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Reviews on the use of coconut oil for hair

Recently, coconut oil even in ourthe country has become a common product. He always used to maintain the health and preservation of beauty of the body. In particular, using the product strengthens the hair. We offer a closer look at the issue, coconut hair oil: reviews with photos "before" and "after."

Specific comments are given below in this article, but we propose to deal with this medical product in order to understand when to use it cost, what else can help oil.

After all, it is safe to use in addition to the strengthening and improvement of coconut oil for hair:

  • Strengthening the immune system, the skeletal system;
  • Normalization of the thyroid gland;
  • Solutions constipation problems;
  • Redemption of the skin from dryness, irritation and flaking;
  • Reducing the level of bad cholesterol;
  • The prevention of blood clots;
  • Improving mental activities help to overcome stress and fatigue;
  • Normalization of blood sugar levels;
  • Cleansing the body of toxins;
  • Prevention of various diseases of the urinary system and sex;

Important! As can be seen, the scope of application of coconut oilextensive, but you should always remember about the safe use. Coconut oil can cause allergies, so be aware of the calorie content of the product. 100 grams it contains 900 calories.

Beneficial properties for the hair


If you examine the responses to the photos "before" and "after" in the video, it becomes clear that coconut hair oilPrimarily feeds scalp. All due to the fact that it contains various organic acids, many vitamins and trace elements. With this composition the oil nourishes the scalp and restores hair.

Interesting! The leader in the use of coconut oiladditional hair Power is India. Perhaps it is for this reason that in this country so many men and women with hair that can only envy.


If your hair is dry and exhausted, as well asdamaged, the coconut oil also helps. It eliminates the split ends and after regular treatment will make even the most dry hair supple and alive.

Impact Protection

We rarely think about it, but on conditionour hair is constantly affected by various external factors. This sun or cold water. Coconut oil, enveloping the hair, protecting them from external influence. So, when sea travel must necessarily take it with you as a defense from the negative effects of the sun is too bright.

To get rid of dandruff

Due to the fact that coconut oil containsantiseptics, it allows you to get rid of dandruff. You will need to warm up a little tool, and then gently rub it into the scalp. After the first application will get rid of the itching, and After a few treatments lost and dandruff.

Fast growth

As already mentioned, the described product and a great part of the hair follicles respond to it. Getting high-calorie diet, the bulbs begin to grow actively. Soon the hair pleasing density and length.

Gloss and strength

In many reviews with photos before and after usecoconut oil for hair note that the hair is shiny, strong and elastic. Loose smoothed structure, the structure of each hair is restored. Shag no longer confused, becoming crumbly and smooth.

How to apply

Any mask based on coconut hair oilIt can not be washed off with hot water too. Experts advise to keep the mask on hair for a long time, ideally - to leave them for the night. Just be aware that the product is fat and can leave marks on the bedding. The refined oil is more nutrients than refined products.

Coconut hair oil: reviews with photos "before" and "after"

Elena, 43 years old

"When I was a year ago, she dyed her hair blond, thenI did not think it would cause me such a disappointment. Hair turned into a tow, and I could not comb them properly. Hairdressers were told that the only option - it is a short haircut. But after forty hair grows slowly, so that I was looking for other ways out of this situation. As a result, I began to make itself a mask with coconut oil and sour cream. After the third treatment the hair has become accommodating and they can be properly combed. I continue treatment, and have no doubt excellent result".

Irina, 36 years old

"My eldest daughter told me to usefor the recovery of coconut oil hair. Yes, it is a time when children started to give you advice, it was sensible proposal. I bought in the store oil of natural cosmetics in India and became simply rub it into the scalp and distribute through hair once a week. In the end, the barter hair silky and smooth, the ends are cut no longer. "

Anna, 24 years old

"I have, after entering the university beganseverely split hair ends. Perhaps this was due to a lot of stress, but from my gorgeous head of hair for the first course was gone. What I just did not try, and at the University of someone advised coconut oil. As a result, I use this tool a few times a month for the past 5 years. Hair look great, and even the most severe stresses are no longer afraid of me. "

You can read many more reviews and seephotos, like coconut oil is reflected in the growth of hair, but it is best to try to use this tool on their own. Positive results should be noticeable after the first procedure.