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Night Mask for hair: the benefits of this care and its effectiveness

Children, work, home, pressing problems - in thiscycle takes female life, and carve it in a moment of free time for yourself, your favorite, is very difficult. Someone turns more often to visit the hairdresser to look well-groomed all the time, someone - less. But in between these procedures should be more at home and to provide adequate care curls. What if it is desperately short of time? For those who have such a problem occurs, there are night-long hair mask steps that can be done in the evening and leave until the morning for 6-9 hours. Woke up - washed away - and enjoy a luxurious cascade of shiny, beautiful hair.


  • 1 Advantages of the Night Masks
  • Preparation of 2 masks overnight
  • 3 best recipes of masks for the night

Advantages of the Night Masks

There are several reasons for deciding to choose to mask the usual night. The advantages of such funds following circumstances may include:

  • saving of time: Mask for normal to find at least some time during the day, because when it's on your head, you can not go anywhere or receive visitors while overnight mask inflicted - and quietly went to sleep;
  • the effectiveness of the guaranteeMost nutrients few 30 or even 60minutes to penetrate sufficiently deep cellular level and to act there, then as night hair mask is not limited in time, and 6-8 hours is enough to roots and strands were filled with everything you need, and all cellular reactions on rejuvenation and restoration were completed;
  • mildness: Night Mask for hair exclude the presence ofits composition aggressive substances (such as mustard, cinnamon, citrus, pepper, soda, onion, garlic, salt, and so on. d.), which can cause allergies, itching, irritation to the scalp and other side effects.

Advantages night of masks in front of daytimeevident, so that only the lazy do not take note of the useful information. Certain rules of help strengthen their action and to achieve the desired results.

Preparation of masks for the night

The procedure for applying for the night Hair masksbroadly similar application with conventional means. Still, knowledge of small nuances in this case will increase their effectiveness. To make it comfortable to sleep, do not think and do not worry about the result, which you will find in the morning in his mind, be sure to take note of the little feminine cunning. They will allow you to enjoy this procedure, and not to be disappointed once again.

  1. First you need to find the right recipe. The network can find a lot of hair masks, which are called "the night", that's just unlikely they will justify their destination the next morning. Check back part of the recipes you found with the purpose of treating hair night. At first, they should not be salts, soda, spices, seasonings, citrus and other aggressive substancesThat can cause a chemical burn their duration of action. Secondly, exclude ingredients with the effect of lumping and stickiness. For example, bread and banana - the perfect remedy for hair, but 6 hours of action-care masks, they have time to dry so that you will be late for work this morning, vychёsyvaya and washing them locks.
  2. Chose mask - check it for contentallergens. To do this, a small amount of funds prepared for 15 minutes, apply on the skin near the ear lobe. There will be itching, rash, discomfort - it is necessary to continue the search.
  3. The first mask, do so in the morning does not needIt had to run to work or take the children to the garden and a school. Let this be a day off. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises, will not take the time to make sure that the mask is really good, and feel free to use it on other days - even weekdays.
  4. The head of the procedure it is desirable to wash and dry.
  5. It is recommended to apply the mask for half an hour before bedtime. The excess liquid during this time stechёt, fats and oils soak - all this will save the bedclothes and nightshirt from unpleasant stains, which then is it so difficult to wash off.
  6. First, the mixture is rubbed into the roots and scalplight massaging movements. This massage will have a relaxing effect, and you will quickly fall asleep. If the purpose of the mask - oily locks, removal of seborrhea, strengthening roots of hair growth activation, this procedure ends. If it is intended to make the curls shiny, smooth, silky, and moisturize dry strands and restore the fragile mask evenly through the hair using a comb. If you are struggling with split ends, they are wetted prepared means.
  7. Treated hair pinned up on top, put on plastic shower cap with unstretched elastic band, fastened on top of a handkerchief.
  8. In the morning get up early, rinse with warm decoction of herbs (oak bark, chamomile, burdock, calendula, nettle) or plain water. If the mask is too dry and not washed off, use the shampoo.
  9. Pets mask for the night so have a long effect on the hair, so do not abuse them. The frequency of their use should not be more than one procedure in 7-10 days.

As part of the night of masks use natural ingredients carefully and gently care for any type of hair. Responsible attitude to the choice of recipes, not to hurt yourself.

Recipes of the best masks for the night

Qualitatively, the recipe is usually indicated whateffect of the mask is essential. Some of them are just nutritious, some - against hair loss, a lot of masks - for accelerated growth strands. Focus on these guidelines to decide exactly your problem quickly and efficiently.

  • For volume

Not warming up, mix a few cosmeticoils at room temperature, two tablespoons of burdock, one tablespoon of almond and jojoba oil, and then add three drops of essential oil of rose. If you mix with warm air mass, it will lose its beneficial properties.

  • For hair growth

Warm yogurt (preferably homemade) without additional components applied to the scalp and tresses.

  • For shine

One tablespoon of gelatin powderdiluted with 100 ml of cold water, mix well, leave for 20-30 minutes. Slowly pour the resulting mass in two tablespoons of hair conditioner. The mask is applied only on the strands and should not touch the scalp.

  • Nutritious

Preheat a water bath with two tablespoons of fresh honey, but not to the hot state (degrees 25-30 ° C) is mixed with raw egg yolk (at a higher temperature it will roll honey).

These women's tricks will ensure your tressescomplete care, saving you time, money and patience. The results after a night of masks will exceed expectations, if we act strictly on the recommendations and prescriptions.