Hair care

Simple ways to dye your hair less often

Everyone knows that, starting to dye your hair,it is very difficult to stop. It is not only that the new hair color you like so much more than natural, and now it is picked up by most of the things in your wardrobe, but also that the regrown roots and tarnished color corrected only a new color. And this requires time and money. However, there are several ways to delay the campaign to the barber, not to torment the hair once more and a little spare.

Simple ways to dye your hair less often

Honesty - especially. Even sitting in a chair in front of a barber confessed to him that did not want to spend a fortune on hair that you are not the wife of Rockefeller and daughter Onassis that you want to stain look good for a long time, but next visit would not be very soon. Of course, the barber - not a magician, and not in his power to make sure that the roots do not grow, and the color is washed out, but it can help you to choose the right shade, which will normally be combined with natural hair color, and advise special care.

Paint only where visible. If you already dyed long hair, you do not slaughter them up and carry the parting is always on the same site, you can paint only the roots in those places where it is evident: around the face, bang on and on parting. Savings of this case will be at the expense of a small amount of ink used, and due to the smaller workload. This is an interesting way to save, but it is quite limited in the selection of hairstyles.

Painted in several colors. Multitonirovanie avoids a clear line between colored and natural hair, so regrown roots more organically fit into the hair. Moreover, staining in several colors are close to each other gives a feeling of a natural hair color.

Toning. If you are not yet concerned regrown roots, but hair color become dull, use the service rendering. Toning is applied to the hair less ink resistant than conventional staining. It only gives the hair a shade without changing much of the color. Its advantage is that it is easy to apply and rapidly acting. Besides, it is cheaper than conventional paint and work on toning also costs less. Tinting can be done independently by a toning shampoo.

Deep moisturizing. Hair conditioner, taking care of your hair and hydrating them, does not leach dye. After shampooing, apply it on your hair, wrap head with a towel and hold for several minutes.

Do not get carried away. Try to choose a paint color, close to the natural color of your hair. If you just paint over gray hair, then this should not be a problem, but if you prefer to lighten or darken the hair a few shades, try to at least choose a shade from the same range. In this case, the regrown roots will look more harmonious.

Less frequently wash your hair. Of course, it is not necessary to go to far with this advice. However, keep in mind that the more often you wash your hair with shampoo, the faster the coloring pigment will wash out of the hair structure. Do not use cheap shampoos and conditioners - better to spend a little more money for a soft and gentle means, but to save money on a hike to the hairdresser.

Beware of chlorine. Chlorine is very good washes the paint from the hair, so always use a rubber cap in the pool. Unfortunately, in most homes from the tap is flowing too chlorinated water, so it is recommended to wash hair with boiled water or purchased.

Professional cosmetics.If possible, use professional products for hair care, but every time consult your hairdresser if the last time you approached a shampoo, then now may be need another. Professional cosmetics economical to buy at once in large bottles. If for some reason you can not buy it, you have many brands in addition to the professional line is an ordinary consumer - look at her, because it is likely to also use of the technology of the professional tools.