Hair care

Masks for hair growth: what you need to know to get visible results

The hairstyles, as well as clothing, fashion and changeableendures not have time to get a haircut at a popular square, as all admired more relevant "Gavroche". However, long hair fashion trends never spread because they are in any era were considered the pinnacle of beauty and health of the woman testified. From luxurious cascade can easily make any hairstyle, you can leave them loose - everything is seductive, feminine, charming. Why do the majority of modern beauties prefer short hair? What it is: blind craze? Rather, the inability to have long hair: how to grow them under constant stress for them? It turns out that it does not need so much: patience and time.


  • 1 Long hair and body's health
  • 2 Rules Hair Care
  • 3 Shops promoters of hair growth
  • 4 Home Remedies for accelerated growth

Long hair and body's health

Very often it is impossible to grow a streamer becauseserious diseases that undermine health from the inside. This affects the hair condition freeze root follicles to develop and remain in a "frozen" state as long as the overall recovery will not occur organism. In this case, you can use household and shop hair growth promoters, go to the appropriate procedure in the beauty salon, but it will be useless, because the cause is corrected. So, wanting to grow long and beautiful hair, you first need to:

  • undergo a medical examination and find out whether you have the disease, whichso adversely affect the condition of hair: zamershego reasons for their growth are often problems with the stomach, blood circulation, the nervous system - look for weak spots here;
  • establish food: Wrong diet - another reasonWhy can not grow long hair; therefore include in your diet natural products (fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, fish, juices) and restrict to a minimum the fatty, salty, canned food, soft drinks;
  • drink one of many multivitamin complexes, And take this for a rule and do not at least twice (preferably in late autumn and late spring) a year, try to eliminate possible causes of beriberi zamershego growth of your hair.

If you get rid of internal medicine andberiberi, locks also shine with beauty and health - will finally grow up to become thick, once gain the lost volume, which they lacked. No wonder trichologists argue that long hair can not be patient: they must first be healthy. Cosmetic same measures for accelerated growth curls should go only as co-supporting measures.

The rules of hair care

If health is all right, and his hairstill refuse to grow up, it's time to think about how you treat them. Most women in their pursuit of external beauty and luster locks mercilessly subjected to torture in the form of chemical zavivok, regular coloring, hair dryer, curlers and tongs, all kinds of varnishes, sprays, mousses. If we consider more factors such as the absence of a hat on the street, when the hair is exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures, the picture is related to the health of their own locks will be full and very sad. In such circumstances, it would be impossible to grow long hair. So, try to learn how to properly care for them.

  1. During otraschivaniya hair give up campaignsthe hairdresser, no matter how wild it did not seem to offer. The only thing that let themselves, so it is every two or three months, trim the hot method of hair ends. If they have not whipped so, you can do without this procedure.
  2. in two months time I comb, to the choice ofwhich is also referred more responsible: the natural materials from which it is made, in order to grow your hair faster. An ideal tool in this situation - a wooden comb.
  3. At least two times a day to comb strandswith bowed down his head turns a kind of massage, which improves blood circulation is excellent, and it, in turn, plays first violin in accelerated hair growth, bringing the roots of oxygen and nutrients.
  4. Try not to wash your hair more than twice during the week, even if you suffer from oily hair type.
  5. Do not wash your hair with hot water: let it be warm, cool or at room temperature.
  6. After washing the hair can not comb the hair anddry them with a hair dryer. It allowed to do so only if you are in a hurry. Those who grow long locks and takes care of their health, dry them naturally and takes a comb only after complete drying.
  7. We'll have to give up any heat treatment: tongs, hair dryers, irons, etc. ploek.
  8. The heat and frost headgear is mandatory, but it must be made of natural materials: no synthetics. And keep it constantly clean: wash more often or change a new one.
  9. Tight braids, tails, rubber bands, hair clips - good friends long braids. The freer will feel the hair - the faster they will grow.
  10. And, of course, smoking and alcohol also have to say goodbye.

All these rules will help to quickly grow hair andturn them into a shining cascade of beautiful and healthy tresses. Not everyone will be able to immediately give up the beloved hair dryer and change the habit to walk down the street without a hat. However, the desire to have long locks should prevail: for it is to make such sacrifices. In parallel, you can use the store and domestic promoters of hair growth, which can actually give strands up to 1 cm per week.

Shops promoters of hair growth

If you buy products for hair growthhypermarkets or even cosmetic boutiques, is unlikely they will be of any use, however they were not advertised. Point your feet in the shop of professional hair care products or in regular pharmacies. There you can purchase:

  • cosmetic oils and: Miracle made a compress for an hour before bathing or for the whole night - and curls quickly began to add to growth;
  • Still useful lotions, Rub into the roots - for the length of the strands is better to buy cornflower, chamomile and saffron;
  • shampoos, balms, conditioners, rinses, masks line marked "FOR HAIR GROWTH".

The main function of these means - food,strengthening of awakening to the roots of life, on which the hair growth directly. In parallel with their extension, you will gain more and stunning beauty of curls. For those who prefer natural products for hair care, can offer domestic promoters of hair growth.

Home remedies for accelerated growth

The most common domestic growth promotersHair offered mustard and pepper mask. But both are sufficiently aggressive influence on the skin, often causing irritation and even allergic reactions. With these ingredients, there is always a danger of burn or hair roots and thus worsen their already disastrous situation. So much better to do the same mask from the usual herbs, honey, eggs, lemon - those products in the security that you are confident, but who can also provide good growth strands.

  • Medical mask

Stir chopped dried nettle leaves andmother and stepmother (two tablespoons), fill them with two cups of hot or even boiling water, to warm up for about twenty minutes in a water bath, cool to room temperature, passed through a sieve, mixed with three tablespoons of honey, which had previously also can be warm in a water bath (only separately from herbs).

  • Nourishing mask

Mix together two tablespoonsdry crushed chamomile and calendula, pour two cups of hot or even boiling water, cover up anything and leave for a couple of hours. Skip through cheesecloth, add two beaten raw egg.

  • Mask for oily hair

Two tablespoons of chopped nettle leaves(You can pick up and dry and fresh), pour a glass of hot or boiling water, cover up anything and leave for a couple of hours. Skip through the gauze, soak in the infusion of 50 grams of black bread crumb, which is then applied to the hair roots to activate their growth.

Grow long hair - responsible andquite troublesome event. So please be patient and try to stick to those recommendations that are given here. After 2-3 months of torment you with pleasure mark, the owner of luxurious hair which you are now.