Hair care

Hair masks based on almond oil

Without a permanent staining, dyeing,perm, laminating and screening, most women today do not imagine their life. Request for modern society forced to resort to the most drastic measures in order to always be on top, well-groomed and beautiful. The result is that the locks can no longer experience such stress as strongly begin to split, premature graying and falling out, but stop growing altogether. To recover and return to life tired strands try using almond oil for hair at home as a cosmetic. It has excellent protective and restorative functions.


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Useful properties of almond oil for hairdictated by its chemical composition. Wealth does not differ, but the concentration of nutrients is much higher than in other cosmetic oils. Complex affecting the scalp, each microcell the job done - just massive within the cellular level:

  • folic acid (Vitamin B9) protects against heat and cold, ultraviolet radiation, and a hair dryer, corrosive sea sand and salt, stimulates hair growth;
  • niacin (PP vitamin) - is the preservation of radiant color evenafter repeated staining, prevents graying and alopecia (baldness), stop loss process, working on fortifying the root follicles;
  • carotene gives the hair strength, volume and shine;
  • squalene - Interesting stuff, quite rare and therefore very valuable: it activates the production of collagen in the cells responsible for the elasticity and strength of the hair;
  • organic acid have regenerative properties, start the recovery process of micro, so trichologists recommend using almond oil for treating split ends and brittle strands;
  • fats create around hair natural effect of lamination, forming a shield against atmospheric attacks.

All components worked almond oila single complex and have been the most effective and beneficial for the hair, it is necessary to know how to use this product. Most negative reviews of it is left to those who ignored the useful tips and recommendations on its use in the home.


Any oily substances area certain difficulty for home use as a cosmetic for hair care. This fat, which remains on the strands after their use, contamination speed, complexity removers. All of these pitfalls can be avoided if you learn how to properly use almond oil for hair.

  1. Distinguish between cosmetic and essential oils. Concentration of nutrients in the last several times higher than the content in the first embodiment. For the preparation of masks, for example, one tablespoon of oil corresponds cosmetic 2-3 drops of essential.
  2. Vanity is not only possible, but necessarybe sure to warm up before use, as under the influence of heat it produces a greater effect. Essential also lose all its useful properties when heated or in contact with warm food.
  3. To avoid side effects in the form ofallergic reaction, before use, you can rub the oil on the wrist, sensitive skin which quickly detect individual intolerance of the substance.
  4. Essential is only used as a part of masks, to the other components present. Cosmetic can be pure rub into the roots of the hair, distributed over the strands, treating them tips.
  5. It does not matter what hair you inflict oil (dry or wet, dirty or clean).
  6. Warming helps enhance the action of funds, so after the application is recommended to wear a plastic shower cap and wrap up head with a towel.
  7. In order to avoid difficulties in rinsingalmond oil from the hair, first apply shampoo on his head, wipe it with a whisk together the oil and then use the jet flow of warm water. Last rinse can be carried out with the help of herbal decoction (feel free to use burdock root, nettle, chamomile) or lemon solution (a glass of concentrated lemon juice per liter of water).
  8. Time of action - about an hour.
  9. The frequency of application - once or twice a week.
  10. Duration of the course - at least 10 procedures.

Subject to these recommendations homemade hair treatment procedure almond oil gives a lot of positive emotions and pleasant feelings. The recipes of funds on this basis there is no shortage.


Various recipes masks aromaraschёsyvany, compresses and applications extend the capabilities of the tool to select, which is ideal for the care of your hair is.

  • Compress

Cosmetic almond oil to heat upwater bath and neat, with no additional ingredients to the hair thoroughly rubbing it into the roots and tips of abundant wetting. compress action time can be limited to one hour, and can be extended for the whole night. The tool is multifunctional, as with regular use will extend the scythe and heal split ends.

  • applications

Twice a week, moisten the tips in cosmetic warm almond oil, it will interfere with their bundle.

  • Adding to the store means

Essential oil of almonds can be added in the usual shampoo, store and home hair mask. In a tablespoon of assets - 2 drops of oil.

  • Masks

To prepare an effective and fast-actingmasks for hair cosmetic almond oil mixed in equal proportions with different products: brandy, yogurt, honey, lemon juice, cosmetic clay.

Do not neglect the unique gift thatNature has provided all the fair sex. Domestic use almond oil for hair - a wise choice of many scalp problems. It is worth to use it only once, to arrange your curls a real celebration among the monotony of everyday life.