Hair care

Rinsing hair at home using natural products

Women, competently caring for her hair,sufficient attention is paid to the selection of shampoos, which largely depends on the look of curls. However, such an important aspect of care for the strands, as hair rinse after washing, remains the most unjustly forgotten. Home conditioners for hair has many advantages when compared with stores balms, whose effectiveness does not always meet expectations. If the locks to be able to rinse decoction of medicinal herbs, lemon solutions, vinegar or honey, their beauty will delight you, without requiring a large financial outlay.


  • 1 Why rinses?
  • 2 How to rinse hair?
  • 3 How to make homemade conditioner for hair?

Why rinses?

The main task of store conditioners -prompting the veneer: the strands easier to comb, not electrified, it was smooth and obedient. This effect after such funds does not last long: about a day. The desired result was achieved also does not always work: after several rinses curls covered unpleasant greasy film. If you cook a conditioner for hair on the basis of natural resources, this can not be afraid. When used regularly, it is able to exert a tremendous effect on the strand:

  • softens water hardness;
  • shampoo washes;
  • removes calcified plaque, enveloping strands after washing;
  • It gives elasticity;
  • facilitates combing and subsequent stacking;
  • It acts as an air conditioner;
  • enriches the roots of useful substances;
  • eliminates static electricity;
  • gives additional shade;
  • supervises the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • restores acidity and water balance of the scalp;
  • strengthens the roots;
  • heals visited the place;
  • It relieves itching;
  • gives volume, shine, strength.

Any homemade conditioner for hair,made from simple ingredients, herbs, has a complex effect on the strand. They do not have all sorts of perfumes and incomprehensible chemical formulas: you yourself will know from what they were prepared, unlike even the most brand shops funds. Home conditioners focus primarily on preserving the health of the scalp, which affects the appearance of hair. Beauty is achieved at the expense of recovery, rather than applying an external gloss. Learn how to make rinsing to yourself to feel the powerful effect of these natural resources.

How to properly rinse your hair?

To achieve the desired effect, you need to learnrinse hair properly. It is simple, but requires certain skills. Be sure to follow the program below - and then the last chord of each shampooing will contribute to the improvement of your curls.

  1. Rinse hair should be long and carefully. Do not leave the shampoo on the head of the particle.
  2. The first rinsing is done under warmrunning water. Excellent, provided that it is filtered: the procedure in this case will increase the efficiency of several times. It should always be warm, but not cool, as the head should not be exposed to low temperatures for such a long time. This can lead to disease.
  3. For the latter, you need to pre-rinseprepare a basin of water. It may be a mineral without gas, thawed, pre supernatant or simply filtered. It can be done at room temperature, but so that you do not froze.
  4. The water for the final rinse addedactive ingredients that have just to the combined effect of the hair, which has been described above. The proportions are respected those specified in recipes. Use for this purpose herbs (nettle and chamomile - required), lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, essential oils.
  5. Hair thoroughly rinsed in the prepared solution, making sure that they are not confused, twist them and do not rub.
  6. Pressing strands need only slightly.
  7. To them with dripping water on the floor and clothes, wrap them with a cotton towel: It perfectly absorbs moisture. Try to avoid the use of terry towels at this stage rinse.
  8. No result will not if, after thismagic procedures take and damage the hair dryer. Strands have to dry yourself, naturally. If you urgently need somewhere to run, using for this purpose the cold air and the most gentle treatment on your hair dryer.
  9. It is impossible to comb the curls until they are wet. Only after they are completely dry out,start comb with a few teeth (preferably made of natural material) to comb the tips, then gently tidy middle, and only then can comb through all the hair painting - from head to tip.
  10. Using the air conditioner, or other means for hair after rinsing excluded.
  11. Frequency - after each washing, but not every day. Ideal - a couple of times a week.
  12. Course - 1 month, after which the recipe home rinse aid must be changed.

It now remains to solve the problem than to rinsehair: the recipes are many, but among them to choose the most effective for the type of curls? It is not difficult. It should be indicated for any type of hair it is recommended that in each recipe natural home rinse. Moreover, in practice, you can try different recipes and select only those that you are satisfied with the results at 100%.

How to make homemade conditioner for hair?

To prepare homemade hair rinseUse herbal teas (infusions) of medicinal herbs, vinegar, honey, lemon, essential oils. Maximum accurately follow at the same dosage specified in the recipe, because all of these ingredients can cause allergies and complicate care strands side effects.

  • Nettle

It is recommended to rinse the hair and brunettesbrown-haired: decoction of blond curls give yellow tint. It uses a roll of strands shreds. Dry or fresh chopped nettles (1 tablespoon lodges.) Pour boiling water (200-250 ml), put on a low heat or water bath for 10 minutes. Cover and leave for half an hour, filter. 200-250 ml cooked nettle broth consumed in 1 liter of water.

  • Chamomile

Recommended for rinsing hair blondbeauties: chamomile gives light strands luster and shine. It is used as a remedy for dandruff, itching, split ends, thinning. Dry or fresh chopped chamomile (1 tablespoon lodges.) Pour boiling water (200-250 ml), put on a low heat or water bath for 10 minutes. Cover and leave for half an hour, filter. 200-250 ml of the prepared decoction of chamomile consumed 1 liter of water.

  • Vinegar

Recommended for rinsing greasy hair: Vinegar removes excess subcutaneous fat from the surface of the hair, regulates the function of the glands. It is strictly forbidden to rinse dry, damaged strands, which can be burned in this way. 50 ml apple cider vinegar consumed in 1 liter of water for rinsing. To eliminate the odor is added 3-4 drops of essential oils, suitable for one or another type of curls.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon juice gives strands a fantastic shine,very beautiful shine and makes them smooth, smooth, silky. It is recommended to rinse the oily and normal hair. Squeeze the juice you need to own, at home. 100 ml of lemon juice consumed in 1 liter of water.

  • Essential oils

The fastest of Preparation rinses are those wherein the oils are present. Add them to the conditioners should be according to your hair type.

  1. Conditioners for dry hair: With palmarosa, ylang-ylang, mandarin, incense, orange, sandalwood, chamomile, rosewood, lavender, patchouli, myrrh.
  2. Conditioners for oily hair: Sage, lemon, citronella, tea tree, bergamot, lemongrass, geranium, cedar, peppermint, cypress, pine, kayaputa, eucalyptus, juniper, ginger, clove, vervain.
  3. Conditioners for normal hair: With rosemary, airom, pink and tea tree, verbena, Petitgrain, cedar, coriander, ylang-ylang, cypress, incense, pine, mint.

Rinse with essential oils impart a pleasant aroma curls, help to improve the health and appearance of hair.

  • Honey

For damaged, split, istonchёnnyh,falling, not growing hair will be very useful honey rinse. The sugar concentration in this means is minimal, it is all absorbed by the skin, hair inside, on the surface without collapsing. 150 ml of fresh honey rastoplyaetsya in a water bath, poured into 1 liter of water, thoroughly stirred.

Now that you know how and what you can rinsehair at home. If you do everything according to instructions, to comply with the recipe, you can get rid of many problems associated with the scalp and locks themselves. This procedure in hair care is very important, so you need as a responsible approach to it.