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Rosemary essential oil for hair


Rosemary - elegant shrub,which grows mainly in Africa and has long been used as a medicinal plant. Because it produces very fragrant and useful essential oil, widely used in medicine and cosmetology. It has healing properties and is able to solve many problems with painful and impaired condition of hair and scalp. Those who once used the divine, fantastic flavor, will return to it again and again for the treatment of dry, damaged, falling, stopped the growth of the strands. The most effective, very effective, rosemary oil for hair with proper enough regular use will become the owner of any beauty gorgeous, lush, healthy, very beautiful curls.


  • 1 The effectiveness of rosemary for hair
  • 2 Rules of rosemary
  • 3 Recipes

The effectiveness of rosemary for hair

At Rosemary has many advantages overthe other esters, for which all of the aromatherapy is to choose him to care for their hair. Their you will be able to appreciate in the process of using the oil:

  1. Rosemary essential oil has a light, almost weightless, does not weighted texture: so it does not leave the hair greasy, greasy, bad finish.
  2. When used properly, this ester is no typical clogging pores, which sin many cosmetics, herbal and even essential oils.
  3. Individual intolerance of rosemary -It is extremely rare, so its domestic use for cosmetic purposes for the recovery and improve the appearance of hair is practically unlimited no contraindications.
  4. Action rosemary on the hair is comprehensive,very versatile and comprehensive, as it covers and strengthening the roots, and the power of the scalp, and the restoration of damaged locks, and even regeneration posechёnnyh ends.

If you use rosemary essential oil to care for their hair regularly, you can achieve good results without store tools and salon procedures:

  • hair follicles are strengthened in their nests, which is the prevention and treatment of loss of strands;
  • Hair growth is accelerating;
  • dandruff becomes much less;
  • roots fully powered;
  • dry strands are moistened;
  • sebaceous glands begin to work normally, which leads to a marked improvement of fatty strands;
  • the damaged structure of split ends is reduced;
  • warming effect of rosemary essential oil on the fabric activates many metabolic processes in the scalp at the cellular level, which improves the condition of the hair;
  • It is powerful on the scalp and hair,Useful stimulating and toning effect, that gives them a fantastic gloss, strength, inexhaustible energy, which is so lacking weak, dull, lifeless strands.

Add to this impressive listdivine fragrance, which is endowed with air rosemary and inherent soothing effect, and domestic use of cosmetic procedures and hair based on oil will become a heavenly pleasure to become your favorite home pastime. In the mirror, you will be able to see how your locks transformed in appearance: acquire the necessary volume, energy, power, beauty - is not it wants to almost every woman? Many in this way achieve quite impressive hair growth in a relatively short period of time and save them from falling out. However, to achieve such amazing results have to work and learn the rules for home use rosemary essential oil for hair.

Rules of rosemary

Rosemary essential oil - very effectivehome remedy for hair care. Variants of cosmetic products based on this ester very much, so that you can choose for themselves something really worthwhile and effective. It is desirable to adhere to the basic rules on the use of rosemary, that it lived up to your expectations and did not disappoint with the results. Useful tips will help enhance its therapeutic effect on the hair.

  1. Use a small amount of rosemary (3-4 drops - maximum), so as not dizzy from the strong flavor.
  2. Do not use rosemary in its purest form: once on the scalp without additional softener, it can cause a chemical burn.
  3. This oil loves to clean, washed locks, so be sure to wash before aromaprotseduroy head and lightly moisten strands: it will be easier to put cooked medium.
  4. The most effective, and therefore popularmeans for hair with essential oils of rosemary are homemade facials to hair growth and against their loss. For therapeutic effect it is recommended to use them twice in the week for prevention - once every two weeks will be enough.
  5. Enhances the effect of rosemary masks on the roots and hair to insulate the head after applying plastic shower cap and bath (warmest) towel.
  6. If a part of the mask is not present aggressiveagents (mustard, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, etc...), they can be kept on the head about 40-50 minutes, although the time of their action alone is enough: define his own feelings.
  7. Rinse the hair after rosemary masksrecommended citric some water (or a mild vinegar solution), it is possible (and even better) - decoctions and infusions of herbs, which are recommended for the treatment of scalp and care for locks (this terrific birch, burdock, nettle, chamomile, drunken bumps, mint, etc.).
  8. The course of treatment masks rosemary should be continued until the disappearance of the problem.
  9. Massage with rosemary ether do every 2 days for two weeks. Aromaraschёsyvaniya rosemary can be done 2-3 times a day.

Using home rosemary etherHair differs little from the application of other essential oils for cosmetic purposes. These rules are desirable to know everyone who strengthens curls aromatherapy in order to avoid negative results and side effects.


Rosemary essential oil can enrichshoplifting hair products (shampoos, conditioners, masks, conditioners, and so on. d.), you can arrange pleasant in all respects aromaraschёsyvaniya procedure, and can be used ether as a massage tool. Very effective and facials with rosemary hair.

  • As an additive

Actively add rosemary to care productsHair, which you are used to all the time. It could be your favorite shampoo, conditioner unchanged balm, mask or conditioner. This is one of the easiest ways to home use rosemary for hair. However, a pronounced, stunning effect should not be expected, but it will still be useful for power, active growth of strands coming out of which he will also be able to stop. Count 1 drop of ether on 2 tablespoons of store cosmetic.

  • aromaraschёsyvaniya procedure

Well-established procedurepromotes increased growth of hair. 6-7 drops of rosemary ether mixed with other oils (to a lesser dosage - 2 drops), apply evenly on the comb, carefully comb through the curls.

  • As a massage tool

Mix 2 tablespoon of any cosmeticoil (almond, burdock, castor, ylang-ylang, jojoba, olive), preheated to a warm state in a water or steam bathhouse with 3-4 drops of rosemary ether. Dip your fingers into the mixture, slow movements rub it into the scalp and roots. Samomassazh activates blood circulation and a variety of hypodermic processes at the cellular level. The result - well maintained, beautiful, long hair.

  • As part of face masks

Variants of face masks with rosemary oil very much. Feel free to combine it with other esters, eggs, honey, cosmetic oils, onion and lemon juice.

When beginning to fall heavily hairThey stop growing, become dull and lifeless, often in despair female hands fall to such misfortunes. For months, they explain the reasons why this is happening, there are at trichologist, regularly attend courses of treatment, but continued to watch only scanty, it is not growing hair. Try rosemary - perhaps it was he who would be the means by which the beloved is so necessary to your tresses. Very often solutions for large-scale problems many people do not have enough to make just one small step.