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Nourishing Hair Mask

Without nutrients involved in the exchangeprocesses at the cellular level, the hair will not be beautiful and healthy. Getting them out of the body, the locks do not always have the amount of vitamins and minerals, which falls to their share. Therefore, all the experts recommend the use of home-nourishing hair mask, nourishes the skin of the head with all sorts of useful substances. They produce a small revolution in the cells, accelerate and activate many processes there, with the result that the strands are transformed.


  • 1 Action nourishing masks on hair
  • 2 Instructions for the preparation of food for hair masks
  • 3 Recipes for nutritious hair mask

Action nourishing masks on hair

The effectiveness of nutrient for hair masksproven and time-tested. If you do them regularly, curls significantly improve their status and become a real gem of a woman. The structure of such a unique home remedies include not only vitamins and minerals, but still a lot of other biologically active components:.. Antioxidants, flavonoids, bitterness, essential oils, tannins, etc. That they transform the hair beyond recognition:

  • give them a shine, shine;
  • make them smooth, smooth;
  • they become silky and soft to the touch;
  • the roots are strengthened, that stops hair loss of any intensity and continue prevents this phenomenon and of alopecia;
  • tips are not so much whipped, gradually sealed and do not require regular trimming;
  • hair growth increases, causing them to become thick and voluminous;
  • strands themselves are filled with vital energy, become stronger, firmer, more beautiful.

All these changes are caused by processes thatare activated at the cellular level in the scalp and own hair inside the structure under the influence of nutrients. They are enriched with ingredients nutritious hair mask: it is food (.. Honey, eggs, olive oil, mayonnaise, yogurt, sour cream, milk, etc.), herbs (calendula, St. John's wort, chamomile, nettle, etc...), Cosmetic oils (castor oil, burdock, jojoba, almond and so on. d.), essential oils. Each component requires careful selection and careful attitude.

Instructions for the preparation of food for hair masks

To nourishing hair mask hadthe desired effect, it is necessary to know how to apply it correctly. From this will largely depend on the results obtained during its regular use. Over the years, using such simple means obyvatelnitsy and professional beauticians gave some useful tips, which have developed into a kind of instruction on the use of nutrients for hair masks.

  1. Select recipe should be focused on the problem whichyou decide: it can be a nourishing mask to restore damaged hair, or to strengthen the roots. It is necessary to consider the type of your curls: nourishing mask can be designed for dry, oily or normal hair.
  2. The composition of nourishing masks It is also important: it is not necessary to choose the recipes with the products, which you can hear for the first time, or for which you are allergic.
  3. mask Ingredients should be the highest quality and fresh, notoverdue, as far as possible - household (this applies to dairy products and eggs). Cosmetic and olive oil, honey, yogurt preheated to low temperatures (up to a warm state) in a water bath. In this case you need to make sure that the eggs and essential oils do not come into contact with hot liquids: first rolled, the latter lose their valuable properties.
  4. Technology of preparation simple: all products are crushed and mixed thoroughly. Both of these operations would be best done with the help of a blender.
  5. Test for allergicNot recommended to apply the mixture withoutpre-screening for the presence of allergens in the composition of the mask. First grease prepared solution of thin skin on the inner side of the wrist and observe the reaction of the organism. The lack of any negative manifestations (itching, burning, redness, etc.) - The green signal to the fact that the mask can be safely used for hair nutrition.
  6. Methods of application It may require a certain skill and knowledge. Since the main purpose of the masks - the power of roots, especially cooked composition rubbed massaged in a circular motion with your fingers in a slightly moistened, clean scalp. After that, a miraculous structure is evenly distributed by the hair. First, it is better to do palms, and then - comb to blend smoother beds. The tip also pay special attention profusely soaking them in a nutrient mask.
  7. The final manipulation: Now you need to slay the hair on the crown tothey are not scattered, and wrap your head in something warm. Good greenhouse effect is created, usually by a plastic bag, cut along the seam, and worn as a headscarf. Some use a plastic shower cap. In any case, on top of all this, it is desirable to make the turban of terry towels, scarf or shawl. Heat speeds up the chemical reactions that occur under the action of the active components of the mask at the cellular level.
  8. Time of action nourishing masks varies from half an hour (less to keep the composition of color does not make sense: the nutrients just do not have time to soak into the skin of the head) up to 8 hours (the so-called night-mask).
  9. Wash It must be abundant and thorough. If the composition of the nutrient means includes cosmetic or olive oil is recommended to dry it with shampoo lather and then rinse. At last, the final rinse is better to use any medicinal herb teas, lemon or vinegar, aqueous solutions.
  10. hair drying after nourishing masks should be natural, that is, without a hair dryer.
  11. Regularity - A guarantee that the mask will work the way you want. Therefore, the same structure is recommended for 1-2 months intervals 1-2 times per week.

If you do everything correctly and properly, domesticnourishing hair mask will be indispensable helpers in the restoration and strengthening of conventional and damaged tresses. This is easily seen, having a series of similar procedures. But for a start will have to choose a recipe.

Recipes for nutritious hair mask

Any hair mask nutrition will be effective if it solves your problem and is suitable to your type of curls. Based on these two parameters, it is easy to select the desired recipe.

  • Moisturizing Mask for dry hair

Beat 1 raw egg 1 tsp. spoon of vinegar, 1 tsp. spoon glycerin, 2 tables. spoons of castor oil.

  • Nourishing mask for restoration of damaged hair after dyeing

Mix 1 tsp. spoon of castor oil and burdock oil, 2 tsp. spoons of lemon juice.

  • Nourishing mask for hair shine

Mix 2 tsp. spoons of honey, 1 table. a spoonful of olive oil, 2 tables. spoon the pulp of banana and avocado.

  • Nutritious mask for oily hair

Mix 4 tables. spoons of yogurt, 1 raw egg yolk, 100 g of liquid honey. Yogurt can replace natural yogurt.

  • Nourishing mask to restore split ends

Mix 1 raw egg yolk, 2 table. spoons of liquid honey, 1 table. spoonful of any vegetable oil.

Properly prepared, regularly used,nourishing hair mask can be a real saving, solution to many problems, beauty and guarantee health curls. It is necessary to take the time to learn their preparation and application technology. All the money spent and efforts will be justified and will be compensated by the incredible results that can be achieved without the involvement of store assets.