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Hair masks based on jojoba oil: simple beauty secrets

Known jojoba oil, which is so activeIt is used today in various fields of cosmetology, made from the fruit of the North American shrub Simmonds Chinese. It copes with dermatological and cosmetic problems, used in the composition of medicinal balms, shampoos, ointments. Especially useful is the jojoba oil for hair that under its influence become stronger, more beautiful, stronger, longer, successfully restored and cease to pour from his head. Regular use of tools based on it provides curls beauty and health.


  • 1 Action jojoba hair
  • Application 2 oil at home
  • 3 Preparation of masks with jojoba

Action jojoba hair

Oil is a vegetable wax yellowish molten, liquid form. It has the useful properties of the whole mass of hair which are due to its chemical composition.

  • Fatty acid (Stearic, eicosenic, oleic,docosenoic, gadoleic, dokozageksoenovaya, erucic, palmitic, nervonovaya, palmitoleic, behenic) moisturize locks, eliminating dryness; protection from adverse weather in the form of ultraviolet radiation, sea salt, low temperature and so on. etc .;
  • eicosenic acid appears from this list the most useful for hair as effectively updates the cells, restores tissue elasticity returns curls;
  • alcohols (Dokozageksoenovy, tetrakozenovy, eicosenic)control the production of subcutaneous fat, have a positive effect on blood vessels and blood circulation in general, thereby accelerating hair growth 2-3 cm per month with regular use;
  • Collagen - An essential building material for hair, heals microcracks and visited, prevents brittle hair;
  • tocopherol (Vitamin E), together with a number of amino acids have a rejuvenating effect, preventing early hair loss and hair graying.

Jojoba oil can be cosmetic orethereal. The final concentration of the above substances is much more stronger flavor, so its dosage in the recipes listed in drops. Cosmetic jojoba oil for hair can be used in its pure form is perfectly safe in any dosage. Domestic use of both types will promote hair growth, eliminate dryness and loss of strands, give them strength and shine, treat split ends, to improve the appearance of curls. Cosmetologists call it oil natural air conditioning for the volume lost, damaged hair. For procedures with his participation did not disappoint, we must learn the secrets on how to use at home.

The use of oil in the home

Despite the usefulness of jojoba oilhair, not many people use it in masks, not knowing how it is applied. And absolutely nothing. It is no different from the likes of him burdock and castor oil, which has long been used for the recovery of all the scalp and hair. Recommendations on home use of masks with jojoba simple and accessible to everyone.

  1. Cosmetic oil slightly heated to a warm state in a water / steam bath.
  2. Indications for use jojoba hair: moisturizing dry strands, greasy luster eliminate fatty, food normal, weak protection, restoration of damaged. It is widely used for the growth and strengthening of curls, treatment of seborrhea, recovery tips.
  3. The only contraindication - idiosyncrasy.
  4. Compresses the oil in its pure form can be held on the head for a long time (up to 9 hours). Multi mask - no more than 60 minutes.
  5. For the treatment agent can be used up to three times a week. For prophylaxis - only 1.
  6. At high operating temperatures jojobaintense, so after applying it on your hair better to wrap your head with something warm, pre-insulated oil plastic bag (or plastic cap).
  7. To rinse did not become problematic,we recommend that you apply directly to oily hair shampoo, then lather it and wash away the only conclusion a jet of warm water or a decoction of medicinal herbs.
  8. Frequency of use - a couple of times a week.
  9. Duration - about 10 or 15 masks.

Compliance with these recommendations - the key to the effectiveness of hair mask with jojoba oil. Oily liquid always require a special approach, but outweigh spent on them time and money.

Preparation masks with jojoba

Recipes masks prepared based oilsJojoba - great variety. Select only need the ones that do not cause allergies, always consist of available products and bring results. If some means I do not like the feelings, it is better to give it up as negative will affect its efficiency.

  • Nourishing mask

Mix oil (2 table. Lodges.) And liquid honey (2 table. Lies.).

  • Mask for oily hair

Mix mustard powder (Table 2. The lodges.) To sugar (table 2. The lodges.), Diluted with water (3-4 table. Lodges.), Added jojoba oil (2 table. Lies.).

  • Firming mask

Mix jojoba oil and burdock oil (2 table. Lodges.), Pre-warmed in a water bath.

  • vitamin mask

Mix jojoba (table 2. Lie.) With oil vitamins retinol and tocopherol (5 drops), grapefruit and orange esters (3 drops), camomile (2 drops).

  • Moisturizing mask

Mix honey (2 table. Lodges.), 1 egg yolk and a miracle-oil (3 table. Lies.).

  • Mask for hair shine

Mix jojoba oil and cocoa butter (2 table. Lodges.), Heated steam, combined with brandy (1 table. Lies.).

  • soothing mask

Mix mashed avocado (2 table. Lodges.) With lemon juice (1 table. Lodges.), Oil (3 table. Lodges.) And aloe juice (3 table. Lies.).

Discovering this wonderful oil, you cansolve many problems with the scalp and hair, which used every time a bad mood, and brought a lot of trouble. This exotic fruit North American bush gave the man such a unique means of hair care products.