Hair care

Kefir hair mask: the centuries-tested cosmetic

Caucasian women, whence comes this wonderfuldairy drink, not only using it as a food. They washed their heads and made out of it for the hair wraps. Are they not all because since ancient times have these long, luxurious locks just shining in the rays of the sun?

This is not surprising, because itcomes to yogurt, a mask from which you can easily apply at home. Because they contain unique in its kind microflora kefir grains, which have active microorganisms on the growth and strengthening of hair is very beneficial effect.


  • 1 Useful properties of kefir hair mask
  • 2 Instructions for use of masks for hair with yogurt
  • 3 Home Recipes masks from yogurt

Useful properties of kefir hair mask

The most usual yogurt, even without additional ingredients, provides comprehensive medical and cosmetic effects on skin cells of the head, follicles, hair roots and structure themselves.

  • Excellent Care for oily, shiny, fast polluting curls (thanks to organic acids).
  • Riboflavin - protection for the weak, tired, lifeless locks.
  • Niacin activates hair growth, does not allow them to die prematurely, making kefir mask prophylactic against gray hair.
  • Vitamin B12 produces red blood cells, so that after the masks on kefir wait for hair growth. He gets rid of gray hair, dandruff, posechёnnyh tips and stops falling strands.
  • Biotin restores brittle, split (damaged, one word) hair, strengthening them.
  • Choline provides blood flow to the follicles, accelerating growth.
  • Calcium gives hair volume and density, capacity and durability.
  • Potassium successfully and effectively control such unstable moisture level, responsible for water balance and helping cells retain precious moisture - it is especially necessary to dry and brittle strands.
  • Phosphorus makes curls elasticity, shiny, enveloping them invisible, but durable film that creates a glittering effect.
  • Iodine strengthens the follicles in the nests, preventing hair loss.

Exciting action - is not it? How do you want that hair were such - shiny, shiny, long and thick. After all, they - the women charm and mystery of her image. But is it possible to achieve all this with the usual kefir? With proper and regular use of masks it is possible.

Instructions on the use of masks for hair with yogurt

These recommendations - the result of many yearsExperience all the adherents of natural beauty tools: kefir hair mask - is not an innovation in the domestic industry. Experts also join this Council, since any trichologist confirm scientifically their efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. To make use of such masks as possible home, fresh, natural yogurt.
  2. To care for dry hair suitable product with a fat content of 3,2-6% of fat - a very low-fat or 1%, of the normal - 2.5%.
  3. Warm yogurt as part of such masks will be most effective, so it is better to pre-warm up slightly on the water (steam) bath.
  4. I do not think that yogurt really safeProduct: If you've never used a mask for your hair out of it, be sure to check the effect on your skin. Cooked means are applied to the skin behind the ear 20 minutes and then analyzed sensations. The absence of itching and redness - permission to use the blend.
  5. Kefir - a unique tool for the hair's Skin: it can be applied to the roots, rub into the skin, smearing it across the length of the strands, wetting them only the tips - it all depends on what kind of problem you want to solve with the help of kefir mask.
  6. Apply it is recommended to dirty, but slightly damp curls.
  7. On top of the head is covered by a polyethylene cap (plastic bag, torn at the seam) and wrapped up with a handkerchief, a towel, a scarf for warmth.
  8. Masks are usually kept on the hair for about 30 minutes, or if they include no aggressive ingredients (mustard, onion, lemon, pepper, brandy, alcohol), - a couple of hours, or even overnight.
  9. Rinse can be anything: warm water, a decoction of herbs, vinegar or lemon solution.
  10. A full course of treatment is usually 10 masks at a frequency of once every 5-7 days.

Bold domestic experiments even harmlessyogurt as part of masks sometimes terminate only in tears because all women love to define "by eye" and mix in one part of everything. To you it does not, use the recipes, proven experience, with particular reference to all the proportions, dosages, and quantities of the ingredients list.

Home Recipes masks from yogurt

Kefir - a product of a very unpretentious and well combined with a variety of components, without losing its effectiveness.

  • Nutritious

Raw egg whisk, mix with 100 ml of yogurt.

  • For luster and shine

Raw egg whisk, mix with 100 ml of yogurt, stir in a mixture of 1 table. l. cocoa powder.

  • For volume and density

1 table. l. dry yeast (15 g) diluted in water (50 ml) over 15 minutes and add it to yogurt (250 mL).

  • Honey

Table 3. l. yogurt mixed with liquid, warm enough honey (about the same number), raw egg.

  • For split ends

100 ml of yogurt mixed with 50 ml of vegetable (sunflower, olive) or cosmetic (burdock, castor, almond, jojoba) oil.

  • Healing

The colorless henna (1 table. L.), Diluted with cold filtered water (2 table. L.), Add a mushy mixture into the yogurt (half a cup), pour raw egg yolk.

  • Moisturizing

The yogurt (150 mL), add pre rastёrty raw egg yolk, lightly warmed burdock oil in the form of heat (1 table. L.).

  • Brightening

Squeeze of fresh lemon juice (3 table. L.), Mix it thoroughly with extra virgin olive oil (1 table. L.), Warm yogurt (100 ml). At least rastёrty add egg yolk.

Kefir hair masks are simple, do not require a lot of time and fabulous financial costs. But the results in regular and proper application may justify the wildest hopes.