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Salt Hair: Terms of Use

Very often in the means to care for hairIt is very strange products, which, according to our ideas, may not have a beneficial effect on them. For example, everyone knows how corrosive to sea salt acts on the scalp and hair condition in general when bathing resorts. To prevent it, there are special funds, hats. And suddenly it turns out that the same sea, and ordinary table salt for hair - raschudesny cleanser that has no equal in the care of greasy hair.

You can use it to reduce the number of washing procedures of the head to 1 or 2 times a week, because the curls are less likely to become contaminated with it. What a paradox, and how is this possible?


  • 1 The action of salt on the hair
  • 2 Rules of application of salt for hair
  • 3 Sol Hair: recipes

The action of the salt on the hair

It turns out that even the chemical composition of conventionaldietary salt when applied correctly can have a beneficial effect on the hair. But all the same sea salt would be much more useful in this case, since it has more minerals, thanks to which the salt is able to act on the subcutaneous microcirculation and metabolic processes in cells.

  • salt crystals - Abrasive (ie.. hard, hard) particles with sharp edges. It eats deep into the skin, carrying the other components used masks. Thus, adding salt in preparations for the care of hair, can increase their performance significantly. These same crystals act as a stimulus: under their influence cells actively regenerated, the blood runs faster hair growth becomes more intense. In addition salt crystals cleanse the skin from dandruff, keratinized already dead particles that facilitates cell respiration and the delivery of oxygen to the roots.
  • Iodine. chlorine salt dry up hair, but with properThis application of the product can be prevented. Since these substances take up the moisture, salt scrubs and masks should not be applied on the hair itself. Only salt rubbed into the scalp and then the chlorine and iodine differently will behave: decontaminated, killing all harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Minerals - Activators of metabolism occurring in the scalp: sodium needed to regulate water balance in the cells, and purification (all shampoos can be found sulfates of the element); magnesium normalizes blood circulation; potassium It does not allow moisture to evaporate from the cells; calcium - Building material for damaged, brittle, issechёnnyh hair; bromine It can make the strands stiff, but extenuating ingredients gives curls shine and elasticity; strontium strengthens the roots, preventing hair loss; fluorine It has regenerative and restorative functions.

Many have noted that the chemical composition of salts (evenMaritime) too poor in it no beneficial vitamins, amino acids or rejuvenating. And yet it is the salt is extremely useful product for hair health. It is antiseptic, copes with inflammation and infection. It regulates the subcutaneous glands, reducing the release of fatty bacon. It activates hair growth, thanks to irritating properties. Restores, strengthens, cleans - its crystals perform a variety of functions in the procedures for the recovery of the scalp. At the same time the salt requires extremely careful while handling it in this important event.

Terms of use of salt for hair

Very often, salt scrubs and masks causenegative emotions, because people just do not know how to use them and ignore the advice of professionals and experienced people. To salt became a true friend of the hair, we must be able to handle it.

  1. Contraindications the use of salt of hair: Fresh lesions (wounds, recent joints, trauma) on the scalp, split ends, dry, istonchёnnye, brittle strands.
  2. testimony: Seborrhea, greasy hair, loose curls, stunted growth, loss of their intense.
  3. Before the procedure, it is recommended to put on face fat cream.
  4. The tips of the hair cosmetic treat (burdock, almond, castor, jojoba), olive, vegetable oils.
  5. Test means to an allergic reaction: apply them for 5 minutes on the skin behind the ear, rinse, and evaluate the results within an hour.
  6. Salt is applied to a dirty head.
  7. It softly and gently rubbed into the roots of massage for 5 minutes. The length of the strands is not processed.
  8. Wet hair slightly: This will contribute to the rapid dissolution of salt crystals.
  9. Sea salt is well absorbed into the skin of the head, it has a mild effect. Food should be large, grainy, but not small.
  10. Duration scrub salt - less than 10minutes. Masks can be left a little longer, but not more than half an hour and to keep the sensations: the feeling of a burning sensation - means better as soon as possible wash. To mask the effect required to warm a plastic cap or plastic bag and a towel.
  11. Sol performs cleaning function, so therinsing is not necessary to use a shampoo that can be applied only on the strands themselves. Provide abundant hair rinse, it is good - healing decoction of chamomile. After the salt treatments can not rinse hair with acetic or citric solution. Do not use balms and conditioners.
  12. The frequency of procedures - only 1-2 times a week for a month.
  13. Do not carry them in the summer, when the hair is under active attack by sea water and ultraviolet light.

Compliance with these rules will help to achieve the effect after the first use of any means of salt. Recipes are so many, so that problems in the range should arise.

Salt Hair: recipes

Take from sea salt and a variety of masks and scrubs to cleanse the hair. Start with soft, which is composed of moisturizing ingredients.

  • Classic scrub

SELECT, granular, large salt rub thoroughly for 5-6 minutes in the roots, to drive until crystals dissolve fingertips.

  • olive mask

15 ml olive oil, 15 grams of salt mix.

  • Honey mask

15 ml of liquid honey whip until foamy state with 15 grams of sea salt.

  • cognac mask

15 ml of liquid honey whip until foamy state with 15 grams of sea salt, add 15 ml of brandy.

Seborrhea, alopecia, hair loss - a seriouschallenges even shoplifting tools do not always cope, even if they are certified and cost a lot of money. Therefore, try to use at home for hair salt. Affordable, inexpensive, well-known product in the shortest possible time solve complex problems, facilitate the skin care head and allow you to always look elegant, thanks to the brilliant and perfectly clean cascade of curls shining beauty.