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Curls have never gone out of fashion. This season, disheveled curls and waves lush steel & laquo; hits & raquo ;. Unfortunately, curled on curlers curlers curls and short-lived, and the surest way to get curls for a few months - permanent waving of hair. In today's world of hairdressing, there are about twenty-perm technologies. We'll tell you about the most popular as the latest methods and time-tested methods.


Perm invented by Charles BarberNessler in November 1906. His first client was his wife. For healthy hair permanent waving, of course, it is not the most useful way, but the beauty is, as they say, demands sacrifice, and the number of girls who come to the salon to get the desired curls, everything grows.

Ways perm

Perm hair can be divided by typechemical composition, which are processed hair. Our mothers and grandmothers curled hair with a permanent wave of acid and alkaline composition. These methods are still valid, in addition, acidic and alkaline perm hold on the hair as long as possible - from six months and more.

Acid perm. The preparation for a wave penetrates into the hair, without disclosing its outer scales. Thus, it is very hard curl. However, if you are thin and soft hair, this type of perm you contraindicated - locks quickly lose their shape and stretch out at the roots. Owners of sensitive scalp and dry brittle hair, this type of chemistry is also not fit, it is quite overpowering hair, and have a very short hair cut and treat the hair masks.

Acid perm using thioglycolicacid is very unstable, lush curls lose their volume within a month with a little. However, this is the most gentle method of hair. This perm is recommended even for the newly colored hair.

Alkaline perm less resistant, lasts up to 3 exmonths. Curls are obtained elastic and look natural. Unlike acid perms, here drugs penetrate the hair, revealing its outer scales. This procedure affects the hair softer, but still not suitable for many types of hair. If your hair is straight, hard and heavy, it will become even less stable and will last about a month. Alkaline perm less acidic.

Neutral waving his long emollientproperties and is suitable for all hair types. The chemical composition of the product contains allantoin, locks are obtained strong and elastic, wave itself is relatively stable, will last from three to six months, depending on your hair type.

The amino acid in the composition comprises a permingformulation amino acids and proteins. They nourish and heal the hair that help to minimize the negative impact of chemicals on the hair. Curls are obtained by soft and looks natural. Unfortunately, locks are short-lived. This method is not suitable for tough, difficult and long hair, as curls will develop very quickly under the weight of its own weight

Curling & laquo; Silk wave & raquo ;. The preparation includes silk proteins, which take care of the hair and do not spoil the hair structure. Even clarified hair after this & laquo; Chemistry & raquo; Looks great.

Biowave. The composition biozavivki not include ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and thioglycolic acid, they are replaced with drug molecules similar to hair, which connects sulfur bridges of the hair. Curling on the basis of these drugs gives hair not only resistant locks, but also gives a completely natural and healthy look. There are several biozavivki technologies, for example, & laquo; Angel Curls & raquo; or Italian technology using bamboo extract.

The Japanese curling with the lipid-protein complexLC2 is recommended for damaged hair. It is more resistant than silk, and two-phase lipid-protein complex regulates the moisture content of hair, maintaining the shine and elasticity. The cost is about the same as for the & laquo; silk wave & raquo ;.

American perm is ideal for hairmiddle length. American curler from other types of difference lies in the fact that the special complex design of the & laquo curlers are used to it; Olivia Garden & raquo ;.

Radical Chemistry perfect solution for shorthair and hair down to his shoulders, which lacks volume. Also, the radical chemistry to do when your hair with permanent waving noticeably grown. Radical Chemistry on the straight hair will allow to raise the hair, for example, the back of his head. The effect of such lost as perming hair growth at the roots and it will be noticeable in a month. Curling on the tips of the hair the perfect solution for fine, thin hair, clipped steps or cascade. Hair becoming pomp and serve as an excellent base for creating hairstyles.

Vellaformery replaced curlers and hair curlers. In beauty salons relatively new technology has emerged curling wave
oc pouches using latex whichshrink and curl hair. It called such a device vellaformerami. As a result of this news, you get a lot of lush, but soft wavy curls. Hair waving at vellaformerami should be medium length or slightly longer. This is due to the fact that the hair roots in this case remain straight.

What should a good master to chemistry

A good master in a good salon necessarily youwill tell you what type of perm is best suited for your hair. Before the procedure, professionals, first and foremost, will hold a test strands to break and the test reagent on the skin. The test on the skin behind the ear is done in order to determine whether you have an allergy to the selected composition. After that, you will be offered to do a test on a single strand of the selected drug. This is required in order to determine the concentration of the composition suitable for your hair type. If, after using the drug they will look dull and unhealthy, then the concentration of the drug is reduced.

In some cases, the master may refuse to doperm your hair. For example, if they are ill or discolored so that many hairs are broken in the test strands under tension. The reason for failure of the procedure may be an ordinary henna. It clogs the hair scales and prevents the penetration of the composition inside. Before doing chemistry on hair, you will be offered to make alcohol-oil complex to pull the remnants of henna from hair, but there is one session is not enough.

If you have recently colored hair, a permHair should wait. Do not recommend to do the chemistry between & laquo; critical days & raquo ;. If you were going to cut their hair and twist them, first make chemistry, and after the final cut, but not vice versa.

If the master immediately invited you to a chemicalperm without testing or practice in the cabin is only one kind of permanent wave of hair, which you may not fit better podyschu another master in another cabin.