Hair care

Hair masks based on chamomile

Hair tired of constant stress,which we are subjected every day. In the morning - the tight hairpins and varnishes to keep hairstyle all day. Then - on the street without a hat, and it does not matter that there is - hot or cold. At work - a quick snack with something inedible, in which there is no hint of vitamins and antioxidants. After work - hairdresser with her hot hair dryer, coloring, highlighting, lamination, perm and other "salutary" procedures. Before going to bed - shampoo with silicone, rinse with collagen balm, conditioner with sulfate and propylene glycol. Usually women bethink too late: when the scale of the hair loss becomes noticeable to others when no shops means with extremely high prices do not save quite dull and lifeless strands. But so easy to learn how to use natural products for health and beauty of their tresses. Protection from all these stresses can be daisy hair - made from this herb decoction or infusion of excellent care of the damaged strands and treat a variety of diseases of the scalp.


  • 1 As chamomile acts on the hair?
  • 2 How do I use chamomile for hair?
  • 3 What are the recipes with chamomile funds to choose?

As chamomile acts on the hair?

Chamomile - a medicinal plant, and usefulsubstances contained in its leaves and flowers, a very active influence on the processes that occur in cells. Regular rinsing head chamomile decoction or infusion can significantly improve the condition of hair and their appearance. The chemical composition of chamomile - a real first aid kit for sick and damaged strands, tired of the "chemistry":

  • hamazulen It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, eliminating dandruff;
  • sesquiterpene It creates the effect of lamination strands enveloping protective film, after which they become elastic, shiny, unbelievably smooth;
  • sesquiterpene alcohol It gives soft curls, making them compliant with the installation;
  • caprylic acid It has a tonic effect;
  • flavonoids protection against harmful UV maintain the natural, bright, beautiful color even after dyeing;
  • coumarin - A remedy for recovery of damaged, brittle, thin hair posechёnnyh;
  • sitosterol dilates blood vessels, opening the access of oxygen to the cells in the required amount, the result - faster hair growth, cessation of the process of their loss;
  • choline awakens stilled in the development of hair follicles back to life;
  • carotene According chamomile broth their coloring properties and also helps equalize the hair texture;
  • organic acid - Natural antioxidants that run incells need mechanisms samoomolozheniya and suspends the process of premature aging and dying off of tissue; the same unique substance able to destroy the dark pigmentation and lighten the hair strand, which is a precious means of daisies.

So, you want to lighten your hair, make them notsuch a bright red or dark? It is not necessary to resort to the help of hydrogen peroxide, which is always burns the health and beauty of hair. Do you want to grow long tresses? Maybe not immediately try mustard or red pepper? Camomile in this case would be no less effective. Select for their curls optimal tool for regular maintenance? Please use the pharmacy daisy collection themselves or collect these romantic flowers and use them for cosmetic purposes - on the results you will not have to regret for sure.

How do I use chamomile for hair?

If the time for self-collectionmedicinal raw materials for hair not quite amiss pharmacy fee. If you prefer still 100% naturalness of the means, spend your precious time and learn how to harvest a daisy its own.


  1. Collect needed in late May-early June.
  2. Place - forests, fields, harvesting, are far away from cities and highways.
  3. Learn the differences chamomile from other varieties, so as not to mistakenly apply a completely different raw materials, which can be absolutely useless for the hair.
  4. Bypassing the damaged, poluzavyavshie inflorescences: cut away with scissors or a knife (do not tear!) Only fully open flowers.
  5. Dry raw materials needed in a ventilated area, in the shelter of direct sunlight.
  6. After daisy flowers will scatter you right in your hands, place the medicinal material in a cardboard box and use. But note: the shelf life of this material - no more than a year.


  • INFUSION. 2 table. l. camomile chop, pour a cup of boiling water, cover the lid, leave for an hour, strain through cheesecloth.
  • decoction. 4 table. l. camomile chop, pour a glass of boiled water, warmed in a water bath for at least half an hour, strain through cheesecloth and leave in a closed form for 2 hours. This procedure is better to use an enamel bowl.


  1. Consider the fact that a decoction of chamomile lightens strands a semitone or a whole tone. Therefore it is better not to use it immediately after coloring: can spoil the resulting color.
  2. If you are preparing a mask on the basis of chamomile infusionbroth and do not require dilution with water. Rinse well, you can choose a different concentration. If you need to lighten your locks, you will need concentrated, not diluted means nothing. If this is the usual rinsing, it can be diluted in equal proportions. Some are for prevention generally use only 1 cup of chamomile broth to 1 liter of water. Everything is very individual.
  3. After rinsing the hair with chamomile broth strands do not wipe with a towel dry, leave them to dry naturally, without a hair dryer.
  4. Frequency procedures - after each washing head, i.e. 2-3 times a week. Brightening can be as long as necessary: ​​at least every other day.
  5. However, after a month of the active application to the hair chamomile is required to make a small break in 2-3 weeks.
  6. Hair Chamomile has no contraindications andrarely causes side effects, and still cosmetologists recommend to do a little test: to test the reaction of the skin and the body on the prepared agent. To do this, rub the cotton swab dipped in the broth or infusion of chamomile, wrist (inner side) and watch. No response - tool can be used.

From this whole procedure will leave a lot of time oncollecting and drying, but the effort will pay off with a vengeance with marvelous results. Moreover, to achieve the maximum effect of chamomile can be, adding to it, and other herbs.

Which means recipes with chamomile choose?

You can use the classic recipe: rinse hair decoction of chamomile only. You can experiment and add rinse aid infusions of other useful herbs for hair

  • Chamomile + + nettle sage tone =

At 100 grams of mixed herbs in a dry form (chamomile, nettle and sage), a liter of boiling water poured, brought in a water bath to a hot state for half an hour.

  • Chamomile + Lavender + Calendula = remedy for split ends

Mix 200 grams of chamomile, calendula 100g, liter of boiling water and infuse filled. Before the infusion of a rinsing room temperature is added the essential oil of lavender (not more than 5 drops).

  • Chamomile + olive oil + lemon = spectacular lighting

A liter of boiling water pour a cup of chamomile, stand on low heat for about 5 minutes, cool, strain. Add 2 table. l. olive oil and the same amount of lemon juice.

Select the desired recipe, prepare it according torecommendations, and enjoy the results after the first rinse hair chamomile. The difference compared with what it was before, will be visible to the naked eye. Curls will be shiny, elastic, obedient, strong, thick and elastic. They invariably will now engage the admiring glances of others. It is unlikely that salon treatment or shop advertised funds can have on the scalp so effective relief.