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Sesame oil for hair at home


Sesame - with the most common type of plant, but it is widelyused in cooking (seeds as a delicious spicy seasoning) and cosmetology. Because sesame (sesame is the second name) produce oil, useful properties which are described in ancient Egyptian scrolls of papyrus, scientific treatises of Avicenna, the historical writings of Herodotus. And appreciate it mostly did not like the food and as a medicinal and cosmetic. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that today many people use sesame oil for hair as an activator of growth and cure for dandruff. The spectrum of the complex impact of the product on the scalp is unusually wide.


  • 1 The use of sesame oil for hair
  • 2 Application sezamnogo oil
  • 3 Recipes masks with sesame oil

The use of sesame oil for hair

Sesame oil is a vegetable,produced by multistage pressing, it is not as concentrated as esters, but no less useful for patients and scalp, damaged hair. There just are no substances in its composition - and each influences the complex cellular processes that determine the overall condition of the hair. The chemical composition of sesame oil explains its magical effect on the most problematic hair:

  • fatty polyunsaturated acids (They are composed of sesame oil a lot: stearic, myristic, palmitic, arachidic, oleic, hexadecenoic, linoleic - and this is not the whole list of them) resolves stagnation in the blood vessels, strengthen the fine network of subcutaneous capillaries and thus provide the hair roots smooth supply of oxygen, and all they need nutrients through the blood : it accelerates the growth of hair follicles stilled awakening from a dream;
  • vitamins (Them in sesame oil - a whole army: is A, D, E, C, B1-B3) which have potent immunostimulatory (strengthen protection of locks against UV and thermal attacks), inflammatory (eliminate itching, dandruff, treating seborrhea) properties, increase the amount of produced collagen cells, which is responsible for firmness and elasticity of the strands;
  • mineral elements, Micro- and macro- (sesame oil from this pointview - a real periodic table: it contains potassium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, manganese, magnesium, copper, silicon, iron, nickel) that interfere with metabolic processes at the cellular level, accelerating them and thus body healthy tresses and scalp ;
  • antioxidantsAmong which the most unique and strongrecognized as squalene, is also in large numbers are found in the oil of sesame seeds: they are quick and easy return strands of rich, natural color, even if they are painted, as well as contribute to the rejuvenation of tissue - hair becomes strong, strong, elastic, really flexible, like in youth;
  • phytosterols - Wonderful active substances, which in the firstorganize all your hair protected from damage of various kinds, so that the regular use of sesame oil as a cosmetic for hair they will not get any ultraviolet burns, multiple posechennymi and fragility;
  • phospholipids operate mainly transport functions, ie. e. they help all other nutrients to penetrate the scalp and into the hair as far as possible and as much as possible be absorbed by cells.

Natural oil of sesame forHair - a real find, that must be opened for the recovery of its strands. It rarely causes allergic reactions, acts gently and tenderly, has a pleasant smell and does not leave the hair sticky plaque, as some other oils. Do not be afraid to use it at home for locks found unearthly beauty and strengthened.

Application sezamnogo oil

Sesame oil for cosmeticcare products for the hair does not require any specific knowledge and skills. The procedure for the preparation and use of masks and compresses it from the simple, does not take much time, it does not cause trouble. See for yourself.

  1. Buying sesame oil for cosmeticspurposes, pay attention to two points on the label. It should mean that oil is not refined (ie. E. A maximum of useful substances preserved in its industrial manufacturing), and that in its composition only includes sesame seeds, without any additional additives and obscure ingredients.
  2. Despite the fact that allergies to sesame seeds - a rare phenomenon, it is necessary to find out beforehand how this oil will carefully treat your skin. Anoint the wrist with a cotton pad soaked in the facility: no redness and itching - positive test checking the oil for allergies.
  3. Contraindications to the use of outer sesame oil for hair: individual intolerance, high blood clotting, active thrombus formation.
  4. Before you run out of oil in sesamethe mask, gently reheat it to degrees 30-35 ° C, when oils and eggs are present among the other ingredients. If they are not present in the overall composition of masks, it is safe to bring the oil to a temperature of 45-50 ° C. In this case, everything is very individual: select the temperature, which will be comfortable skin of your head.
  5. Apply the mask with sesame oil to clean, the dried head.
  6. Processed and do the hair and roots, and tips. The most abundantly moisten problem areas. For example, if you want to heal split ends, nourishes it is their oil. If you want to strengthen the roots, rub mixture into the scalp.
  7. Processed sesame oil is better to fix the strands and tie a handkerchief out of the ordinary cellophane. From above you can wrap your masterpiece cosmetic towel.
  8. Duration can be anything: in sesame oil pure form can be kept on the head all night. So that the time interval will depend entirely on the remaining ingredients of the mask.
  9. Rinse better way: shampoo foam on the treated hair dry oil, and then rinse under running water.
  10. Restrictions on the frequency of use is not: 1 times in the 10 days prior to daily use.
  11. Course - 10 to 15 masks (compresses). The break between courses should be at least 2 weeks.

The procedure for using home masks with butterSesame is so simple and unpretentious, that virtually eliminates side effects and unwanted consequences. The results will please the most demanding and capricious beauties, who are used to instant action branded cosmetic products for hair care. Believe me: sesame oil them with this in no way inferior. You're making this all just a step: choose a recipe.

Recipes masks with sesame oil

Recipes for the miracle hair masksthe use of sesame oil very much. Pick up for himself those ingredients that you already know. strand type (the mask for dry / normal / oily hair) and the essence of the problem being solved (dandruff / loss from / to grow, and so on. d.) are also in this case is important and paramount.

  • Classic compress on the night

Sesame oil is brought to a warm state with a water bath. Apply it to the entire scalp, make the insulation and lay down to sleep.

  • Vitamin-ether mask for all hair types

Sesame oil is brought to a warm stateusing a water bath (2 tablespoons.), add oil solutions tocopherol and retinol (at 5 drops), essential oil of lemon, grapefruit, ylang-ylang (by 3 drops).

  • Honey-Oil Mask for hair growth

Sesame oil in a container with burdockbring to a warm state using a water bath (in 2 table spoons. each), add another tank heated honey last collection (2 table spoons.).

  • Cocktail mask against split ends

Sesame oil is brought to a warm state using a water bath (2 table spoons.), Add the essential rose oil (1 teaspoon tsp.), Tocopherol oil solution (1 teaspoon tsp.).

  • Honey-egg mask for dry hair

Sesame oil is brought to a warm state using a water bath (2 table spoons.), Add another tank heated honey (2 table spoons.), 2 egg yolks.

Sesame oil is not a deficit: it can be purchased on the open market for relatively little money. At the very least, any homemade hair mask with his participation will cost you much cheaper than many branded cosmetic products, for which we used to pay not only a fabulous sum, but also the health of their curls. Think about how to move to the use of natural cosmetics for the care of the strands, and you can start it with the oil of sesame: It definitely will not disappoint you.