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Masks for hair loss

Masks for hair loss

Mask for hair loss №1

To prevent hair loss has long beenrecommended to apply the mask on burdock oil. To cook it, you have to take 40 grams of fresh chopped burdock root, then infuse it into 100 grams of sunflower, olive (and best of all, almond) oil for 10 days, and finally, this infusion boil on low heat for 15 minutes.

It has healing properties and a decoction of the rootsannual burdock. They are usually harvested in the early spring or fall. For its preparation take 10-20 g of crushed roots, pour 1 cup boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Filtered broth rinse your hair, but you can rub it in about a month into the scalp - it is also very useful.

Another version of the mask against hair loss. burdock roots (roots must be harvested when freezout - in a way they do not rot before the new harvest), folded into a saucepan and put in the oven. Boil until complete softening of the roots. Cool and strain the broth. Wet the roots of the hair this decoction every day. Dandruff is quickly lost, hair loss stops and the hair grow faster.

Medicinal properties have not only a burdock roots, but also stems and leaves of the plant. In the Kaluga region, such as the float grass and wash the head broth with a strong hair loss, especially after an illness.

№2 hair mask from falling

You can apply and a decoction of the rhizome and mixburdock in the ratio 1: 1. Six tablespoons of the mixture pour a liter of water and boil for 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool and infuse in a warm place. Rub into the scalp 2-3 times a week. It is well strengthens and revitalizes hair.

Sometimes this was added (based on 1 liter of water) handful two hops. Hair should be washed this broth 3 times a week. Mask for hair loss

№3 hair mask from falling

Here's another recipe for a mask with burdock. It is alleged that in order to prevent hair loss and even increase their number, it is necessary to rub the head onion juice with cognac and broth burdock roots. On one part brandy should take the four parts of burdock roots.

Recommend and a slightly different version of the maskhair loss. Prepare the following mixture: 1 part brandy 4 parts strained onion juice, 6 parts of the decoction of burdock roots. Rubbed into the scalp. Cover the head with a towel to warm for two hours then wash. Repeat weekly.

Note: Remember that in addition to the scientific name Burdock - Burdock (Arctium Lappa L.), it also has other popular names: lopushnik, burdock, Dedkov, dedovnik, dog, Repnikov, burdock, zaderka, dog lover, Korovin grass, burdock root and al.

№4 hair mask from falling

Also known in the treatment of hair lossthe plant is a daisy. The people call it differently - queen cells, uterine grass, Morgunov, Globe, Romanova grass, etc. Especially useful is the hair wash chamomile broth (20 grams per liter of water chamomile) blondes. Their hair then take a beautiful golden hue.

№5 hair mask from falling

Another representative of the flora, which can help you - is creeping thyme (vulgaris), which is more popularly known as thyme.

His other names - Bogorodskaya grass chobrik, spoons, cap bogorodishny, bogoroditsyna grass, lemon odor, zhadobnik, kolotovichki, upland pepper, Muhopad etc.

No wonder the ancient Greeks worshiped as the divine herb thyme, ability to return the man's life. If an aqueous infusion of thyme (60 g per liter of water) to wash your hair, it helps with dandruff.