Hair care

Sparse hair: what to do

Everybody wants to have a thick, voluminous curls,that will give the charm, create a light and airy image that will attract the eyes and fish for compliments. In fact, this advantage has only 10 percent of women - no more. The rest complain that their hair is sparse: what to do with such a scourge? How to enter the cherished 10% of beauties with thick and luxurious cascade voluminous curls? There are several female tricks that will help transform the look of the most lifeless, istonchёnnyh strands.


  • 1 Caring for thin hair
  • 2 best recipes for rare hair mask

Caring for thin hair

Before changing its appearance, namely -the status of their locks, is to understand what it is - thin hair? This means that they are very thin, because their structure is broken. Because they regularly fall This means that their is very little color. Now is the time to think: why is this happening? In 90% of cases, the cause of the condition of the hair - in the wrong care of them, in the irresponsible attitude to their hair health. To make them thicker and voluminous, will have to get acquainted with the basic rules of home care.

  1. Beauty shop toolsThat you use at the moment,reconsider. Forget about the usual shops: for thin hair need only professional cosmetics. Funds must be a producer as well as one line - hair volume.
  2. Home remedies for hair rare Use active. Shop for imparting curls volume is not enough. Homemade masks of the most common foods (yogurt, honey, eggs), rinse herbs (mint, sage, rosemary, hops, birch, calendula, lavender, oak bark, burdock root), daily aromaraschёsyvaniya (essential oils of lavender, rosemary, mint ) - that's what really cure sparse and thin hair.
  3. Food I have also reviewed. Of course, cosmetic masks nourish the roots, but biologically active substances can not penetrate deep into the skin, to adjust all cellular processes that affect the density of hair. Therefore, vitamins and trace elements enrich your menu. They soon reached the hair roots from the inside, thereby transforming their appearance. To do this, limit the intake of fast foods, spicy, fatty, smoked food, alcohol and carbonated drinks. More Eat greens, nuts, fruit, fish, vegetables, red meat, dairy products.
  4. Treatment It is also an important part of comprehensive carerare and fine hair. Often the cause of hair loss and thinning strands are diseases of the internal organs. Do not let them develop. Pass a medical examination, seek medical advice promptly treated and try to deal with the prevention of the most dangerous diseases for you. Remember, hair - a litmus test that reflects your internal illnesses and ailments.

After such a full and competent care evenvery thin sparse hair should bounce back and zakolositsya beautiful, thick head of hair. The basis of this care are homemade masks that nourish the feeble strands of all the necessary nutrients, strengthen the roots, restore the damaged structure. As a result, very little hair stop falling out and become thicker, it will create the effect of volume and density. Be sure to take a couple of recipes of masks for service.

The best recipes for rare hair mask

In applying domestic masks for hair rareThey do not differ from the use of other similar means. They are prepared on the basis of natural products, which are always on hand at each hostess. Do can be 2-3 times per week, immediately before washing hair. Their first thoroughly rubbed into the roots, on which the health and prosperity of the hair, and then applied to the strand to restore the structure. The dwell time of different masks curls from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Be sure to do after applying color insulation from plastic bag and terry towels: so you can increase the effectiveness of masks. Rinse with filtered or supernatant water, and even better - a decoction or infusion of some medicinal herbs (nettle, chamomile, oak bark, burdock root, hop cones and other plant strengthening roots of the hair).

  • salt mask

100 ml honey 100 ml of brandy, 100 grams of sea salt mixed thoroughly, to insist in a dark place for 10 days.

  • mayonnaise mask

30 g of mayonnaise, 2 eggs, 15 grams of olive oil mix.

  • gelatine mask

10 mg of gelatin pour 100 ml of warm water, leave for half an hour. 10 mg of mustard powder mixed with egg yolk. Connect the prepared mixture.

  • Mask with colorless henna

200 g dry chopped nettle mixed with 20 g of colorless henna, egg yolk. Dilute with warm water until the desired consistency.

  • lemon mask

15 ml of lemon juice, 15 ml of castor oil, 30 mg of honey, egg yolk mix thoroughly.

  • Mask with castor oil

30 ml of castor oil, 15 ml of vodka mix thoroughly.

  • kefir mask

500 ml of fat yogurt, 2 raw eggs are thoroughly mixed.

  • Mask with Aloe

30 ml of castor oil, burdock oil 30 ml, 15 mg of aloe pulp, egg yolk mix.

  • Mask with kaolin

30 g of kaolin (white cosmetic clay) diluted with water to the desired consistency.

  • Yeast mask

30 g dry yeast pour 200 ml of warm yogurt.

  • nut mask

100 g of crushed pine nuts diluted with warm water to the desired consistency. Reheat in a ceramic pot in the oven at 150 ° C for an hour.

  • Mask with herbs

At 10 mg crushed mint, basil, rosemary, sage pour 500ml of apple cider vinegar, add 4 drops of ether mint and lavender. Insist under cover in two weeks a glass container.

Now you know what to do if you have a rare andthin hair: learn to properly care for them, follow the recommendations given above, and regularly use homemade masks. They are very useful, versatile and always will give you the joy of the result: after your hair with such care become a luxurious cascade of the most beautiful curls.