Hair care

Masks for hair with nettle

Not surprisingly, most of the women givespreference to those funds recipes for hair care, as part of which there is grass. It is 100% natural, high performance and always a minimum of side effects with proper use. The benefits of the nettle hair, this burning plants, known to many: on the basis of its entire line extract made strengthening locks funds. They are created specifically for oily, dirty quickly, dull, lifeless locks. If you get this plant in the arsenal of cosmetic products, a cascade of beautiful, shiny hair health is provided to you. With it, you can stop the loss of locks and activate their growth.


  • 1 On the beneficial properties of nettle
  • 2 to collect, prepare, apply
  • 3 Choose a recipe

The beneficial properties of nettle

Most often, a decoction or infusion of nettleIt is used to rinse the hair after shampooing. Moreover, the correct use of this herb is not as effective as many salon treatment to revitalize and strengthen hair. This is possible thanks to the fact that in this unique grass nature itself laid a maximum of essential nutrients for the health of the scalp. They actively penetrate into the subcutaneous layers of the hair structure and perform there each - their specific function.

  • vitamin A (Natural reductant - retinol) heals any injury, returns to life have stood in the development of the root follicles, which accelerates the growth of hair;
  • vitamin C (Famous askorbinka) activates circulation, increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells;
  • vitamin K needed to maintain the natural pigmentation: it ensures a natural shine and radiance;
  • carotene (Natural pigment) moisturizes dry strands, at the same time improving the quality of fatty, as is able to control the production of subcutaneous fat glands;
  • the same carotene is able to paint light strands in a slightly reddish hue, what must know the blond beauty who decided to strengthen hair nettle broth;
  • in a lot of nettles tanninsThat soothe irritation, haveanti-inflammatory properties, smooth hair scales are close to each other - it is not surprising that after rinsing the strands smooth, compliant and flexible; thanks to these same substances nettle broth Trichology is recommended as a remedy for dandruff and seborrheic itching;
  • flavonoids strengthen root follicles, preventing hair loss;
  • organic acid improve metabolism in the scalp.

However, at present the plant burninghairs that resemble drug vials. In contact with the skin, they are broken up, and there appears a burning liquid, the main component of which - formic acid. Of course, to prepare a decoction or infusion of nettle exposed to high temperatures, but the substance is not completely decomposed at the same time. Therefore, we recommend careful use of such means in the home. To protect themselves from unwanted side effects is possible, if you follow the recommendations on the use of nettles as a cosmetic for hair care.

We collect, prepare, apply

The easiest way to buy ready-made herb nettle in a drugstore, but much more useful would be a plant, collected his own hands.


  1. Collect nettles best in May or June, when the grass blooms, and the weather should be dry: in the rain do not.
  2. Do not touch the damaged stems and leaves.
  3. Harvested fresh nettles it is necessary to rinse under cold running water.
  4. For dry grass spread out on newspaper under a canopy in a ventilated area, where the sun's rays do not penetrate.
  5. The drying process takes approximately 8 to 10 days.
  6. The dried leaves are separated from the stems, put them into cardboard boxes or paper bags.
  7. Store properly dried herbs can be for two years.


  1. 100 g of nettle pour a liter of boiling water.
  2. Put on a small fire, boil for half an hour.
  3. Cool.
  4. Strain.


  1. A glass of cooked broth mixed with a liter of warm, boiled water, which was previously better mitigate the baking soda.
  2. Tilt your head over the pelvis and plenty of water decoction of hair Get the scoop in a few (4-6) minutes.
  3. Wet strands towel, wipe dry with a no.
  4. Give curls dry naturally without using hair dryer.
  5. Rinse your hair so you can at least every other day for months. The frequency can be selected independently.

If properly rinse your hair with nettledecoction, to improve their condition can be very fast. Regular use of this magic tool will allow you to no longer buy expensive store masks, which sometimes too much "chemistry".

Select a recipe

The nettle broth, you can add a variety ofingredients that will mitigate the effect of formic acid is irritant to the scalp and enhance the efficiency of the means. You can stop the choice on the classic recipe, which includes only the broth, but you can use a variety of others.

  • For hair shine

After you take off the broth from the heat, add the six percent apple cider vinegar. Per liter of broth - 200 ml (about a cup) vinegar.

  • For hair softness

Before pouring raw water mixed with nettles mother and stepmother in equal proportions, 50 g (both components should either be dry or fresh).

  • To strengthen the hair

Before you pour boiling water over the grass, mix 100g nettle with 250 ml (cup) of sea buckthorn juice.

A decoction of nettles for hair - effectiveCurative tool that allows you to once again feel how powerful and generous nature. If there is a natural remedy for hair care, whether or not to spoil their tresses synthetic drugs, chemical treatments, which are effective, but are harmful to their health?