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Mayonnaise mask for the hair: the available means in the home of Cosmetology

Homemade masks for hair long time already purchasedpopularity and are popular with women of all social categories. They add mustard (known activator of hair growth), vegetable oil (protective function), vinegar (gives a healthy glow), eggs (has nutritional properties).

All four of these ingredients can be harmoniouslycombine into one and get multifunctional and complex mask for the hair mayonnaise, which effectively solve many different problems with the scalp and tresses sick. The same product, which is now no longer in vogue and is being attacked by nutritionists and advocates of a healthy lifestyle, can be an excellent cosmetic remedy.


  • 1 How mayonnaise acts on the hair?
  • 2 How to make a mask of mayonnaise for the hair?
  • 3 What is the recipe for mayonnaise mask to choose?

How mayonnaise acts on the hair?

Mayonnaise criticized because 82% of its fat contentkill all dream of harmony, preservatives deposited in cells, nutritional supplements with dyes addictive, trans fats are not absorbed by the body. However, the very fat that made mayonnaise outcast in cooking, he opened wide horizons in cosmetology: it allows you to use this product as an excellent moisturizer for dry and brittle strands. All ingredients are included in the mayonnaise, have an excellent effect on hair:

  • vegetable (olive) oilabout enriches the scalp, the roots, so - and do curls with vitamins such as retinol (hydrates), calciferol (recovers), tocopherol (gives elasticity);
  • eggs (Especially the yolk) are rich in lecithin (heals damage as visited the irritation and seborrhea) and choline (soothes itchy scalp if there is dandruff);
  • mustard accelerates blood circulation, enriching cells with oxygen and other nutrients, resulting in the hair starts to grow faster;
  • vinegar It does not give curls quickly become contaminated, has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

With this composition, mayonnaise maskcomprehensive, complex effect on the hair, and with regular use of her tresses are much thicker, longer and more volume as begin to grow faster; dandruff becomes smaller and separated strands, as the roots get everything necessary for the full development and nutrition; hair is incredibly beautiful, smooth, compliant, soft. However, this efficiency can only be achieved by following a few guidelines.

How to make a mask of mayonnaise for the hair?

Considering mayonnaise most common product, notrequiring special attention, many do not get satisfactory results when applied as a cosmetic for hair care. This is a special product that is not like all the others, used at home masks, therefore it must be able to handle appropriately. A few simple rules will help to get the most efficiency out of mayonnaise hair masks.

  1. testimony for mayonnaise for improving the state of curls: dry, brittle, split, thin, lost luster strands, the normal type of hair, slow growth, hair loss, seborrhea.
  2. Contraindications: Greasy hair, greasiness which couldintensify after mayonnaise mask. However, if you take a light, low-fat mayonnaise for the diet, supplement it with lemon juice and other products, and normalize the sebaceous glands, this may be a contraindication to bypass party.
  3. Learn to prepare mayonnaise with his own hands: he will be hair healthier than store-bought foods.
  4. Mix all ingredients in a blender: this will avoid lumps.
  5. Test masks made by you on the delicate skin of the wrist, which responds to the presence of the allergen. The mixture is applied to a thin layer of sensitiveplace washed off after 15 minutes and 2.1 hours for observation is made. In the absence of burning, itching, rash, redness of the mask can be applied to the skin of the head is completely safe.
  6. Mayonnaise can be applied on clean and dirty curls - it does not affect their performance. Preliminary easy hydration is necessary.
  7. The bulk of the prepared mask rubbed intoroots and the scalp. A thin layer is distributed along the length of curls down to the tips. If your hair is prone to fat, after the roots to stop processing.
  8. The greenhouse effect is necessary: ​​polyethylene insulation head cap and a towel will create favorable conditions for an intensive course of regenerative processes in the cells.
  9. Time of action - no more than half an hour.
  10. Wash off with shampoo with warm water or herbal decoction.
  11. Frequency of use - no more than twice a week.
  12. Duration - no more than 15 masks in a row.

Understand for yourself these simple rules andTreat responsibly to the choice of a suitable prescription - only in this case, the success of the event will be provided, and the hair will gain health and beauty, which you so long dreamed of.

What a recipe for mayonnaise mask to choose?

Included in the components of the mask is correctedaction mayonnaise, strengthening or weakening its properties. Focus on the problem to be solved by each particular mask, try on it to yourself and try. Finding the perfect means in the end finished by a single recipe.

  • Nutritious

Three tablespoons of mayonnaise with raw egg whisk.

  • Healing

One tablespoon of honey and mix mayonnaise, add two tablespoons of aloe juice.

  • Moisturizing

Three tablespoons of mayonnaise and puree avokadnogo whip in a blender.

  • Refreshing

Mix one tablespoon of cocoa powder, apple juice and warm coconut oil. Add two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

  • For hair growth

Mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise, cosmetic blue clay and homemade yogurt in a warm state, just before applying the mask to add two or three drops of lavender essential oil.

  • Moisturizing

Mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise and mashed banana, one tablespoon of natural olive oil.

Discover the benefits of mayonnaise, which hecan bring your hair: a beautiful luster, natural shine, luxurious volume, the softness of silk - all this can be achieved by conventional household masks.