Hair care

Masks for hair with coconut oil

Because of the huge number of cosmetic oils,which offers today a modern beauty industry for hair care, this tool is one of the most mild in its effect. With him not to be afraid of side effects and fat content, so often remaining on the strands after oil.

Pleasant and gentle, coconut hair oil onIt is considered to be a real favorite in the art of home care per head. It targets the cells, thereby providing each inside of the hair health. The result of such profound changes - the beauty and grooming all hairstyles.


  • 1 How does it work?
  • 2 How to use a mask?
  • 3 Recipes masks with coconut oil for hair

How it works?

When applying to the hair and scalp with a maskadding coconut oil, we are launching a variety of chemical processes occurring at the cellular level. Those substances that are part of the coconut oil, are rapidly and smoothly. Each of them is doing his job, but instead of getting a real complex therapy for damaged strands and patients who need help in the recovery. Vitamins and organic acid - base coconut oil:

  • thiamin It possesses anti-inflammatory properties,able to actively fight the fungal infection of the skin, so a mask on the basis of coconut oil are considered to be effective in the fight against dandruff, helping to cope with even advanced forms of seborrhea;
  • folic acid creates a protective barrier, increases resistance to external attacks hair in the form of ultraviolet radiation, low temperatures, chemical fumes, sea salt, etc .;
  • nicotine does not allow the hair to give a true biological age: only this vitamin can delay the early appearance of gray hair and bald spots;
  • pyridoxine in its pure form is used for the treatment of seborrhea Trichology;
  • oleic acid It supports the cells normal moisture level, preventing drying, which leads to breakage and thinning hair;
  • lauric - It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties;
  • caprylic - Regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, making the mask with coconut oil in the ideal tool for the care of greasy hair;
  • palmitic and stearic - Activate missed first trimester for various reasons, hair growth;
  • ascorbic acid - It is a substance that regenerates damaged tissue, repairing split ends.

Softness coconut oil due to the lackits chemical composition corrosive components. As a result the risk of undesirable side effects and the results mixed by almost zero. Negative reviews about the masks with this amazing tool can be explained only by the inability to deal with cosmetic oils or coconut individual intolerance.

How to apply a mask?

The first phase, with which you will encounter - the choice of coconut oil. It may be different: refined and there.

For hair care recommended for usecrude (unrefined), since it is retained in the maximum amount of nutrients for the scalp. This increases the efficiency of the means used. After selecting and buying will only master the technology of preparation.

  1. Unrefined coconut oil is enoughapplied only to the hair roots, because that's where the power goes the entire length of the strands from the inside. Refined means requires additional processing and locks themselves, but, in practice, its effectiveness is still losing the tremendous results that can be achieved when using a crude product.
  2. Coconut oil is present in solid form, but it is quickly and easily melts if to hold it in the hands of a few minutes, to melt in the microwave or warm in a water bath.
  3. Masks with coconut oil are applied one hour before shampooing on dirty, dry strands.
  4. Winterizing a plastic shower caps(Or a conventional plastic bag) and towels will create a greenhouse effect and the heat will be a catalyst occurring at the cellular level processes.
  5. Dosages in these prescriptions should be followed exactly. Oversupply of money then it would be difficult to remove from the hair.
  6. Shampoo foams directly with the mask without moistening with water, and then washed off easily while respecting the dosage.
  7. After rinsing the hair with filtered water or herbal infusion of air conditioning or a balm-conditioner can not be used.
  8. For the treatment of serious problems (seborrhea, alopecia, severe separation) mask can be done in a day. For simple maintenance frequency of use of coconut oil is reduced to once a week.
  9. The course of treatment - 15 procedures.

Do not lose sight of all these details, because they will help you achieve the desired result and does not harm the own hair.

Recipes masks with coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil can be safely applied to the hair in a pure form. If you want to strengthen some of its specific properties, you can add additional ingredients in the mask.

  • To strengthen the hair

In equal proportions, mixed warmed cosmetic oils: coconut, burdock and jojoba.

  • Moisturizing

Three tablespoons of mashed banana mixed with one tablespoon of fat sour cream and two tablespoons of melted coconut oil.

  • For shine

Grind in a blender oatmeal flour to the state. Mix two tablespoons of the resulting oat flour, melted butter and warm coconut milk.

  • For hair growth

Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil and the average fat content yogurt.

Any of these masks, no matter what you choose,I appreciate their efficiency by taking over part of the care for your tresses. Pleasant the feelings, soft on the effects on the skin, extremely efficient, coconut hair oil - an excellent choice for those who care about the health and appearance of their locks. Result - thick, shiny, voluminous hair, which can only dream of every woman.