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The best recipes of masks for hair health based on palm oil

Palm oil for hair against dryness and brittleness

Palm oil is a vegetable in itsorigin, because it is obtained from the pulp of the fruit of palm trees, which is called - oleifera. If oil is made from the seeds of the palm trees, it has a slightly different name - palm.

Both products are used mainly in the foodvegetation, but also in cosmetics they also found a worthy place. It is safe to use hair as a part of various masks, palm oil, since it is different just amazing moisturizing properties and extremely useful for dry, brittle, posechёnnyh, damaged strands.


  • 1 Efficacy of palm oil
  • 2 application rules
  • 3 Recipes masks with palm oil

Efficiency of palm oil

The use of palm oil for hair has been made possible, thanks to its unique chemical composition that is rich in all kinds of vitamins needed for healthy hair and scalp.

Already after the first use of masks with palm oil transformed curls, flourish, no longer get sick, grow stronger and become the most humid.

This effect provides a powerful and comprehensive exposure to each individual element of the oil on the skin cells of the head and the structure of the hair itself:

  • Masks of pink clay for unruly hairvitamin tocopherol (E) possesses unsurpassed rejuvenating properties: it accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in cells that provides hair elasticity, as a young man;
  • palm oil is, according to manyResearch, one of the richest sources of vitamin retinol (A) - the known fat-soluble antioxidant, required for healthy skin and hair: it protects the strands from all sorts of stress and external harmful influences, but also contributes to the treatment of seborrhea (its dry form) and, accordingly, dandruff ;
  • fatty acid (palmitic, oleic,linoleic, stearic, arachidic, myristic) play in the palm oil for dry hair fiddle, as they provide maximum hydration and protection from drying under the influence of ultraviolet light and termoinstrumentov styling (hair dryer, curling iron, ironing, etc.).;
  • We should also be said about the beneficial propertiespalm olein unsaturated acid: it can enhance the absorption of calcium by cells - a trace element, which is the main building material for healthy and strong hair: on this basis, the most effective are hair masks, which complement each other palm oil and dairy products, which are it is known rich in calcium.

The chemical composition of palm oil is not likeother products of plant origin, and therefore the action of this amazing tool on the hair is different from the others. The pronounced moisturizing effect makes palm oil a real rescue for over-dried in the sun or a hair dryer.

It is recommended to use an active summerafter-sun at the beach after swimming in the sea water or the swimming pool, where the chlorine was present. Palm oil will not allow the destruction of the hair under the corrosive influence of harmful substances.

There are small nuances in his homeapplication, so you need to pre-acquainted with these simple rules to palm oil as a cosmetic product is not disappointed and pleased with their consistently positive results.

application rules

With any oils (cosmetic and vegetable) in many try not to get involved as a means of hair care products.

There are two reasons: they are difficult to wash off, and they can leave an unpleasant greasy curls at the film, due to which hair looks greasy and dirty. In fact, all this can easily be avoided, if able to contact with oils, including palm and too.

Take a mental note some useful tips in this necessary business, and masks with palm oil for the hair will become your favorite cosmetic product:

  1. Indications: Dry, damaged (brittle, posechёnnye, istonchёnnye) hair.
  2. Contraindications: bold type of hair, oily seborrhea form.
  3. To choose a specific cosmetic proceduresgrade palm oil - red. To cook the fruit is processed by sparing technology, which allows you to keep most of the nutrients listed above. Do not be afraid of red color that shows just the high content of carotene oil (thanks to his red tomatoes, carrot and orange). Natural red palm oil should have a faint pleasant smell and slightly sweet taste.
  4. Check whether you have an allergy to thisproduct. Lubricate them crook of the elbow on the inside and watch the outcome of the test control. The absence of unpleasant sensations (burning, itching) and expressed skin reactions (rash, redness) - permission for outdoor use of palm oil for the treatment of dry and damaged hair.
  5. Before turning the palm oil in the maskhair it is recommended to warm up easy in a water bath. To do this, a small amount of the product should be poured into an enamel bowl, place it in a saucepan of boiling water, which is worth over medium heat. 5-7 minutes will be enough to allow the oil is heated to a warm state. Note that it will rapidly cool with further stirring with the other components of the mask selected and applied to the scalp.
  6. And packs and masks from palm oil needfirst carefully rub into the roots of the hair, and then evenly distributed over their entire length, especially carefully when processing ends, since this product can effectively heal them.
  7. Insulated wrap cellophane (or plastic cap) is to be welcomed. Strengthen it can be a towel.
  8. Actions compress from palm oil Timehair - at least 1 hour, can be left on all night. Palm oil with a mask on the head can be maintained between 15 to 50 minutes, depending on its other components.
  9. The process of rinsing from hair oils whichprevents people's love to these hair care products, it is actually very simple. After removing the compress to warm, do not rush immediately to wet hair: the fatty acids do not miss the water molecules. Just put on hair shampoo and start beating it dry on the head. If it is very difficult, a little (!), Moisten the palms. When will finally form the foam in this way, it is possible, rinse the head under running water. You will be surprised how quickly and easily washed off palm oil from the hair.
  10. Frequency of application: two times per week.
  11. The treatment of dry hair, from 8 to 15 procedures.

Follow these tips - and palm oil will delight you with its beneficial properties for health and beauty hair.

Owners of dry-type locks will certainly beoften refer to this unique cosmetics that before them was nothing more than ordinary vegetable oil for human consumption. It remains to find the right recipe - and enjoy the masks and compresses from palm oil.

Recipes masks with palm oil

Selection of cosmetics for hair to palm oil is not limited to: the recipes are many, oil is successfully combined with a variety of products.

Choose, experiment and evaluate the results achieved:

  1. Night compress for dry hair.
    Melt palm oil, rub into the roots, apply on hair, treat the tips to make insulation.
  2. Mask for hair shine.
    Melt palm oil (3 tablespoons.), Add ether ylang-ylang (3 drops).
  3. Moisturizing Mask.
    Melt palm oil (2 tablespoons.), Add raw egg yolk, diluted with water (100 ml).
  4. Revitalizing Mask.
    Melt palm oil (2 tablespoons.), Add raw egg yolk, crumb of rye bread, pre-soaked in boiling water, ether ylang-ylang (3-5 drops).
  5. Mask for split ends.
    Melt palm oil (2 tablespoons.), Add the juice of aloe and warm honey (1 table spoon.).
  6. Oil mask.
    Mix equal amounts melted in a water bath oils: olive, jojoba and palm.

Any of the above prescriptions will have a therapeutic effect on damaged strands and moisturize the driest hair.

Subject to regular use and properuse of data per month, you can get rid of the split ends, dry seborrhea, heal demolition sites and visited the hair. Do not neglect the gifts of nature in the modern world, where the queen is considered to be all-powerful chemicals.