Hair care

Moisturizing hair mask

Everyone is familiar with the classification of types of hair to dry,fatty and normal. Names enough conditional, because the first type differs istonchёnnostyu and brittle strands, produced by the lack of fat glands. The second is just suffering from an excess of body fat. However, all three types of hair may be deprived of moisture. Life-giving water is split gives tips, microdamages heals and gives the hair vibrant, natural, and does not shine. Therefore, it is important to each of these types provide regular moisturizing. Otherwise, their condition will only worsen. Modern woman puts own locks constant stress - regular coloring, hair curlers, perm, curling, swimming pools with chlorine, UV, sea water with a caustic salt, the use of powerful drugs - all this dries hair. The only salvation are moisturizing hair mask that all the strength to cook at home.


  • 1 Results after moisturizing masks
  • 2 Application of moisturizing masks
  • 3 Recipes for moisturizing hair mask

Results after moisturizing masks

The main function of moisturizing hair maska power roots of the scalp, the amount of strands necessary moisture. All of this occurs at the cellular level. Results are usually seen after the first procedure. Tarnished, lifeless locks issushёnnye transformed:

  • acquire vitality;
  • become thick, voluminous;
  • begin to shine, with radiance after moisturizing masks - not due to fat gloss, but quite natural and very beautiful, as a result of renovation and health;
  • stop split, break;
  • It looks much sturdier, stronger, healthier than before;
  • easier to fit into hairstyle since become obedient, supple, soft.

Here such here the magic happens with curls afterregular home humidification. In addition, the masks they receive adequate nutrition, enriched by a variety of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants. All this is very positive impact on their appearance and the internal health too. Cooking hydrating mask at home for just the hair, apply easily enjoy the results - it's nice.

Applying moisturizing masks

Simple but effective tips will helpmake homemade masks to moisturize hair as efficient as possible. Following these simple rules will avoid unforeseen situations in the preparation of cosmetic products and the possible side effects.

  1. Do not go around doing the moisturizing mask, ifYou have the bold hair type. Often, the skin cancer of the head do not work correctly because of the lack of precious water. Moisten them - and strands will be less greasy, will not become dirty so quickly, and so will not have to wash them every day. Scope of such masks - all hair types.
  2. Carefully choose the ingredients: moisturizing properties are egg yolk, olive oil, honey, almost all cosmetic oils, esters and some herbs, dairy products with high fat content. But citrus, egg white vinegar will only take moisture from the cells.
  3. After preparing tool, check to see if it will respond your skin allergic reactions. If you are without fear EatHoney, it does not mean that the composition of the outer hair mask, he will be as harmless to your body. A thin layer of grease the skin near the temple closer to the earlobe, wash off after 15 minutes and observe their own feelings. No tearfulness, dizziness, rash, itching, - then all is well, and the mask can be easily applied to the hair.
  4. To moisturizing mixture obtained without lumps, which, after drying and then not vychёsyvayutsya of hair, it is better to whisk blender.
  5. Typically, dairy products, honey and cosmetic oils heated to a warm state (Degrees to 40-50 ° C) water bath. With care it is necessary to do in the presence of the mask yolk or essential oils. The first is to curl, and no second dampening action will not have a high temperature.
  6. Moisturizers are applied to dirty, not pre-washed hair. For convenience, the application locks you can moisten slightly.
  7. Processed whole head area: the skin, roots, do curls, tips. For uniform distribution of recommended strands to comb a comb with frequent teeth.
  8. Rinse off the vehicle with the hair need running water. For the last rinsing is very effective herbal tea (nettle, chamomile, calendula), but acetic or citric solution only harm.
  9. Hours moisturizing masks - from 20 to 50 minutes.
  10. For heavily damaged, very fine, split,Patients hair moisturizing masks can be done two or even three times a week. If the draining is not explicit there, but you have decided as a preventative still moisturize strands once a week will suffice. Ten treatments change the mask to another. It may be too moisturizing, but the main thing - that the ingredients were different.

With these recommendations, preparedown hands will bring more effective and more moisturizing effect than to apply them at random, relying only on their own experience. Negative reviews about the moisturizing mask is often dictated by the inability to properly prepare them and apply. Most importantly - do not use them podsushivayuschee ingredients and be sure to check for the presence of allergens.

Recipes masks to hydrate hair

When choosing a recipe, pay attention to whatexactly the type of hair is suitable or that moisturizing mask. Focus on those products that you have previously used in the care of curls. The less you will be opening in such recipes, the more the expected and predictable result will be. Proportions are approximate, the average length of the strands (just below the shoulders). Accordingly, vary them for yourself.

For oily hair

  • Honey + Aloe Vera + yolk

Three tablespoons of melted honey mixed with two tablespoons of chopped pulp of aloe, add a couple of egg yolks.

  • Parsley + vodka + castor oil

Grind 100 g of parsley, mix it with 50 ml of vodka, add a couple of tablespoons of warm castor oil.

  • Herbs Bread +

Mix a tablespoon of chopped herbs: linden, nettle, chamomile. Pour two cups of hot water. Leave for one hour. On low heat bring to a boil. In the warm broth to put 50 grams of black bread, refined from cover. Wait until the swelling of bread and rub it into the roots. Leave no more than half an hour, so that the bread did not have time to dry and get stuck in your hair. It is recommended to make a mask for the first time on the weekends, so as not to be late for work because of the difficulty combing.

For dry hair

  • Honey + olive oil

At a water bath by mixing two tablespoons of honey and olive oil.

  • Aloe + castor oil + honey + egg yolk + cognac

Mix in a blender one tablespoon of crushed leaves of aloe and warm honey. Before applying the add egg yolk and two teaspoons of brandy.

For normal hair

  • Colorless henna + brandy + egg yolk + olive oil

Two teaspoons of colorless henna powder to dissolve 20 ml of brandy. Thoroughly knead, before applying to add a raw egg yolk and two tablespoons of olive oil.

  • Honey + castor oil + olive oil

At a water bath to mix and heat until warm state honey, castor oil, olive oil.

Pets moisturizing masks are not just caring forappearance curls: they heal and restore them from the inside, as the life-giving water without the cells can not function normally. It gets off the rhythm of many metabolic processes. This leads to fragility, excision, dim, sickly strands mind. Often in such cases, rendered useless the most innovative techniques and branded cosmetics. Natural mask is made from normal yolk and olive oil will give your hair moisture they need, and with it - the beauty and health.