Hair care

hair Strengthening

In this article we will talk about strengthening the hair. One of the best hair growth stimulant is a decoction of burdock roots. For washing hair take from 10 to 15 grams and a half of water roots. An effective hair strengthening is when to wash your hair 2-3 times a week, and then only 1 time.

hair Strengthening

In recipes where the aim is to strengthenHair used birch buds and leaves, poplar buds. Prepare the broth (glass raw materials per 1 liter of water) and allowed to settle. This means washing the head. The drug improves hair growth, strengthens their bulbs.

strengthening and promotes hair decoction of the leaves mother and stepmother and nettle (60:50).

A very effective tool for growing a hairIt is the so-called gypsy recipe. Clear medium onion, cut and drop in half a glass of rum. Infuse for 24 hours. Then, remove the onions and the remaining liquid is used to massage the scalp. For a quick improvement of hair mix egg, 2 tbsp. spoon of castor oil, 1 hr. of vinegar and a teaspoon of glycerin. Continuous whipping, rub into the scalp. Cover it with a warm towel, hold for a while over the steam and wash. The hair will become thicker, shiny, soft, will be better laid.

Hair Strengthening interested people for a long time. This is one of the oldest means to strengthen the hair. Honey water, from which the hair grows very fast. Take the white honey 4 pounds of dry sand 2 pounds, mix thoroughly, put the mixture in such a ferry vessel, which could hold five times greater amount, and surpass weight on low heat to near dryness, and get Kishu yellowish fluid in the receiver. Store the liquid in a cool place and smeared it twice a day, the places where the hair do not grow.