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Hair care in the summer: the basic rules and recommendations by beauticians

With the onset of summer, there is always a dangerspoil the hair. Firstly, a lot of ultraviolet light (sunlight) is positive on them will not affect certain: they will become even more dry, brittle and thin. For greasy curls it's not as painful, although they will lose precious moisture, but dry strands summer time and the heat - a real disaster. Second, swimming in any water bodies - stress for all hair types. Mud, salt, bacteria, germs and other microorganisms will not spare them. Savvy Hair care in the summer will help to circumvent these cornerstones of the party and save the curls.


  • 1 Rules summer hair care
  • 2 Recipes Summer Hair masks

Rules summer hair care

To summer hair is not dry, they do not fall out, grow thicker and shining natural luster, follow a series of recommendations from the professionals.

  1. Owners of oily strands, experts recommend wash your hair as often as possible in the summer and preferably in the morning, when the development of subcutaneous fat increases.
  2. Correctly select a shampoo for washing the hair in summer. For oily hair is better to use shampoos withnettle, sage, mother-and-stepmother, seaweed, vitamins A, C, E, zinc, yeast. For dry - with jojoba oil, grape seed oil, calendula, mother-and-stepmother, nettle, lavender. For normal - to airom or sage.
  3. Rinse summer hair after washingnecessarily decoction of fresh herbs. Likewise do after swimming in any natural water bodies. Especially carefully washed from the skin of the head sea salt, so that it is not corroded and it does not damage the hair structure.
  4. After bathing or washing hair is not dry themin the hot sun. Better to do it in a room without the help of a hair dryer. Try as little as possible to use tongs, irons and other thermal tools. With wet curls out into the street at this time of year, it is better not to appear.
  5. Come out to the street only in a headdress.
  6. Buy a special tool for hair (typicallyspray or emulsion) with a UF-filter (they can stand SPF or Sun notes), which will secure the curls from sun burn. It is expensive, but at home to cook this will not work, so you have to settle for cosmetic stores masterpieces of hair care in summer.
  7. Use a comb with a few teethSo as not to injure the fragile and posechёnnye strands.
  8. Pay particular attention to the tips. Even if you do them regularly cut, use special oil for them against the section, which during the summer treat the ends of his curls.
  9. Dye your hair in the summer - not the most beautiful idea. All the hairdressers with curls procedure is better to spend in advance, in May, so you do not dry up even more strands.
  10. From gels, mousses, varnishes, sprays with a locking effect is also better to give up in the summer time. Exception - rainy, windy weather.
  11. Follow the drinking regimeEvery hour in the summer from morning until 18.00 in the evening is recommended to drink a glass of plain water. This has a positive effect on the recovery of dry hair.

Following these simple rules will allow you to havebeautiful hair in summer, however it is not outstanding - hot and dry or cold and rainy. Going on vacation to other countries with warm climates, do not forget to adhere to these recommendations - and your look irresistible will delight all the surrounding magnificent cascade of curls. In addition, do not forget to pamper your hair homemade masks for efficient humidification, which would negate the risk of desiccation strands.

Recipes Summer Hair masks

Find the most moisturizing hair masksummer for all types of curls. Make them more often than in winter: 2 times a week for sure. Find the time for them, so you do not go to a trichologist to treat alopecia or seborrhea, to stop the cross-section of the ends and hair loss. This mask will be invisible to the strands of the defense, which will reflect the UV and microbial attack from the outside.

For oily hair

  • mustard

mustard powder (two tablespoons l.) Pour boiled water (the same amount), knead until creamy, rub into the scalp for 15-20 minutes. Since hair growth slows down in the summer, it is possible to activate such a mask.

  • kefir

Fresh yogurt with low fat content (250ml) with 3-4 drops of citrus essential oils to the hair. Half an hour for the action of kefir mask abound. After her hair stop falling out and gain a beautiful shine in the rays of the summer sun.

  • Camomile

Chamomile flowers in the dry or fresh (4 tablespoonsl.) chop, pour boiling water (50 mL), cool, mix with beaten egg whites. Hold for 30-40 minutes. The mask is good for blondes, whose hair will get a beautiful golden hue.

  • orange

Peeled orange to pass through a blender, add to the resulting mass of warm honey (1 tablespoon l.). Protective, firming honey mask summer will relieve you of any of micro hair.

For dry hair

  • egg

One whole egg or two separated from the proteinmass yolk mixed with vegetable (olive) unrefined oil (2 tablespoons l.). Leave for an hour. Excellent moisturizing mask for the most deprived issushёnnyh and hair moisture.

  • oil

Mix the olive oil and burdock (2 tablespoonsl.), rub into the skin and apply on the strands. It forms a dense protective film that prevents the penetration of hair dirt, germs and other harmful foreign bodies. This mask can be left on the head for the night. Rinse, dry pre-whipping his head shampoo.

  • Sour cream

Fatty cream (3 tablespoons l.) Mixed with the crushed pulp of aloe (1 table l.). Duration - 20-30 minutes. The mask is good for damaged, brittle, thin, lifeless hair, already propped and UV, salt and sea water.

  • Because avocados

Mashed avocado (3 tablespoons l.) Is mixed with a raw egg. Valid for 15-20 minutes.

For normal hair

  • Rye bread

Clear rye bread from the crust, crumb (200 g) Soak in hot water (250 ml) and leave for a couple of hours. Mask can not overdo over half an hour, otherwise the crumb stuck in the strands.

  • Herbal

Dry leaves of plantain, nettle, sage, flowers of chamomile (1 tea l.) Chop, pour boiling water (200 ml), leave for half an hour. Keep the mask on the head at least an hour.

  • Of thyme

Herb thyme (3 tablespoons l.) Chop, pour hot water (2 cups), cool, strain. Get excellent antimicrobial mask that protects the scalp from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria while swimming in any body of water.

  • Potato

Fresh peeled potato grate (4 tablespoons l.), Mixed with sour milk to a liquid state. Keep an hour. Potato mask soften the hair.

Such is the hair care summer recommendprofessional cosmetologists who know how to save on the withers and curls of micro. Regular preventive measures, the use of moisturizing and firming agents homemade help preserve curls beautiful and healthy in any weather and in any climate. A brilliant cascade of shiny hair will make you irresistible to any beach, so be prepared to accept compliments, ladies.