Hair care

Sour cream hair mask: cosmetology, available to everyone

Dry hair often appear dull, becausethat reflect almost no light. They quickly get confused, easily broken, bad comb, do not want to fit into my hair, much whipped at the ends. Their owners are constantly in search of a suitable moisturizer to care for them, often without realizing that it is very close - on the shelf of the refrigerator. Pets mask of sour cream extremely easy to prepare for the hair, give a pleasant sensation of freshness, characterized by a lack of fat in the strands, abundant curls moisturize and strengthen the roots. Therefore, in addition to regular care of dry hair, you can restore the damaged (brittle and split), strands, to stop them from falling and accelerate the growth of curls.


  • 1 Use cream for hair
  • 2 The use of masks of sour cream
  • 3 Recipes home masks with sour cream

Use cream for hair

Sour cream - natural product in which manyvarious vitamins and other nutrients. They all have a beneficial effect on the scalp, hair roots and strands themselves, their moisturizing and restoring the microstructure. The chemical composition of sour cream - a real pharmacy for patients, dry and damaged hair:

  • vitamin A (Known in the scientific community as retinol)adjusts the redox reaction of the scalp, activates the synthesis of proteins (of which consist predominantly and hair), tidies metabolism, makes the cell membrane more thick and strong so that they can retain moisture, slows cell aging, accelerates the growth of hair;
  • vitamin C (Favorite all ascorbic acid), beingnatural and very powerful antioxidant, regulates carbohydrate metabolism in the cells, thereby toning the scalp; It improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels, which accelerates the growth of hair; triggers the regeneration of tissues; It protects the strands from external stimuli and infections; It helps iron and folic acid is completely absorbed; It ensures smooth production of proteins and lipids to help split ends and brittle strands quickly restored;
  • vitamin PP (This is useful for hair nicotinic acid)involved in cellular metabolism of fats, proteins, amino acids, facilitates tissue respiration, stimulates the biosynthesis process eliminates problems with blood circulation in the scalp, dilates blood vessels, improves microcirculation, has detoxication properties, deriving from the hair of toxins and heavy metals accumulating in them for years;
  • vitamin E (Rejuvenating tocopherol) gives the most lifeless strands strength and elasticity, as it prevents the oxidation of cell membranes: the more they are stronger, more beautiful look ringlets;
  • in cream and many trace elements, but it most potassiumWhich provides masks for this moisturizing properties of the product.

The effect of the vitamin content of mosta beneficial effect on the condition of damaged, dry, istonchёnnyh, brittle hair, that extra power is required. Those who practice folk remedies for hair care, know that sour cream mask has not just cosmetic, but also a curative effect. Now you know what cream is useful for hair as it acts on them - it's time to take immediately after the preparation of these miracle cures.

The use of masks of the cream

In domestic masks for hair cream from the massadvantages over many other similar means. Prepare quickly and easily, difficulties in application and do not cause flushing, the product itself is always freely available and inexpensive. What is not an ideal means? Little secrets of sour cream on the use of masks will help increase their efficiency and to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments.

  1. Home cream on the concentration of nutrients beats shopping. Therefore, if possible, it is desirable to prepare the masks used it it.
  2. For moisturizing dry hair, use cream withhigh fat content (over 25%). If you want to accelerate the growth or stop the loss of fatty strands, prepare a mask of sour cream with low percentage of fat (less than 15%). it is recommended to take the sour cream with an average fat content for regular care and nutrition normal hair curls or mixed type (15 to 25%).
  3. By itself, the cream is very rarely causesallergy, but a part of the mask are often other components, even small contents of which could adversely affect the condition of the scalp, which depends on the appearance of hair. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to try a mask of sour cream prepared beforehand on the inner side of the wrist. If skin reactions are not followed, the mixture can be applied to the head.
  4. Note that cream lightens hairSo recently colored and dark Light Brown ladies should try a mask of this product first on a single strand to see the resulting color, and then to apply fully.
  5. All components of the mask is desirable to whip in a blender: this avoids the formation of lumps.
  6. Sour cream masks are universal in the sense thathair before applying them can be washed, but you can leave dirty: it does not affect their performance. The only thing that is recommended to do - is to moisten strands: it will distribute the cream over the entire length curls.
  7. Sour Cream can treat the skin without fearhead, rubbing it into the roots of massage, smooth movements while making self-massage. With a special scallop cream easily and quickly distributed over the entire length of hair. The tips also abundantly wetted prepared mixture.
  8. All dairy products like heat, which awakens in them activity of the components. Therefore, after applying the mask Insulate head, wearing a shower cap and wrapped her towel.
  9. Sour cream - safe product, so the duration of the masks from it can be a lengthy, if the product is used in its pure form, without any additional ingredients. Actively used for hair cream at night, for example. But once you get involved in the mask other products, the time of its action is limited to 20 to 60 minutes.
  10. The mask should be washed off easily with warm water and shampoo.
  11. The procedure can take one or two times a week, but no more than 15 masks. Then give your hair a break or go to some other base product.

Simple, but very important recommendations to helpto get the maximum benefit sour cream masks. The main thing - patience and regularly nourish and heal the hair cream. If you do it randomly, one-time use product, no effect will be.

Recipes home masks with sour cream

Usually recipes indicated, for solutions whichproblems will approach this or that mask - this is your guide. Therefore, before choosing a recipe, decide exactly what you want from a sour cream mask for the hair, and then proceed to the study of the basic structure.

  • Sour cream + egg = humidification

A glass of sour cream mixed with three raw eggs.

  • Sour cream + honey = Power

Honey is heated to 40 ° C (water bath required), mixed in equal proportions with cream.

  • Sour + yogurt = lightening

Some do special hair lightening cream at homeUsing the unusual properties of this product. Natural yogurt without additives mixed in equal amounts with cream.

  • Sour + carrot = against hair loss

Turn in a glass of fresh carrot juice, mixed with the same amount of cream.

  • Sour cream + oil = for density

Two table. lodges. mix sour cream with 3 table. lodges. cosmetic grapeseed oil and 5 drops of essential oil of sage.

  • Sour + grass = night mask

You can use pure cream hair for the night, and it can be diluted with a small amount of broth burdock, and then you can stop the most intense hair loss and alopecia cure.

  • Sour + olive oil + lemon = to shine

Two table. lodges. cream mixed with the same amount of olive (preferably in a water bath preheated to 40 degrees ° C) oil, one table. lodges. lemon fresh juice.

  • Sour cream + butter + avocado = recovery

A glass of sour cream mixed with 3 table. lodges. avocado pulp. Preheat a water bath 150 ml of any cosmetic oils (castor, burdock, olive) and added to the total mass of creamy avokadnoy.

The main purpose of sour cream for hair masks- Excellent moisturizing properties, although they are encouraged to actively use for oily, mixed, normal curls. The main thing - to be able to select the percentage of fat. Correctly chosen and well cooked mask please always excellent and guaranteed results.