Hair care

Myths about hair

Myths about hair

All of us, and women in particular, want to havebeautiful, well-groomed and healthy hair. In search of a magical recipe, often have to run across the entire treasury of myths about hair. As it turns out, if you dig deeper into each of the myths? And lead & laquo; excavations & raquo; with professionals?

The myth about hair №1
& Laquo; Frequent combing revitalizes hair & raquo;
The true part of this myth about hair is thatcombing redistribution of lipids throughout the length of hair, and plus to that - easy comb hair tension causes the blood flow to the hair roots. It really helps to improve the condition of hair. But in contrast to this too frequent communication in the comb it hurts and breaks the hair along the entire length, so comb them is still just as necessary. But before going to bed will not spend more than a massage brush with natural bristles.

The myth about hair №2
& Laquo; Hair loss from stress & raquo;
Because stress can worsen the blood circulation around the hair roots, hence, the hair will get less food and appearance deteriorate.

The myth about hair №3
& Laquo; Special shampoos allow to wash my hair every day without harm for hair & raquo;
Virtually all modern shampoos have in theirconsisting of surfactants, which are very aggressively destroy the protective fatty layer of hair. It dries the hair and scalp. Therefore, it is desirable to not only clean the hair, but use the therapeutic and prophylactic agents that reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands to get dirty hair is not so fast.

The myth about hair №4
& Laquo; The pool could go green hair & raquo;
It's not in the pool, and the water contained inchlorine. After all, so often the water is disinfected. Chlorine is absorbed, can give light hair a light greenish hue. There are two possible ways: either look for a swimming pool, with other antiseptic treatment methods (eg, ionization), or use a protective balm.

The myth about hair №5
& Laquo; Domestic cosmetics best shops & raquo;
Do not completely abandonprofessional cosmetics, it's a whole industry, focused on the beauty and health of your hair, cosmetics developed by entire institutions and used in their manufacture components, sometimes simply not available for domestic or independent use. A homemade cosmetics can always be a faithful companion and complement to maintain an adequate level of health and beauty of your hair is.

The myth about hair №6
& Laquo; If, after washing hair, rinse them in cold water - the hair will no longer shine & raquo;
When washing your hair with hot water as the flakes of the headIt is disclosed - it allows you to wash the hair of dirt and grease. Indeed, if the water is cool to do at the last rinse - it will affect positively hair - scales closed, the hair will be easier to comb, less fractured, clinging to each other, and will no longer shine. Just do not get carried away with cold water - because in this rinsing can be arranged mikrospazm capillaries of the scalp, as this will invalidate the power hair. Therefore, the water should be only moderately cool.

The myth about hair №7
& Laquo; Dandruff is contagious & raquo;
This myth of no hair under a nofoundations. Dandruff - it is just peeled pieces of the scalp. The drier the skin - the more of these particles. A dry is not contagious - it can be as a result of improper care and use of aggressive methods of styling or hair dryer.

The myth about hair №8
& Laquo; Standing on the head promotes hair growth & raquo;
In fact, hair growth helps to improve blood circulation, and if you turn upside down, the blood do prilet to the head. But it is possible to replace the acrobatic head massage.