take on a natural basis (herbs) that will improve the locks and strengthen the effectiveness of peeling. The resulting mixture has added a variety of oil - vegetable (1 tablespoon) and ether (5 to 10 drops). When using vegetable oil keep in mind that it should be unrefined. If you are hard to carry his scent, replace this component with natural extra virgin olive oil. Some people prefer to actively include sugar scrubs for cosmetic head grape seed oil and almond. Both options are fully applicable. Essential oils for this tool, choose according to your hair type:

  1. with brittle, lifeless, dry strands give preference to citrus - lemon, orange, grapefruit (3 drops);
  2. when fatty curls and sensitive scalp often choose tea tree oil (less than 5 drops) in combination with lemon and bergamot (2 drops each);
  3. with dull, damaged hair it is recommended to use ylang-ylang (4-5 drops), chamomile and lemon (2-3 drops).

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed scrub.


The mixture is applied to a damp scalp, itbegin to massage so that formed a foam shampoo. After 5 minutes of such means useful sugar massage left on the hair for 5 minutes, then thoroughly washed with running water. Apply sugar scrub infrequently - 1 or 2 times a month would be enough to maintain the health of scalp and hair beauty skin.

  • Styling products with sugar

Perhaps the most popular way to use sugar for hair at home - cooking at its base spray varnish to fix the hair and the additional volume.


Two tablespoons of sugar dissolved in? liters of filtered water. The resulting sugar solution is poured into a handy bottle from under the spray with spray. If you want a stronger fixing means, the amount of sugar dissolved in water increases while maintaining? liters of fluid.


When cooked sprinkle with sugarmeans the roots, her hairstyle will receive the necessary amount. If you use a spray fixative home cooking at a short distance, it turns into a syrup hairspray, which will fix the styling.

  • Mask for hair sugar

Recipe Sugar hair mask - verysuccessful selection of ingredients (mustard, butter, egg yolk, sugar), the combination of which increases blood flow to the roots, which improves their nutrition and accelerates the growth of hair. The yolk and olive oil nourish the hair and deter aggressive action of mustard.


Dilute mustard powder (1 tablespoon) of hot water (the same amount), add the olive oil (1 tablespoon), 1 egg yolk, sugar (1 tablespoon). A large amount of sugar in the mask will help to ensure that the mustard is very yadrena and may be quite oven scalpTherefore exactly follow the dosage specified in the recipe. If a strong burning sensation in the composition reduces the number of masks mustard, increase the dosage of oil and egg yolk.


Rub a mask in the scalp, without causing the hair to themselves. Wrap a plastic or a plastic bag, keep on the head for 15-20 minutes. Apply twice a week in two months.

Make sure that the hair may be sugarirreplaceable cosmetic product: clean scalp sugar scrub, fix your styling curls varnish of sugar and accelerate the growth of the strands using mustard sugar masks.