Hair care

Mask for quick hair growth in the home of 20 centimeters in the past month

It would be desirable, so you want happiness! Opportunities to be unlimited, unlimited plans are implemented, and we are with you - such a strong, beautiful, and - the wind in your hair! Oh, about that conversation? In any such hair? In her short haircut, which do have the regular season because flogged because there is no time to do styling. Anyway, I have so slow growing hair! And you want romance, curls that were curls. Or braids braid differently. Stop and depression to negotiate long! We are beautiful and smart, and hair grow. Real quickly, by 20 centimeters in the past month. You can help mask for fast hair growth in the home of 20 cm per month.

First, we look at what is necessary in orderto grow hair. Rapidly growing nice and thick. First of all - you need food. Inside and outside. It is important that hair roots receive this food. So you need to strengthen the blood supply because they are not the same sandwiches (hair) will eat! And the blood will bring to the hair follicles nutrients when they (the agents) will be in the blood. What hint? On the proper nutrition of the desired product.

The plan is as follows:

- Provide the body with nutrients;

- Create opportunities for good blood circulation, high-quality work of vessels;

- Intensify the flow of blood to the head with the help of special masks;

- Additionally working on skin and hair masks, but others.

The result: 20 centimeters in the past month. Well, maybe a little less, but not much. But what kind of hair! So we proceed. Eat right for your hair grow better should be as follows:

  1. 1. A sufficient amount of protein. Hair consists of keratin (a type of protein), so without it, nothing will grow. Hair like it if our menu will include dishes from lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts.
  2. 2. We need iron and zinc - are eating something with peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, raisins, tofu and soy.
  3. 3. Fat - is the ability for the body to absorbvitamins. If the body is not essential fats, it can not maintain a healthy condition of the hair. Therefore, we pay special attention to the presence in food of unsaturated fats and fatty acids.
  4. 4. Vitamin C - on the table an abundance of citrus fruits, pineapples, strawberries, broccoli, and peppers.
  5. 5. B vitamins are found in seafood, spinach, oatmeal and cereal, low-fat dairy products, beets.

Now let's talk about the masks, which stimulateblood flow to the hair. Their positive impact is not hair growth process is based on the irritating enzymes that enhance the flow of blood to hair roots. Ingredients masks with such properties - is mustard, onion, honey, cayenne pepper. Only need to remember about the individual adverse reactions to these products. And, of course, do not rush. It would be strange to expect that in the third or fifth day after the use of masks, we suddenly wake up with a scythe to the waist. Results may be felt after 10-15 days.

Mask 1. The main ingredient - hot pepper tincture, which buy in the pharmacy. A little tincture heated in a water bath and applied to the scalp. The next layer masks - olive oil or honey. Closing head waterproof film and wraps. Mask hold for 60 minutes. Then my head with shampoo or a decoction of chamomile.

Mask 2. Mask of mustard has the property not only promote hair growth, but also to reduce their fat content. Mustard powder, olive oil and hot water (2 tablespoons), sugar (2 teaspoons), stir. When we put the mixture, may feel some discomfort. Closing head waterproof film and wraps. Mask 15 operates minutes. Rinsed with cold water head with shampoo.

Mask 3. Mask based on the bow difficult to use the fact that after it can be felt not very pleasant smell. It compensates for a nuisance that the method is very effective. Composition mask: brandy, honey (a tablespoon) lemon juice (a teaspoon), onion paste of two small bulbs. Carefully stir. Apply the mixture, cover with foil and head waterproof wraps. Duration - 60 minutes. My head with warm water and shampoo.

Mask 4. Take 100-150 grams. Bread (100 g) finely chop, pour beer (1 cup) Beat with a mixer. Semi-liquid mixture is applied to the thoroughly washed hair, then rinse without shampoo. Rinse with water, adding a vinegar or lemon juice.

Noticed in recipes masks constantly meet the expression. "Mix well" It is important. In preparing the mixture for use, you need to try and really high quality mix.

When we began the process of strengthening and "growing"Hair, it is necessary to comply with regularity. Episodic "buttering" will not bring success. But two months of effort - and our hair will be exactly long, healthy and beautiful.

Some important tips to the result pleased, and brought no additional problems:

  1. Observing the time specified in the instructions, allquickly rinse the mask, if the skin is very strong burning sensation. This is especially important when using mustard. Do not worry. Perhaps repeated the procedure, but it is important not to burn the skin.
  2. Use a variety of masks.
  3. In no case do not use the components that cause you allergic reactions. There are a variety of recipes with others, but also a very effective composition. Pick a method that is suitable for you.
  4. If problems with hair is very serious - please contact your physician. The hair is an indicator of our health. Take care of yourself.

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