Hair care

Masks for oily hair: features of care in the home

Bold hair type is unlikely to be called simplecosmetic defect. Rather, it is a disease associated with a malfunction of the sebaceous glands located under the skin at the roots. Under normal conditions, they produce sebum at exactly such an amount as is necessary to protect the strands from brittleness, thinning, dryness. But under the influence of various factors produced by excess fat that covers locks unpleasant oily film, collecting up all the dust and dirt.

Wash your hair like that falls almost everyDay, slippery strands lay very difficult hairstyle. The dream of all owners of greasy hair type - in any manner in any way to dry them and normalize the sebaceous glands. First you need to find out the cause of the phenomenon, and then seek the help of folk remedies.


  • 1 Why the hair greasy?
  • 2 How to care for oily hair?
  • 3 Masks for oily hair

Why the hair greasy?

Every human body is unique and requiresa special approach. And the reasons for oily hair can be very different. With some of them it is possible to cope on their own, with the help of special masks home. Others need to revise lifestyles. Still others can be cured only trichologists assigning appropriate treatment. Therefore, the first step in the fight against fat content of the hair - to understand and try to eliminate the factor that led to the malfunction of subcutaneous sebaceous glands. The reasons could be:

  • improper diet: abundance in the diet of fatty foods (pork, lamb, cream, sour cream, oil);
  • long-term use of hormonal drugs (including contraception), antidepressants, antibiotics;
  • heredity;
  • improper care;
  • no headgear or low-quality, synthetic material from which it is made;
  • hormonal changes during puberty, menopause, pregnancy, severe emotional stress;
  • Exhausted nervous system stimulates the gland to produce additional quantities of fat;
  • diseases of the digestive tract or endocrine system.

If you own and could not be detectedeliminate the cause of the hair greasy, it is best to consult a specialist. Centers scalp treatment today are many. Trichologists advise medical examination will diagnose and appoint treatment. If there is no will or trust to solve this problem so that you can take advantage of expert advice and try to bring her hair in order of their own.

How to care for oily hair?

Owners of oily hair know that withoutproper care strand will look unsightly icicles, as if they had not been washed for a long time and certainly do not use for their beauty any means. Experts dealing with the question of the sebaceous glands of the head, offered a series of recommendations that will help to remedy the situation and improve the condition of curls.

  1. It is recommended to use a medicated shampoo,commercially available in pharmacies. Especially useful for oily hair cosmetics with tar. Shampoos and balms-conditioners with lipid complexes, proteins, and silicone oils are contraindicated for oily locks: they aggravate them and make even more fat. Preference was given clear and creamy, but not thick.
  2. Do not waste your money on balms-conditioners: they worsen the oily hair.
  3. Wash your head: shampoo each time to drag the sebum from the roots and the strands themselves.
  4. The sebaceous glands become more active mostly at night, so better to wash your hair in the morning or before noon.
  5. Avoid exposure to high temperatures your hair: Wash them with hot water is strictly prohibited, the use of a hair dryer, curling, ironing limited to a minimum.
  6. Remove from cosmetic tight barrettes and rubber bands, all hairstyles should be free and not pull hair.
  7. Frequent brushing and massage can trigger enhanced fat production.
  8. Rinse your hair after each washing infusionsHerb: from horsetail, aloe, butterbur, green tea, rosemary, rowan, hops, burdock, nettle, St. John's wort, oak bark, mother and stepmother, mint, lime, plantain, sage, chamomile.

Get rid of oily hair is enoughdifficult if they are not due to some temporary factors. However, to improve their condition - able to every woman who will find for yourself, beloved, a few minutes a day. Regular use of home masks for oily hair - one of the most effective means to solve this problem.

Masks for oily hair

Household mask for oily hair havedrying effect. They are rich in substances that regulate the level of moisture in the cells and the production of subcutaneous fat. This allows you to preserve the purity of the strands for a longer time, warns them of the pollution and eliminates greasy shine.

  • Mask with cosmetic clay

Green cosmetic clay (2 tbsp. Of boxes.) Diluted decoction of burdock (2 tbsp. Of boxes.), Add apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp. Of boxes.). Keep insulation at least 40 minutes. In a week, you can do 2-3 times.

  • salt scrub

Sea salt is slow, massaging movements rub into the roots for a few minutes before you wash your hair.

  • Pasta Soultz

Pasta Soultz - medicine fornormalization operation sebaceous glands. It is recommended to use the following bath: means applied to the roots for 15 minutes. Washed off with plain water. The frequency of application - two masks a week, a full course - 10 procedures. Repeat only six months.

  • Honey mask

Mix aloe juice (1 tsp. Of boxes.), Castor oil (1 tsp. Of boxes.), Honey (1 tbsp. Of boxes.).

In the arsenal of beautiful women who have fathair type, should be more effective masks, which can be quickly and easily prepared, thus bringing in the order of locks. If you eliminate the cause of a malfunction of the sebaceous glands can not be, home remedy for hair becomes greasy only salvation for their owners.