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Home firming mask against hair loss

Follicle (bulb) is called the root of the hair withoval pouch that holds and feeds it. To attach the follicle sebaceous and sweat glands. Carrying out its functions, the bulb weakens the bond with the skin of the head, withers, and the hair falls out. The average life expectancy of each of them - about three or four years. In a healthy person every day should fall about 50-60 hair: they remain mostly on the comb.

Often, however, for various reasons folliclesweaken much ahead of schedule, and the number of hairs shed significantly increases the scope of acquiring a large-scale disaster. To prevent this process in advance, not to bring the strands to a total loss, it is recommended to make regular restorative hair mask, which can be made from simple ingredients at home.


  • 1 Functions firming masks
  • 2 Composition mask to strengthen roots
  • 3 Recipes firming masks

Functions strengthen masks

Why domestic strengthen hair mask? What effect expected of them? Their main function - to provide additional power follicle, thereby strengthening it and preventing further loss of healthy, not yet outlived their hair century. In addition to this problem, these funds operate in passing a few more:

  • improving nutrition root, they provide themselves strands of vitamins and trace elements that improve their overall health, which affects their external beauty;
  • lost hair becomes much less;
  • they become thick and voluminous;
  • Many masks, strengthening the bulbs in parallel promote hair growth;
  • strands of silky, smooth, smooth;
  • begin to emit luster and shine;
  • restored hair after perm and coloring.

If you begin to discover more and morethe number of dropped strands on her pillow in the morning, if you start to swim in a bath in their own tresses like algae, if the hand gets tired every time clean the comb on shreds, it's time to pick up a firming mask against hair loss, which help by alopecia.

Especially because they contain the most basic foods, herbs and oils that are sure to have every self-respecting woman - the mistress of a large house and irresistible beauty.

The composition of the mask to strengthen roots

Some people prefer to prepare and use at home100% but natural cosmetic hair mask of conventional foods. Someone longer tempted her with aromatherapy essential oils. Proponents of phytotherapeutic methods like grass. Connoisseurs of cosmetic oils had them would not change to any other hair products. Please everyone home Mask, strengthens hair roots, as it can be made from all this stuff:

  1. Food: Onion, yeast, honey, eggs, yogurt;
  2. herbs: St. John's wort, burdock root and sweet, bay leaf, sage, calendula, nettle, immortelle;
  3. essential oilsCoriander, pine, bay, mint, lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang, tea tree, and p;
  4. cosmetic oils: Castor, almond, burdock, dwarf palm, avocado, wheat germ.

If you include these products in firming maskhair, the effect is not long to wait. On the basis of herbs, you can do no less effective rinsing, and can be used decoctions of them instead of the fluid in the composition of masks. With cosmetic oils are very good night wraps for hair loss. With essential oils can make useful aromaraschёsyvaniya. Add any of these ingredients in firming mask - and the result will amaze everyone around you.

Recipes firming masks

Firming mask is recommended to do asprophylactic agents once a week, and for the treatment - twice. Be sure to make the insulation using the plastic bag or shower caps: the heat will accelerate the progress of all processes at the cellular level. The optimal time for exposure to the head - half an hour. Select the recipe that would be most useful in your situation. You may have to go through more than one mask, but in the end found a lifesaver.

For oily hair

  • Parsley castor +

Chop parsley (two tablespoons), beaten with warm castor oil (4 tablespoons).

  • bread

Purified from the peel pulp rye bread (50 grams) to soak in the broth oak bark (250 gr).

  • Yeast + Hypericum + egg + brandy + lemon + burdock

Dry yeast (20 g) to dissolve in a small amount of warm decoction of St. John's wort, leave for 10 minutes. Stir in brandy (15 mL) lemon juice (15 ml), burdock (30 ml) and two eggs.

  • Yolk + honey + daisy

Raw egg yolk mixed with honey (20 ml), and a decoction of chamomile (50 ml). Honey can be replaced burdock oil.

  • Lemon oil +

Mix warm burdock, almond, castor oil (one tablespoon), add lemon juice (one tablespoon).

For dry hair

  • Banana

Mash a banana to puree (three tablespoons) mixed with honey (one tablespoon), sour cream (two tablespoons).

  • Wheat germ + cream + lemon

Grind wheat germ (one tablespoon), mix with cream (three tablespoons), add lemon juice (one teaspoon). Before applying heat up.

  • gelatine

gelatin powder (one tablespoon) dissolved in water (70 ml), to leave the minute 40. Add apple cider vinegar (half a teaspoon), essential oils of jasmine and sage.

For normal hair

  • Yeast

Dry yeast (10 g) diluted with warm water (twotablespoons), add sugar (one tablespoon), yogurt (two tablespoons). Leave on for 10 minutes. Add more warm honey (one tablespoon).

  • ginger

Grind ginger root (two tablespoons) mixed with sesame oil cosmetic (two tablespoons).

If you regularly do Firming Maskhair, they will not fall out whole bunches become thick and voluminous. Do not wait for the moment when the aid in power only by an experienced trichologist: begin to solve this problem now.