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Shilajit hair: strengthen weakened hair at home

Shilajit - mountain balm, which is aresin, which froze. It is rich in organic and inorganic substances, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, tar-like formations. Unique therapeutic properties mummy is still being studied by scientists, keeping the secrets of nature. Despite the fact that research still continues, today the active use of the resin in cosmetology and medicine makes it very popular for the treatment of various ailments. In particular, regular use at home mummy hair as a restorative, antitoxic, anti-inflammatory agent can achieve excellent results.


  • 1 Hair Treatment mummy
  • 2 Application mummy hair
  • 3 Recipes funds with mummy

Hair Treatment mummy

In cosmetology hair mummy usedthe form of compressed tablets or shiny, fairly elastic mass brownish color. The taste of bitter medicine, but if you use the mummy as a cosmetic for hair, you do not have to care to know this. But with a few specific flavor of this substance you have to somehow put up or shoot down its essential oils. With valuable chemical composition, the drug is used as an active ingredient for the preparation of pet hair masks, quickly and efficiently solving the various problems with the appearance of the strands and scalp health:

  • activates Hair GrowthWithout being a hormone drug;
  • subcutaneous improves circulation, providesroots nutritious meals - all vital substances, oxygen, which is essential for cell respiration (the result of these processes - just fantastic density. natural shine and visited the curls without breakage);
  • used as a medicament against hair loss;
  • improves state the type of fat strands, As it has a drying effect on the scalp, regulate sebaceous glands, which are hidden at the very roots (this mummy property can be used for effective treatment of oily seborrhea);
  • the drug is considered to be one of the bestanti-aging agents, as the mummy in cells stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibers (due to this, the result of regular use of a resinous substance - elasticity, strength strands);
  • powerful regenerating properties mummy - guarantee fast restore damaged hair from fragility and visited;
  • disinfectant, antibacterial mummy on the scalp has a positive effect on the condition of hair, eliminating dandruff and seborrhea;
  • it is almost ideal for the care ofstrands that have to constantly experience stress from chemical attacks from outside (pollution of the atmosphere, the production of harmful, powerful tool for commerce): Mountain resin has antitoxic properties, so that it will contribute to Hair removal of accumulated harmful substances.

Wide range of applications for the treatment of skin mummyscalp and hair can actively use this drug for an intensive hair growth, against their loss, from various forms of seborrhea, for general health improvement curls. Its effectiveness will depend largely on how properly to use it at home.

Application mummy hair

Domestic use as mummymedicament for the total recovery of hair is recommended to start with a study guide to the pharmacy drugs that you have purchased. There prescribed dosage, contraindications and side effects that you need to know without fail.

  1. To prepare the masks can be therapeuticuse only pharmaceutical preparations in the form of tablets or balm. Purchased with funds of hands may be substandard or expired, thus they can harm the health of the hair and scalp.
  2. Contraindications. Do not use the mummy, even for outdoor use, if you are simultaneously taking antibiotics or suffering from cancer. Long-term use of the drug may also adversely affect the condition of hair, so treat them to the scalp is not more than 1 month. After this month, for 2 to select a different part of the home masks.
  3. Balm for hair to use preferredas it is already immediately ready for use. Tablets are effective, but poorly soluble in water, so they have to be pre-comminuted to a powder, diluted to the desired consistency of warm liquid.
  4. To dissolve the tablets mummy desirableuse pre-purified (filtered) or mineral (non-carbonated) water. Broth and tinctures from herbs will also be very useful.
  5. For uniform distribution of funds from the mummy's hair is preferred to mix the ingredients in a blender.
  6. The frequency of application - 2 masks in the week.
  7. Warming of the head in a plastic cap or plastic bag, bath towels will make use of the mummy even more effective.
  8. Spray on dirty, slightly moistened with water locks and roots for half an hour.
  9. Filtered washed off with plenty of water with shampoo.
  10. From prevention to 2 tablets rastolchёnnye diluted with water, add 1 tablespoon of shampoo and use a spoonful for each hair wash.

Compliance with the rules set out above - a guaranteeeffective action on mummy hair at home. As a pharmaceutical preparation, supersaturated biologically very active substances, it requires special treatment and proper use. Recipes home remedies for scalp and hair from the mummy very much.

Recipes funds with mummy

From mummies obtained very effective mask for the growth and strengthening of hair.

  • With herbal dandruff

Shilajit (10 tablets crushed into powder) pour warm decoction of calendula (to get creamy).

  • With milk against fat

Shilajit (10 tablets crushed into powder) pour warm skim milk to desired consistency, add 2 raw protein.

  • With cream, honey and egg yolks against dryness

Shilajit (10 tablets crushed into powder) pour heavy cream to a creamy consistency, add 1-2 raw egg yolk, honey (3 tables. Lies.).

  • With jojoba against hair loss

Balm mummy (3 tables. Lodges.) Diluted with warm water (3 tables. Lodges.), Add cosmetic jojoba oil (1 tsp. Of boxes.).

  • With lemon for growth

Shilajit (10 tablets crushed into powder), pour the lemon juice and water in equal proportions.

  • With the honey for food

Shilajit (10 tablets crushed into powder) pour warm water to a creamy consistency, add honey (3 tables. Lies.).

  • With red wine against split ends

Shilajit (10 tablets crushed into powder) pour warm red wine, leave for half an hour.

Use as a unique drug for hairIt is recommended for all who are tired to fight fragility, tarnish, lifeless strands, regular drop-down packs and stop growth. If you adhere to the above set out expert advice on home use of the drug, can quickly achieve the most positive results: to strengthen the roots, to make beautiful curls and stronger, to solve problems with loss, dandruff, delayed growth. Make time for this unique treatment and do not depart from the instructions.