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Masks for hair growth: how to make their tresses long and thick

Grow long, elegant, voluminous, densehair - this is the dream of many modern women, but what to do if they seem to have stopped at one level, and do not want to lengthen a centimeter? In addition, more have to constantly trim split ends, so the result is in the "minus", and not in the "plus". Few people turned for help to trichologist (specialists in diseases of the scalp) because of lack of time or money. A shoplifting moisturizers that promise stunning and fast results, in most cases turn out to be useless. Under the influence of "chemistry" in their part of the hair even more fade and begin to fall. It is much easier to use folk remedies: domestic masks for hair growth are safe, effective and easy to prepare.


  • 1 How to speed up hair growth?
  • 2 Masks for hair growth oils
  • 3 Masks with herbs for hair growth

How to speed up hair growth?

Home Beauty has manyrecipes for all kinds of hair growth masks, each of which may be a lifesaver. However, according to numerous reviews about them, we can conclude that these promoters does not always work. Why? To avoid disappointment, you should know that these masks should be used in conjunction with restorative techniques. Do not delude ourselves: by using masks speed and depth of penetration into the skin of nutrients is low enough, so alone fundamentally solve the problem of missed in the development of hair follicles they can not afford. Provide them with assistance from the inside - and then the results will not keep itself waiting long. The complex restorative measures include:

  • Reception multivitamin complexes twice a year (in spring and autumn);
  • the presence in the diet of fresh fruits, juices, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, nuts;
  • avoiding alcohol, smoking;
  • active lifestyle, regular exercise;
  • proper hair care: non-hazardous based on "chemistry" procedures at the hairdresser: highlights, perms, coloring and so forth.

Without these guidelines, you will be able toto get the masks for hair growth maximum benefit. If the tool is properly chosen - according to the type of locks (dry, oily, normal), it will have exactly the action that you expect. If this factor is ignored, you can get the opposite effect: citrus fruits, for example, will ruin dry hair, just like many cosmetic oils can worsen the condition of fatty. The assortment of masks rich, so Treat selecting suitable ingredients responsibly.

Masks for hair growth oils

Cosmetic oil in their bulkare natural moisturizers, therefore, for the purpose of hair growth are best used for dry or normal curls. They can be applied to the roots in a pure form can be mixed with other similar oils, adding some of his ingredients. But this oil in such masks is a basic component. With regular application of burdock, argan, almond, castor oil can achieve a monthly growth of hair from 2 to 5 cm. Pre them lightly heated (preferably in a water bath), then rub with fingertips into the scalp massage (from the complete processing of strands should be abandoned, so no problems with a stripper), insulated and removed the mask 30-60 minutes with shampoo.

  • Castor oil + yogurt

Mix a cup of yogurt with two tablespoons of warm castor oil.

  • Burdock oil + nettle

Nettle leaves (dried or fresh) chop, twotablespoons of the resulting raw cup of boiling water pour, leave for half an hour under the hood. Through the gauze filter, add burdock oil in the form of heat. Mix thoroughly whisk.

  • Almond oil + yogurt + brandy + clay + lemon

This mask for hair growth is a pleasantExcept for owners of greasy curls type: they can safely use it in your arsenal of beauty and not be afraid of the results. According to one tablespoon of warm mix almond oil, yogurt, brandy, liquid honey, lemon juice and cosmetic blue clay, pre-diluted with water to a mushy consistency.

  • Argan oil + olive oil + egg yolk + esters

Mix the tea lodges. Argan oil with 2 teaspoons lies. olive. Add egg yolk, 5 drops of ether and 5 drops of sage - lavender.

In order to avoid problems with the flushing oilmasks for hair growth, it is recommended to apply a dry shampoo on his head, whipping straight from the mask and then wash off with water. Natural cosmetic oils for the procedure is better to buy in the pharmacy to be sure of their quality. many useful masks can be a good idea to prepare for hair growth promoters are of grass on which to home as well.

Masks with herbs for hair growth

Herbs improve subcutaneousmicrocirculation: accelerate blood circulation and lymph flow, normalize metabolism, beneficial effects on the vascular wall. All this invariably leads to nutritious food roots, saturate them with oxygen and nutrients weight. With the help of these herbs can arrange daily rinsing of the head, and can be multiple (up to three) times a week to make a light mask. As an activator of hair growth are famous herbs such as stinging nettle, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, calendula, hops cones. On this basis, prepare decoctions and infusions, which are already used in masks.

  • Nettle + mother-and-stepmother + honey

Grind dry (can be fresh) leavesmother and stepmother and nettle brew 2 tablespoons of powder with two cups of boiling water, warm water bath for about half an hour. Cool to warm state, drain, add broth to two to three tablespoons of liquid honey.

  • Calendula + daisy + egg

Grind the dried flowers of calendula and chamomile,mix them with 2 tablespoons, two cups of boiling water pour, leave the lid for an hour, then strain. Hammer in the resulting infusion of 1-2 raw eggs (preferably home).

  • Nettle + bread

Grind the leaves of nettle (equally effectiveboth dry and fresh), 2 tablespoons of the resulting raw nettle pour a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour under the hood and filter. In the resulting infusion soak 50 grams of black bread without crusts, knead and turn into mush.

Efficient, natural, time-tested,Mask for hair growth work really fast and guaranteed. Negative comments about them are possible only if used incorrectly or if it is internal, more serious causes of slow hair growth. Powerful drugs and shoplifting shampoos, crowded "chemistry", you can always try. Complete care of the curls is best to start with folk remedies.