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Firming Mask for hair on the basis of burdock root

For any age can become relevantproblem intact strands of hair loss, stop or slow growth. Therefore modern cosmetology, along with medicine is developing the drugs, which would be able to solve these problems effectively and quickly: to strengthen the roots and accelerate hair growth.

Many experts believe that nothing newinvent in this field is impossible, as the best of everything is already prepared for human nature. In particular, both of these problems can be eliminated by using burdock root: hair no more valuable tonic than an infusion of this herb. He heals the damage and visited, gives shine, activates growth. Result - gorgeous cascade of curls shining beauty. The secret of action - in the chemical composition of the rhizomes.


  • 1 Secrets of the magic hair transformation
  • 2 Tips and tricks when using the root
  • 3 Best Recipes funds on the basis of burdock root

Secrets of the magic hair transformation

Burdock, hereinafter referred to as the science of Arctium lappa L, andamong ordinary man in the street who was called thistles, growing in large numbers in fields, gardens and forests. Despite its medicinal nature, all perceive it only as a weed. It is time to change the angle of view and look at it as an effective cosmetic for hair strengthening. The chemical composition of burdock root is unique: each active substance in it is working on the improvement of the most weak curls.

  • High content inulin - Guarantee smooth and shiny hair;
  • essential oils calming effect on the scalp if it is irritated by a large number of dandruff: regularly applying an infusion of burdock root, it is possible to calm itching in seborrhea;
  • fixed oils form a protective film that prevents the rapid contamination of strands and aggressive external attack in the form of ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures;
  • tannins strengthen hair follicles, preventing the loss of strands;
  • stigmasterol - A unique active substance, quite rare: it restores damaged, cells have stood;
  • sitosterol strengthens;
  • bitterness have disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • protein restores each hair after undergoing stress and injury;
  • fatty acid (Palmitic, stearic) are the best moisturizers for dry hair.

This is not a complete list of all substances,which is rich in burdock root. In it is also a lot of vitamins (niacin, tocopherol, askorbinka, retinol and various vitaminchiki from the group B) - all of them rescued from beriberi hair, nourish the roots, thus preventing hair loss. A mineral elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc.) activates cell metabolism, without which the strands look dull and lifeless. Therefore, in such an active influence on the burdock root hair is no magic: this contributes to its chemical composition.

Tricks using root

From burdock root in the home, you can dohair mask, decoctions and infusions for rinsing. All of them are very effective and you will be pleased with the results, but for this it is necessary to manage them properly, correctly, competently prepare the case. Otherwise, the herb will lose their healing power, and will not have the desired effect.

  • Collection

Burdock root in dry form can be purchased forvery little money at the pharmacy. Fans of genuine nature may themselves engage in the collection of precious raw materials. Digging the root or recommended in early spring or late fall, because at this time there is an accumulation of the maximum amount of nutrients. Digging should be away from the traffic and on a large enough depth. Dug roots are washed thoroughly under running water, crushed (with a knife, using a meat grinder or blender) are dried up to readiness in a ventilated area and sent in a cardboard box or a paper bag. Properly collected and dried raw material is stored for two years.

  • application

Any means cooked at homeconditions on the basis of burdock root (decoction, infusion, juice, mask) can be safely applied to the skin of the head, even with severe forms of seborrhea and severe itching, as well as handle their own locks along the entire length and even split ends. The only contraindication appears excessive oiliness of hair: burdock root such a problem does not solve, but only exacerbate the condition of the strands. Frequency of use - each discretion, depending on the capabilities and hair. It can be once a week, but you can in a day. But the general course of treatment should not exceed 20 procedures to the scalp is not adapted and not accustomed to the active plant substances. In this case, means will lose its effectiveness.

The variety of recipes you can select the tool on the basis of burdock root, which will most effectively take care of it for your hair type.

The best recipes of funds on the basis of burdock root

All recipes Below funds made from burdock root, simple and effective, and their effectiveness you will appreciate after the first procedure.

  • Broth rinse

Grind fresh burdock root (or usedry pharmacy fee), pour four tablespoons of raw materials with boiling water (half a liter), put on a small fire, stirring for about 15 minutes then cool, pass through the gauze. When rinsing the hair after shampooing can use a concentrated broth, and it can be diluted with water in equal amounts.

  • Tincture for circulation

Grind fresh burdock root (or usedry pharmacy fee), pour two tablespoons spoons of raw materials 300 ml of alcohol or vodka. Leave on for two weeks in some dark place. Strain, dissolve in 500 ml of water, wet the roots of the hair for an hour before shampooing.

  • firming mask

Mix pre-prepared decoction of the rootburdock (100 ml), vodka and onion juice (50 ml). Apply on hair for twenty minutes. Onion juice should not be used during scalp injuries. Insulate the mask with plastic cap and towel. Wash off with shampoo.

Want to safely strengthen the roots, stoploss of strands, accelerate their growth, restore split ends, dry hair to moisturize and make your lifeless locks in shiny cascade? Oddly enough, the answer to such a rich query can be only one - burdock root. Familiar weed transformed into a beautiful and cosmetician excellent remedy for painful curls.