Hair care

Masks from the yogurt for all hair types

Yogurt is known to all as a dietary and healthyproduct, but few people know that it can be more beautiful and cosmetics. Enriched with active ingredients, mask of yogurt gently and effectively take care of any type of curls. When used regularly, the results are simply amazing, visible not only in the reflection of a mirror to you, but to all others.


  • 1 Magic yogurt hair
  • 2 Tips for using yoghurt hair mask
  • 3 recipes for hair masks from yogurt

Magic yogurt hair

Home-made mask of yogurt hair wonderfullyIt transforms the hair, thanks to its chemical composition. Those substances which contains the milk product, penetrating the cells begin invisible work that will appear only after some time and will give you the admiration of the beauty of natural hair. Each of the substances in the yogurt performs certain functions:

  • water - The main component of the product, so the yogurt hair mask - excellent moisturizers that revitalize dry strands are not able to retain precious moisture inside the cells;
  • choline - Unique vitamin-like substance whichregulates the function of sebaceous glands, fat balance, soothes irritated with dandruff and oily scalp, fights aging cells, strengthens the roots;
  • niacin effectively awakens dormant cells, thereby activating hair growth, prevents the appearance of gray hair, is considered one of the most important vitamins for health strands of any type;
  • vitamin A (Retinol) - combats dryness, brittleness, posechennymi, has anti-inflammatory properties, which allows the use of masks from yogurt against dandruff and seborrhea treatment of various forms;
  • vitamin C ( "Askorbinka") - an indispensable hairantioxidant which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which leads to improved blood circulation and increased subcutaneous strands; conducts restoration work at the cellular level, increasing the amount of collagen and elastin produced;
  • vitamins from the group B give yoghurt masks medical action: thanks to them, these home remedies can be used to treat almost all diseases of the scalp (alopecia, seborrhea, split ends, dandruff, etc...);
  • potassium moisturizes dry strands, nourishes roots and scalp;
  • calcium It gives a soft and silky strands.

Yogurt is a vitamin setHair: these substances penetrate the scalp and roots, performing at the cellular level meticulous and useful work. The regularly make homemade mask of yogurt hair, the greater will be the results. With the same purpose it will be useful to study the pre-advice on home use yogurt as a cosmetic for hair.

Tips for use yoghurt hair mask

The effect of yoghurt hair mask will be the maximum, if carried out in exactly the recommendations for use in the home of cosmetics.

  1. Indications for use: Tired from the constant stress of the strand, dry and greasy types of hair, alopecia, dandruff, split ends - almost all of scalp diseases.
  2. Contraindications for hair: idiosyncrasy. To identify it, it is recommended cookedThe mixture was put on a thin, delicate skin of the wrist and follow the sensations in this place. If there is no itching, no burning, no redness characteristic of allergies, yoghurt mask can be safely used for the treatment of hair and scalp.
  3. To prepare the masks need to buy the most fresh, natural product with no colorings and additives in the form of fruits and berries.
  4. Yogurt has a delicate, soft texture,which makes it easy to whip up a variety of ingredients in homemade masks. For a more thorough stirring to avoid lumps stuck in the strands, it is advisable to use a blender.
  5. The product is versatile as a basis for cosmetic for hair masks: they can be applied to the scalp, rub into the roots, wet strands, processing ends.
  6. To chemical reactions at the cell levelgo faster, it is recommended to do after applying insulation to the head mask of yogurt. It's enough to put a cap A shower and a bath towel to hide.
  7. Actions The Mask of yogurt hair will depend on the additional ingredients in their composition. The classic tool designed for half an hour.
  8. It washes away the funds easily under running water using a shampoo.
  9. Leave to dry strands should be naturally, without the use of a hair dryer.
  10. Frequency of use - on request.

The most effective mask of yogurt obtained,when they are prepared from the heart, deliberately, wanting to get rid of a plague, or just wanting to improve the condition of their hair. A wide range of very different recipes to experiment will help, certainly not one to sort out the composition and find that only one of which locks shine unearthly beauty and fantastic shine.

Recipes masks for hair yogurt

If after applying the first yogurt mask youdid not notice any changes in the external form of the hair, do not just disappointed, and go to the store to spend money on expensive but harmful means. The first principle of using home masks - regularity. If the result still does not satisfy you, find another recipe after 3-4 mask: no shortage of them.

  • Fruit masks for normal type

Yogurt (.. 2 tables, boxes) mixed with pulp neutral fruits, berries: cranberries, raspberries, currants, mandarin, orange, apple, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, peach (1 table lies..).

  • Fruit mask for oily type

Yogurt (.. 2 tables, boxes) mixed with pulp, dried fruits, berries: grapefruit, cranberry, mountain ash, strawberries, cherries (1 table lies..).

  • Fruit masks for dry-type

Yogurt (.. 2 tables, boxes) mixed with pulp moisturizing fruits, berries: melon, persimmon, apricot, banana (1 table lies..).

  • Oxalic mask against dandruff

Yogurt (2 tables. Lodges.) Mix with the juice squeezed from fresh leaves of sorrel (1 tables. Lodges.), Add cold-pressed olive oil, pre-warmed slightly for a couple (1 tsp. Of boxes.).

  • Classic mask with a cleansing effect

Just rub yogurt into the hair roots and scalplight massaging movements, then dipped in yogurt thin comb with a few teeth and comb strand by strand. The mask can be left on the head for the night.

  • Honey-oatmeal nourishing mask

Yogurt (3 tables. Lodges.) Mixed with shredded in a blender with natural oatmeal (1 tables. Lodges.), Warmed liquid honey (1 tsp. Of boxes.).

  • Egg mask to strengthen roots

Yogurt (3 tables. Lodges.) Is mixed with the pre-whipped raw (preferably homemade) egg.

  • Complex hair protection from UV and frost

Mix mashed ripe banana (2 tables. spoons), yogurt (2 tables. lodges.), wheat germ oil (2 table. tablespoons), lecithin (1/4 tsp. of boxes.), honey (1 tables. lodges.), milk (2 tables. boxes.) , essential oil of ylang-ylang (4 drops).

Easy to prepare, pleasant to use,Effective for all hair types, the mask of yoghurt - an inexpensive, simple, effective cosmetic product available for everybody. Now you can enjoy looking in the mirror and smiling at his own reflection. Home yogurt mask most magically transform your hair.