Hair care

Grow hair at home fast

Hair - it's part of feminine beauty,therefore, quickly grow hair at home often want. Well, if how quickly grow hair at home - it's just a wish. And when the perceived need, to the prom or wedding, for example? What to do in such a situation and how to make your hair grow faster?

Caring every day

Of course, you need to take care of. But this should be done more than once a week, as many are accustomed to, but every day. The means chosen hair care You must be suitable for a particular type of hair. You also need to keep an eye on those cosmetics that activate hair growth.

Besides the usual shampoo, it is necessary to accelerate growthmake a special firming mask, and be sure to use the air conditioner after shampooing. Like, it's plain and simple procedure, but they will make the hair strong, get rid of fragility.

The ampules

Judging by the reviews of hairdressers and stylists, how quickly grow hair at home help ampoule. This special cosmetics, which are produced in limited quantities. The vials are not cheap, and producers monitor the effectiveness of their products.

If you need to quickly become hairlonger and healthier, to have time to give up the use of a hair dryer, hair curlers, straighteners or curling curls. All these tools damage the hair and impede its growth.

Important! It is best to have an active effect on the hair is not braided them, do not use rubber bands and hair clips, everything that can pull hair. For damaged hair structure, and the process of circulation is worsening in the hair follicles, which of course slows down the overall growth of hair.

What to look in a pharmacy

When homes are left only those care productsHair that suit you and help you to achieve this goal, you can move on. Moreover, in the nearest pharmacy. There are many tools that will help how to quickly grow hair at home. This B vitamins, calcium, copper and zinc. All these devices enter the body with food, but possibly in insufficient quantities. Therefore, you should keep an eye on some vitamin complex.

Note! Today, the market can find vitamin complexes, which are designed to activate hair growth.

Head massage

The better blood circulation near the hair follicles,the more hair goes vitamins and nutrients. To activate blood circulation, you need to constantly do a head massage. This will ensure a quick and noticeable hair growth.

The roots of the hair during the massage can be rubbed special pharmacy oil to enhance the growth of the hair follicle. For example, burdock most impressive and is cheap.

When to go to the salon

If you see that all the measures taken at homeconditions, should not bring results, you can go to the salon. They offer different procedures. The most common - is the impact of essential oils, mud, various professional hair mask, frosting.

In general, to maintain healthy hair andconstant growth, you need to go to the hairdresser regularly. The tips of the hair should be cut twice in a month, just so happens to grow hair faster. Especially need to pay attention to the cut with hot scissors. It is not washed out of hair nutrients and does not slow down their growth.

How do the people

Of course, how quickly grow hair at homeconditions for 2 weeks will help traditional medicine. I mean there are many, but here are solely those which, in the opinion, say on the effectiveness and really show rapid growth results.

oil options

Burdock and castor oil. We have already mentioned these effective and inexpensive way, how quickly grow hair. these oils are often recommended, even with hair loss, so that they are perfectly suited to enhance growth. You just need to warm up the oil up to the heat and put on his head after washing. Also note that the essential oil of birch buds.

Onion juice

You will need to take the usual onions andclean. Then grate and apply slurry on the head. This will mask, so that the head must additionally towel wrap, cellophane. Yes, first the hair will smell like onions, but after washing the smell will disappear, and the positive effects will remain. If the onion smell is not passed, simply rub the hair of fresh lemon juice.

Broth with hops and Calendula

Another effective folk remedy. Required to fill liter of boiling water teaspoon of calendula flowers and a large spoonful of hops. Let the mixture cool down and then rinse the hair after washing decoction. Growth should be activated and be noticeable within a month.

Well, the best way to quickly grow hairhome - is to provide comprehensive care and just be patient. The structure of the hair can not be changed, but to make hair healthy and beautiful is always possible.