Hair care

Recipes masks for hair

Natural mask for all hair types

If the hair has become dull, weak, there was dandruff, use recipes for hair masks, which are quite easy to cook at home.

Recipes masks for hair

One of the most popular means of strengthening the hair - the usual henna. The recipe can be found directly on the packaging. Mask Henna strengthens the hair scales, thereby strengthening them and making it thicker.

Another common remedy - or yogurtcurdled. This mask strengthens the hair, making them silky, shine and helps prevent dandruff. Suitable for dry and normal hair. Yogurt (kefir) liberally applied to the hair. It is advisable to massage the scalp, rubbing in a circular motion yogurt. Then head covered with plastic wrap and tied a handkerchief or towel. Mask hold for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse the hair with warm water.

When using any hair masks must be aware of the following rules:

* Stir the mixture well before the emergence of a homogeneous mass;
* Apply the mask on your hair immediately after cooking;
* After using hair masks must be thoroughly flushed;
* Mask bear arms, cotton balls or special brushes;
* It would be good if in the process of applying the mask, you do massage your scalp in a circular motion;
* Do not leave the mask on the hair for too long (keep mask longer than the recommended time does not mean it will not help to enhance the effect, but it can do much harm).

Masks for dry and normal hair

The mask of rye bread
Bread chop, pour boiling water and leave for 2-3 hours. The resulting mush rub into the hair roots and leave for 1.5-2 hours. Then rinse your hair with plenty of water.

Honey mask
A tablespoon of honey mixed with a tablespoonaloe juice, a teaspoon of garlic juice and egg yolk. Put it all navolosy, and after 20 minutes rinse thoroughly. After this mask hair can smell the garlic. Therefore, it would be nice to rinse their nettle or mint, which will kill odor.

Honey-yolk mask
Stir 2 teaspoons honey, 2 egg yolks and 2teaspoons burdock oil. The resulting mixture rub into the scalp and rinse after 40 minutes. This mask is effective in hair loss and dandruff. Do it once a week for 2-3 months.

Onion and honey mask
Grated onion mix with honey - 4parts onion slurry 1 part honey. Anoint hair with this mixture and wait for 30-40 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water hair. If hair is very dry and brittle, in the pulp can add a little warm olive, soy or corn oil, and rub the mixture into the hair roots for an hour before washing.

yolk mask
Very poleznadlya dry hair mask of beaten egg yolk and a tablespoon of castor oil. Apply this mask on your hair, and after 3 hours, wash your head. The mask helps to get rid of dandruff.

oil mask
If your hair is severely thinned and broken off, notworry - you can still fix it. The ends neatly cut and the scalp daily scrub the mixture of burdock and castor oil (a teaspoon of each) with lemon juice or birch (2 teaspoons). Soon the hair will shine as before.

Mask for all hair types

"Vodka" mask
Stir a tablespoon of vodka and egg yolk. The resulting mixture rub into the scalp. After 40 minutes rinse hair with warm water, then rinse with infusion of herbs. This tool greatly helps with hair loss.

The mask of dandelions
Fresh dandelion leaves, mint, mountain ash carefullyrub. Mush apply to the scalp and muffle head with a towel. Hold the mask 40-45 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The mask not only strengthens the hair, but also helps against dandruff.

The mask of aloe
Mix a teaspoon of aloe juice, a teaspoonlemon juice, egg yolk and one minced garlic clove. Rub this smesv hair roots, and wrap your head with a towel. Leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with warm water and rinse hair infusion of chamomile or nettle. It is recommended to use this tool five times before washing the head.